Messages to Humanity
And the asuras laughed
I see people lined up all along the sand ridge
They are looking out toward the ocean
There is a whole long line of people looking out

It reminds me of when Lucia on Terra was looking out
At the people on Earth
What are these people looking at
I do not know – other than the ocean
Close your eyes
Now pick a person, preferably a woman
Pick a woman and enter into her
I have done so
A young woman in her early 30s; she is healthy and trim and fit
She has sandy blond/brown hair
She seems slightly athletic
Like she works out.  She is in good shape
Good, be in this woman now
Do not any longer look at her
Enter into her; be in her; feel her feelings; hear her thoughts

Take your time dear
One step at a time dear
She too is shading her eyes with her hand
As she peers out

I feel the muscles in her calves
Her thighs
She must work out regularly

Or perhaps she hikes up the mountain daily
I enjoy being in such a firm, fit body
Such a body gives one self-confidence

Her stomach is flat
Her arms are strong
She definitely works out

And I come up to her mind
And what is she thinking
Take your time
Take your time
She is calm
She is clear-eyed
She is level-headed

She is looking carefully, closely
What she sees is on the horizon; it is grey
But so far away one can barely see it

I am surprised that she was able to spot it
That is how small it is

It appears just a small shape on the edge of the horizon
This is what she is intently looking at
And what is she thinking
As she looks at that grey thing on the edge of the horizon
Will it come inland
Will it come to us
Or will it bypass us and continue on to another harbor
And close your eyes

What do you see
The grey thing is getting bigger
And what does that signify
It is coming inland
Very good

Now darling be in that woman
Close your eyes as you are in that woman
What is she feeling
There is a grim determination
A firm resolve

There is resignation
There is acceptance

So this is it then
She thinks

This is it

And she takes a deep breath for courage, for strength
And the grey thing gets bigger as it approaches

And I sense a sadness in the woman
There are tears in her eyes

She seems almost fatalistic about what is going to happen
That what will happen will happen
She accepts it

It is funny, when I perceived her to be wondering
If the grey thing would be moving inland
Or passing them by
I perceived her to be wanting it to move inland

And now that it is
She is not displeased

She is not displeased
But neither is she overjoyed
No she is not
And what is this thing now
Can you see it

Take your time
Take your time
The woman takes a look up at her beloved mountain on the right
The one that she hikes so often – why almost daily
She looks at it fondly
And yes there is deep sorrow in her as she bids it goodbye
She will not see her beloved mountain ever again

And then she looks again at the ship that approaches them
And yes, it is the same style ship
That would come over the people in the green fields

It is spherical in shape; it is steel gray
It has what would appear to be windows all along its circumference

And the ship moves steadily inland
It moves with steady purpose

There is a strength, an assuredness to its movement
The ship has conscience; it will brook no nonsense
It will put up with no obstacle

It knows its purpose and it will successfully complete it
And will tolerate interference from no one

It is sure of its mission
It is focused single-mindedly on its mission

It knows it will meet with success
Of this there is no question

For the ship is greater than the beings of this planet
The ship is greater than they are
And can control them at will

It has been given permission and authority to do so
And will brook no interference, none

And it would seem that the people lined up along the shore
Know all this about the ship

The ship has been coming to neighboring harbors
And they have heard the stories

They know what has happened
They know what has not happened
They know what has been attempted

And they know that there is absolutely no escaping their fate
No not at all
Many have tried; all have failed
Each and every single one has failed

There have been many ships that have come to many of the
All along Australia’s coast
Enough of them now
That the story is well known
The story has been consistent

Each telling of it consistent with all other recounting of this story

It did not matter from whom this story was received
From what neighborhood
On what day

The story was consistent
The results inevitable and absolute
The firmness of the ship; its authority and its power
Not to be questioned
No, not at all
Not at all

And yet it will save us
Thinks the woman

This ship will save us

Pray God it takes us to a better place
Pray God that the ship is benevolent and is from God
And takes us to a safer place

The fear is that the ship is the work of the snake

For how can one tell
How can one tell
How can one tell

But be it the work of the snake or be it the work of God
The outcome is inevitable; there is no fighting it
There is no escaping it

There is only surrender
There is only acceptance
There is only compliance

And some people look upon the ship and see their salvation
And other people look upon the ship with terror – are they being
And others know not what to make of the ship

All understand that the ship is rescuing them from death
For to remain on this planet is to die
For the planet itself has died

Earth, who could have believed such a thing
But Earth herself has died

It has died
It has died
It has died

And they say -
You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
And so it was

The people had not realized the gift of their planet
The gift of their home
Until they had it no longer

And now the planet is dead
And if they remain, they too would die

And in fact that is exactly the fate that they had expected
They were all expecting death

They were going about their lives knowing that their days were
The planet had died

Their days were numbered
Their days were numbered
Their days were numbered

And then from somewhere, who knows where
From someone, who knows whom
These ships have started appearing

They appear overhead in the sky
They approach inland from the ocean

They appear
They appear
They appear

And they brook no nonsense
If you are its target, you are taken
It is as simple as that

There is no running; there is no hiding

Each ship knows exactly who its people are
And it collects every single last one of them

Not one is left behind
Not one is left behind
Not one is left behind

And the people know they are being rescued from death
They know they are being rescued from death
They know, beyond the shadow of any doubt
That they are being rescued from certain death

And yet who and what are these rescuers

Are they space aliens from another superior planet
Are they angels come to them in physical form to save them
Are they the minions of the snake

The snake they have come to know too well
In the decades preceding

Too well
All too well

What are these ships
From whom are they sent
To where are they taking them

These are the questions in everyone’s mind
Or most everyone

Some people have made up fantabulous stories about these ships
And they have convinced themselves of the truth of these stories
And are holding on to these stories for dear life

And others, a few others
A few individuals here and there

Have been seeing the increasing, slowly and insidiously increasing
Work of the snake upon the planet, upon the world, upon the people

And these individuals have been praying
They have been on their knees praying
They have been seated in the meditative position, meditating and

And over the years
And yes, it had taken years of meditation and prayer
But over the years a certain knowing have come to these

And they do not know exactly how they know this
They cannot pinpoint to you the moment the knowledge came to
But come to them it did

And yes, these individuals know exactly what these ships are
And yes, these individuals know exactly from whom these ships
have been sent

And yes, of these individuals
Those who have been praying the most fervently
Meditating the most sincerely and consistently

This subset of individuals know exactly where they are going

They know where
They know where
They know where

But the individuals do not share their knowledge with the others
For they understand full well that this knowledge must come from

No, they will not expose their hidden treasures
They hold their knowledge close to their chest
For it is sacred and holy and personal to them

No, the knowledge that they have gained
Is not to be bandied about and chatted about

Nor is it to be touched by and polluted by
The ridiculous fantasies that so many groups of people have come
up with

No, it is not
No, it is not
No, it is not

And these individuals
The ones who have been meditating and praying sincerely and
from the heart

Who have been doing so for years now, for decades now

Who have in fact learned to listen, hear, and yes follow
The still small voice within

These individuals stand tall
They stand firm

There is no fear in them
None whatsoever

There is no feverish excitement in them
None whatsoever

No, the hysteria and the noise of the others are not for them
Not at all

These individuals stand tall; they stand firm; and they stand quietly
For even now, even as the ship is approaching them
They are listening

Listening to the voice of God as it speaks to them within the silence
of their being
They are listening and they know what to do

They know to be at the right place at the right time
And they go with a calm and peaceful resolve

They grieve the loss of their planet

They grieve that their prayers were not enough to save Earth
Their prayers were not enough to save Earth
Their prayers were not enough to save Earth

And yes they have grieved extensively
They have grieved intensely
They have grieved in pain

But now it is over

Earth is dead
Earth is dead
Earth is dead

And all of these individuals, sooner or later
Came to sorrowfully accept this Truth and this Fact

For it was undeniable

Earth was dead
Earth had died

Oh my God!

Even now the pain of it would cut them
Like a sword to the belly

Earth has died!

And they would double over in pain and in grief
And cry, sob; uncontrollably and in anguish
And yes, they couldn’t help it
In self-blame

If we had prayed a little more
If we had fasted a little more
If we had loved a little more

We might have prevented this

But it is too late now for such self-recriminations
It is too late

And they stand up again
And take a deep breath for courage

A deep breath to face the reality in front of them
The reality that the human race, as a collective, has created

The death of their planet
The death of their home
Their own subsequent, eventual, inevitable death

But now these ships have come
Now these ships have come
Now these ships have come

And it is so odd

A ship will come over a town
And individuals from all over the town
Would be levitated up into them
And others would not be

And then another ship would come to that same town
And levitate a different set of individuals

And leave the others in the town wondering
Had they been spared or had they been left behind

And there seemed to be no rhyme nor reason
As to which individuals went with each ship

Sometimes whole families were levitated unto the same ship

Other times a husband would go into one ship
His wife into another
Their children into yet a third

It made no sense
The people could not grasp any logic behind the individuals chosen

And yes
Seeming sinners and seeming saints alike would be taken onto the
same ship

No there was no logic to it

But that the ship knew which individuals it wanted
Of that there was no question
Of that there was no doubt

For the individual chosen would be levitated
Kicking and screaming he would be levitated

If he protested strongly enough
A light beam would shine upon him and he would be rendered
And thus levitated

No, one could not run; one could not hide; one could not fight
Once you were chosen, you were taken

And the people were confused

Were these ships their salvation or their damnation

Most did not know
Most did not know
Most did not know

And slowly and steadily and surely
The earth became depopulated

As the waters dried up
As the remaining plants withered away
As there became nothing left on the planet to sustain them

The individuals still remaining began to panic
Surely they would not be left behind to face a slow and agonizing

And it almost seemed to matter no longer who had sent these ships

Be it God
Space aliens
Or God forbid, the snake itself, God forbid

It almost seemed to matter no longer
For the sight of the barren dead Earth was truly painful to behold

The scrambling for the remaining plants and water
Left the people humiliated and yes ashamed

For they would fight each other over what was left

And they felt their despair as they realized that they had learnt
Not even the death of their planet had taught them anything

They fought with their remaining brethren over the remnants that
were left

And they felt despair and they felt their shame

And they grew to understand why they had been left for last

And now they went on their knees and prayed – some of them

And some of then allowed their hearts to harden into stone
How could it not, they told themselves

And finally, finally, finally
Every last human and yes, every last animal
Had been removed from the planet

And no there was no longer any water on the planet
And no there was no longer any vegetation on the planet

Earth was nothing but barren rock
Earth was nothing but barren rock
Earth was nothing but barren rock

And the asuras laughed

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
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