Messages to Humanity
Waiting for The Earthlings
Divine Brotherhood
Close your eyes and clear yourself out
Who did you see darling
A brief glance of the Lord’s face
Divine Brotherhood
Good continue
I am now seeing his whole head, his neck
And then he beckons his finger -

And he continues beckoning his finger
I must not be understanding what he means
Because he is continuing to do so

And now he turns his back and starts walking
And of course I follow him

And there we are headed toward the cliff opposite Terra
And he turned around to look at me when he heard me

And he reaches out his arm so that I may approach him
And I do so
And he kisses me

And he sits down, cross-legged facing Terra
And he places me upon his lap
And he starts talking to me

I think he is talking to me about Terra
But I am not hearing what he is saying
Divine Brotherhood
Is the you on his lap hearing what he is saying
She is looking at him as he talks
Her eyes look intelligent as though she understands
what he is saying
So I have to infer that yes she is hearing what he is
Divine Brotherhood
Tune into her
Vibrate her
You can you know
Vibrate her and tune into her
She almost seems to be aware of us
She is energized by us
She is now ignoring us and listening to the Lord
But she does want us to continue vibrating her
Divine Brotherhood
Because it makes her more real somehow
Divine Brotherhood
It makes her more dense
It makes her more manifested
Divine Brotherhood
Yes, excellent
Continue vibrating her and follow what happens
Do not try to hear
Just observe
Now there are people lined up on the edge of Terra’s
They are watching us (The Lord and the me there)
And the Lord gives a broad high wave of the arms
And they wave back; also broad, high waves
And the Lord looks at me and tells me to wave
And I do
And I feel happy
Waving has made me feel happy

I am joyful
For I am greeting the people on Terra
And now I am sitting back, nestled into the Lord
His chin is upon my head
And I am so content
So content
And we sit so awhile
And he kisses me
And he asks me
Do you want to go there (pointing back toward Earth)
Or do you want to go there (pointing to Terra)
And I say,
there (pointing to Terra)

Well let us go then!

And we ride the arc of light between Earth and Terra
And now we step onto Terra
And all the people there applaud us

And I hold onto the Lord’s hand
As he steps forward toward the people

He is much taller than I am
And I seem to be feeling a little intimidated

I relax; I don’t have to do anything
Jesus will do all the talking

And now someone, a woman, is speaking to me directly
Even as the Lord is talking!

And she is friendly and beautiful and she smiles at me
And she looks at me from underneath
Divine Brotherhood
And what does that mean dear
To look at her with my Spiritual Eye
Divine Brotherhood
Vibrate your eye now darling
As you look at the woman
Do not think of the Lord right now
Just look at the woman
She has straight dark hair, blue eyes; she is pretty
She has bangs
Her color is lovely; her lips are red – natural lipstick
Her face is white
Her eyebrows dark

And she is talking to me
But the me here does not hear her

And I am looking at her
But it would appear that the me there does not
understand what she is saying

And she smiles in patience
She understood that I didn’t understand her
And she’ll try again later
Divine Brotherhood
Why didn’t you understand her
My impression is that she was speaking in a different
Divine Brotherhood
She is now looking at and listening to the Lord
Every now and then she glances at me
And it is an amused glance
As one of a superior being looking affectionately
At an inferior being or a child

She shakes her head exasperatedly
She has heard what I just said and that was her
Divine Brotherhood
And what does that tell you
She is thinking that I’m just not getting it
Divine Brotherhood
And what is it darling that you are not getting

She is pointing at her chest
She is gesturing
She points at her heart and then lifts her hands up
toward her open mouth

Oh yes, she is showing me that she is speaking words
of love to me
Yes, she nods her head, yes

And then she frames my face with her hands
And kisses me!

And I smile at her
And her eyes twinkle in laughter

And she frames my face once more
And looks at me from underneath again
Divine Brotherhood
Again, look at her with your Spiritual Eye
There is a halo around her head
She is looking intently at me
And I am looking intently at her

I love her
She smiles at that

I feel myself getting smaller and smaller and
dissolving into her
Oh my God
I have entered into her
And I fill up her being
And now I am her
What is going on here?
Divine Brotherhood
Don’t be frightened darling
And don’t try to understand
Just observe

And now I am in her body
And I like this feeling
For I am now as tall as the others
I am no longer a little girl
But a peer

She is still there; she is with me
She is going to show me the ropes
Yes!  Now I understand!

She is dressed in a monk’s robe
And leather sandals
And she starts walking up a rocky incline
I am seeing her feet as she walks up the beach
I am seeing the rocks around
It reminds me of the beach in Australia

And she now is at the highest point of the incline
And she turns around and looks out
She shades her eye and looks out toward Earth and she
is looking
She is looking to see if there are any people there
Any people at the cliff-side who are going to come to
Divine Brotherhood
And are there any
She nods her head yes
And I am surprised but I now see that there is a whole
line of people
On Earth facing us, looking at us
And she waves at them
And they wave back

And then she runs back to the group excitedly
And tells them that there is a group of people on Earth
ready to come over

And immediately the group breaks up to go about their
To do what – receive the group – go pick up the group
– I don’t know
But the group broke up and each person went with
purpose and quickly
To do whatever it is that that person has to do
And it is in connection, it is in response to her news
That there is a line of Earthlings ready to come over
Divine Brotherhood
And what does your woman do
She stands there with her eyes shaded looking at the
She is not moving about preparing
She is keeping her eye on them
She is watching them
Divine Brotherhood
Tune into her
What is she thinking
    Are they going to make it
    Are they going to come over

    Do they have the courage
    Do they have the faith

    Oh please God, please God
    Give them the faith that they need

    Give them all that they need
    To come over now
    To come over while the coming is good

    To not tarry
    To not risk another moment

    For every moment on earth
    Is one more moment closer to danger
    One more moment closer to the work of the snake

    Please God Please

And she is hoping that her pretty face
And the fact that she is there
Will encourage the earthlings to come over

The fact that she is obviously healthy and happy and
She is fine

Yes – a piece of evidence to encourage the earthlings
to come over
A piece of information telling them that Terra will take
care of them

    Come now
    Come now

    Come now while the coming is good!
    Come now!  Please, please, please

    Oh dear God

    Don’t you understand
    COME NOW!!!

And then she breaks down in tears
She is sobbing into her hands
I don’t know why
Divine Brotherhood
Find out
Tune into her
She is lonely
There are not many people on Terra

She turns away discouraged
It is lonely here

There are just a few of them
And they have done all they could

They have prepared as much as they can
There really is nothing more for them to do
But wait for more earthlings

Oh yes and pray of course
There is always prayer

She is frustrated

    Why are people so dense

    Cannot they read the writing on the wall
    How obvious must the signs be
    When are they going to get it already

    Why are they stalling


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