Messages to Humanity
The Teachings Begin
Close your eyes
What comes to mind
I’m back in that cocktail room
With the other Way-Showers-to-be and the Christ
Very good darling
And he has looked each single person in the eye
And now no projecting, no imagining
Close your eyes and look
He has completed the LOOK of each person in the room
Everyone has been flooded with his love
Each person is in a state of quiet ecstasy
Each person is in a personal, private moment

It is not a communal feeling
There was a communal feeling for the people who were
waiting their turn
But once the Lord has looked at the person
From that moment on, he is in his own private bliss

And now I see a golden flame descend upon the head of
each one of them
They are not aware of it
It sits atop of them a few inches over their heads
I understand the flame to be the Holy Spirit
It sits atop each head

And I see the gold flame turn into a halo
Around the Christ’s head
And I look to the disciples
Is the gold flame doing the same with them?
No it does not seem to be
The Christ’s whole body radiates with gold light
Most intensely so around his head

I look at the disciples and they are each in silent bliss
with their eyes closed
And the flame still sits atop of them 2 inches above their
I am expecting it to transform into a halo or enter them or
But nothing is happening

And then Jesus bows his head slightly
The golden halo still shines around his head
And the voice of God is heard
    This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased

    Listen to him
    Do as he tells you to
    Walk per his instructions
And the voice ascends; the presence is with us no more
And Jesus lifts his head back up to vertical

And now everyone’s eyes are open
They have heard the voice of God

They had not thought that they needed God’s confirmation
of Jesus
But the voice of God sent chills down their spine
And yes, it is reassuring to hear this confirmation, this

It affirms the correctness of what they are about to
embark upon
And of course the correctness of listening to the Christ

I look at the golden flames atop their heads
It still sits there, each a distinct gold flame a few inches
above their heads
It surprises me
That it doesn’t enter them or transform somehow – into a
halo say
But I decide to accept that what I see is what is
And to not expect any more change
And to accept that the golden flame will continue sitting
A few inches above each disciple’s head

And now their eyes are open
And now the Lord’s eyes are a piercing blue
And he looks at them with a gleam in his eyes

There is a certain tension, a spring to him
He is ready!
He looks around the circle
For now they have formed a semi-circle around him
And he asks of them
Lord Jesus Christ
    Are you ready
And each one in turn replies with renewed commitment

    Yes Lord I AM
    Yes Lord I AM ready
Lord Jesus Christ
    Well then, let us begin
And he turns around and walks out of the room
And they all follow him single file

And they leave the room
And step out into

They are in the skyscape
They behold the wondrous skyscape that surrounds them
They are not frightened for it is not dark

On the contrary it shines; it is alive
They can feel its life
The universe has a life of its own
And with the Lord present
They can discern the life force that animates it

It is almost as if the universe were a person
It is most definitely alive; it is humming; it is vibrating
And it is joyful

And the group looks around in marvel
And they see the lights of the planets
How large the planets are!
And how much light they give off!

And they look around and they marvel
And the Lord allows them their time to do so
For truly they are amazed

They had not expected such glorious beauty
They hear the sweet note of the skyscape
And it is a surprisingly gentle and sweet note

One would have expected the note to be one of great
But what they are currently hearing is a note of kindness
Of benevolence, of content, of joy
A note of joy

And the group absorbs all this
As much as they can absorb, they absorb
Their senses are stimulated by what they perceive

It is so vast; it is so full of light; it is so full of life!
It is a marvel to behold
And behold and marvel they do

And the Lord allows them to
He allows them to fall in love with the universe
With God’s Creation

For that is his intent
For them to love God’s Creation

And as they are out there
And drink it all in, they fall in love with what they perceive
It is more wondrous than they had expected

They feel the universe
They are attuned to it as a whole
And feel it and know it and fall in love with it

And they are out there a long while
As long as they can be

And then the Lord recognizes that they can absorb no
And calls them back in

And now they are back in the room
And the room is now so small!  So confining!
Why it’s a box they are contained in!

And no, this will not do
Not after the vast space they had just been in
This will not do!

And they turn to the Lord
Surely he does not expect them to be in this box
And the Lord smiles
Yes the trip out into the universe has done its work

And the Lord looks at each one in turn
Lord Jesus Christ
    Are you ready to go out again
And each one responds most definitely in the affirmative
Who wants to be in a box
Yes they are ready to go out again

And now the Lord leads them out of the room again
And again they follow him single file out of the room
And this time they are above a large planet

It is a beautiful planet
Absolutely beautiful, lovely to behold
It is blue; there is white

It is a sweet planet; innocent and young and sweet
It is a planet that loves with the love of an innocent youth
It is Terra

And they are atop of it and look down at it and sense it
They sense the planet; they know the planet; they fall in
love with Terra

For she too is as a person

She too, like the universe, is alive
She hums, she breathes, she vibrates
She is alive and self-aware

She loves
She sings
She is alive!  She is alive!  She is alive!

And joyously so!

And the group descends upon the planet
And the planet recognizes their arrival and greets them

And the Lord responds to her greeting
And the planet is pleased

And now, the Lord turns to his disciples and basically sets
them loose
Lord Jesus Christ
    Go!  Go and explore
    Go see what there is to see
    Taste what there is to taste
    Touch what there is to touch
    And hear what there is to hear

    Explore to your heart’s content
    And when you are satisfied, return to me
    And I will wait for you here
And so they go; two by two, they go
And they scatter about the planet

And they seem so tiny; yes like little ants
As they walk about the planet and discover its marvels

And I see a couple on the beach
And I see a couple in the forest
And I see a couple on the mountain top

And each couple goes their own way
And each explores and discovers

And touches and looks and yes tastes the planet
For they would know it

And the planet welcomes them
She is pleased to have visitors
She is delighted at how they look at her and see her

It validates her; it affirms her existence
It is good to be seen
Yes it is good

And slowly but surely
The disciples trickle back to their Lord
And no they do not talk about what they have seen

They are contemplating it all in their minds
They are contemplating the beauty, the texture, the
sounds of the planet

And yes, they are contemplating the essence of the planet

For they have been sensitive enough
To get past the individual entities and structures and
components of the planet
To sense the essence of the planet itself
And they are left speechless

Who knew that life abounded so
Sentient life!
Who knew!

They are left humbled
For the planet is much larger than they are

And they are beginning to suspect
Much to their astonishment
That the planet is greater than they are

How can that be
Why they are humans
They are intelligent
How can a planet, a thing, be greater than they

And yet the truth of this is evident to their consciousness

No, Terra is not a thing
Terra is a living creature
And yes she is greater than the individual mortals who
are currently visiting her

Yes, she is more evolved than they are!
And this leaves them stunned

They were not prepared for this
It turns their conception of reality upon its head
This is not what they had been taught

This is a new thought
And needs to be properly digested

And they are silent as they contemplate this new
They are silent

And the Lord smiles and leaves them be
He is proud of them

Proud of their sensitivity and awareness
Proud of their receptivity to new Truths

Yes he is proud of them and waits patiently for them to
process and yes
Come to terms with this new Truth

For truly this is not what they had been taught
What they had believed all their lives

A planet more evolved than they, human children of God
How could that be
And they grasp their minds around this thought
As they come to terms with it
For come to terms with it they must
For this Truth had been self-evident as they had explored
the surface of the planet

And the Lord patiently and with gentle humor waits for

And finally they turn to him and all start speaking at once
And the Lord raises his hands and hushes them
Lord Jesus Christ
    It is true
    What you now know is the truth
    It had always been the truth
    You had not known
    Now you know

    And now that you know, what will you do different
And the group is silent as it contemplates the impact of
this new revelation
A planet that is sentient, alive, and further evolved than
What does this mean

And how does that impact us
How does that impact our relationship with the planet

And they are left speechless
For things have been turned on their heads

And they look to their Lord in mute confusion
No, they don’t know what they will do different
For everything is now different

Why they will have to do everything differently
Where does one even begin to know how to start

And they turn and look to the Lord for the answer to his

And so the teachings begin

And they are now seated in a circle
And they listen
They listen
They listen
Closely and fervently they listen
As the Lord instructs them on how to live on this planet

And the teachings of these Way-Showers to be begin
The training begins

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved