Messages to Humanity
There Will Be A Minus-One
Now dear one, close your eyes and open your Spiritual Eye.  Say
Stephen is a full grown man, in a robe
Standing in a room with other people, all in robes
I do believe the Christ is there
And what is the Christ doing
He is giving instructions to everyone there
They are not gathered in a circle listening to him
They are loosely scattered about the room as though in a cocktail
There are both men and women.  All in robes – like monks
I am actually seeing the Christ holding a drink in his hands!
Is that so surprising
Well – yes!
What is Stephen doing
He’s looking.  He’s looking all around him
He always has one eye on the Christ
Even as he looks around the room and eyes his comrades
All the fellow disciples
And they, are they all focused on the Christ
No it would seem not
They are meeting each other, greeting each other
Nibbling at the chips, conversing
It is the prototypical cocktail hour scene at a party
It feels like the preliminaries
The hour before the party really gets going
Good.  Observe through your Eye, observe
Again, Stephen keeps one eye firmly attached to the Christ
As he walks around the room
He hasn’t spoken to anyone yet, but he is assessing them
    Who are these people, his comrades, his fellows
    Who are they?
He is sizing them up.  Looking at them
Trying to get a sense of these people
Who will be his companions for the next period of his life
And what period is that
Way-Shower Training
So his comrades are fellow Way-Showers to be
And Stephen continues his circle around the room
Always aware, hyper aware, of where the Christ is at any given
And he listens in on a group of people here
And he listens in on a group of people there
He has not said a word yet
Oh here he is, someone has extended a hand to him in greeting
And he takes it in response and introduces himself
And what does he say
I don’t know; I know that he introduces himself
But I do not know what he says
All right dear one.  Continue
He remains with this group as they make conversation
It is not quite small talk, but it is light

ho are you?  What is your story?
How did you come to this point of being a Way-Shower in training?
When did you first know that you were to be a Way-Shower

That seems to be the question of the hour
The one that interests people the most
The one that animates them and gets them talking
The moment that they knew they would be a Way-Shower
What led up to it.  The moment itself
Their initial disbelief, their reaction
Their astonishment. The wonder of it all
They cannot get enough of this conversation topic
They cannot tell their story too often
They cannot hear each other’s story too often
That is THE subject everyone talks about
Yes there is the initial ‘hello my name is so and so’
But they very quickly launch into the topic near and dear
To everyone in the room
And what does Stephen say in response to this question
He responds about the conversation with the Divine Brotherhood
How he went to a training camp in Australia
Have you heard of it – Clairvision
Anyway, when he came back he picked up a book
That had been lying in his bookcase for years
Have you heard of it – Jean K Foster’s books
And almost immediately
Was able to communicate with the Divine Brotherhood
And after that, well it was just a matter of time
A gradual unfoldment, a gradual awareness
As he became increasingly receptive to the idea
And then finally officially accepted the assignment

They all nod their heads; yes it is a familiar story
Yes, they recognize this story. It rings true
Yes, they know this story well
And yet are eager to hear each person’s version
And now what happens
Well Stephen is now a fully participating member of the group
No longer merely a detached observer
I see him hungrily eating at the appetizers
And yes thirstily gulping down a drink
Speaking has excited him
Having the others understand him completely and accept him
Has reassured him
He belongs!
He relaxes. He participates
And circles the room and introduces himself
And is introduced and files each name and face in his brain
For he knows he will be spending time, much time
With these lovely individuals
All who have committed to being Way-Showers for the Lord
He is happy.  He belongs
And he is glad of this opportunity to get to meet his future
Glad of this opportunity for this first get-together
So they are not total strangers to each other at the first lesson
No, this is good
And Stephen is now completely comfortable
Completely relaxed and yet energized
I would say he is excited
He likes these people.  They are a varied group
Both sexes, various ages and ethnicities, various backgrounds
But they all have this one thing in common
They have been selected for and have accepted to be
Way-Showers in Training
And I am inferring that this group will be one class
That is they will receive their training together
I gather there have been groups/classes before them
And there will be groups/classes after them
But this group/class will receive their training together
And this cocktail hour reception is for them
To introduce themselves to each other
To get comfortable with each other
To become at ease with each other
To develop rapport and a sense of camaraderie
And they do exactly that
And Stephen, is he doing exactly that
Very much so!  He is absolutely delighted
He never had so many friends in his life!
Yes he is delighted
For though the people are all different – various ethnicities,
They are all of one purpose
They are all excited and energized by the one all-consuming topic
Their decision to become Way-Showers

They do not speak much of what lies ahead for them
That strikes me as odd

They are fascinated with how each came to the decision
And they are all excited to be here
And to meet each other
And to listen to each other’s story

How did you come to be a Way-Shower in training?
And of course the story varies in form with each individual
And of course the story is the same in essence for all
And they cannot get too much of this
They are enjoying this.  They are relishing this
This is fun!
They are happy
They are very happy to be meeting each other
There is definitely a bonding process occurring
There is definitely a recognition of their commonality
They are all, each one, destined to be Way-Showers in training
Very good dear.  Now close your eyes.  What happens next
Jesus claps his hands
And everyone immediately hushes
Anyone who doesn’t is quickly and quietly hushed by his neighbor
The Lord is about to speak!
And they all turn to face him
And all their faces are open to the Lord’s
Their eyes, the eyes on each and every single face
Are open and clear and trusting

I find this beautiful and touching and tender
And the Lord, what does he do
Do not project; do not imagine what should happen next
What would naturally happen next
Close your eyes and observe
And yes, of course
The Lord is silent
And silently he takes his time
And looks into each one’s eyes
And it is his look
His own very look that only the Lord knows to do
The look that searches out the person and knows all; ALL
He looks at each person; he knows all about the person
He looks at each person; he recognizes the person
He looks at each person; he LOVES each person
He looks at each person, and he sends to each one all
All that this person needs, all that is missing he sends to them
So that they are complete
And he does this slowly
Taking his time with each individual
There is a great silence in the room
There is a great stillness
No one moves
Everyone understands what is happening
And there is no fear nor trepidation in anyone’s eyes
No one fears the Lord looking into their eyes and knowing all
No, no one fears this
For they trust their Lord
They have each one learned
To be completely open and trusting in their Rabboni
And they wait in respectful silence
As the Lord looks and looks and looks
At one person
And when he is satisfied, he nods his head
He sends the person his look of pure love
The person receives that love
That love floods his being
It lights up his being
He becomes incandescent
And he of course knows exactly what happens
And treasures the moment silently; hugging it close to his chest
And the Lord moves on to the next person
Again taking his time
Taking all the time he needs
Searching the person out
Knowing and recognizing the person
Sending him that look that lets the person knows that the Lord
And the Lord has searched the person out
And knows all that is lacking
And fills the person with all that he needs
And finally the Lord sends the person the look of Love
Of pure Love as only the Lord can send

And the Lord moves on to the next person
And the Lord moves on to the next person
And the Lord moves on to the next person

And each person is open and trusting and clear
They would not have been in this room had they not been so
There is no need for purification
That had already happened before this assembly
No, now it is a time of the initial meeting with the Lord
It is a time for the Lord to search the person out
To fill him and complete him
To send him that glorious look of Love
That will fortify the person for the remainder of his Eternal Life
And this is what happens
And it all happens in complete and respectful silence and stillness
Though everyone is still; yet they are relaxed
They are clear, open, and trusting
There is no fear nor malice in any
They each await their turn in complete trust
For they trust in their Lord
It is not about them

    It is about the Lord
    It is about the Lord
    It is about the Lord
What thought do you have in your mind dear.  Spit it out
The thought is there.  I do not know if it is real or simply my fear
But the thought is there that there is a minus one
That within each group; within each class; this one included
There is one person who is not trustworthy
One person who is not pure.  One person who is a potential Judas
I do not know if this is true, but the thought is in my mind
Close your eyes and contemplate this thought
It seems that in the manifested world there is always a minus one
There was the snake in Adam’s time
There was Judas in Jesus’ time
It would seem logical that there is a minus one in this time as well
And what do you think of this thought
Complete and total and utter discouragement
For the minus one corrupts and destroys
And has had its way each and every time

And my understanding had been that God would be now granting us
The Gift of Right Location
But that is only after the Great Shakeup
Only after the Coming Times

The period of Way-Showing will be during the Coming Times

Oh dear Lord, please tell me that it is not true
That there is not the snake among us
Or if there is; then we should know; should we not
So that we are prepared; for knowledge is power
Or perhaps not; it was knowledge of evil that did Adam in

But then the lack of knowledge (of Judas) led to Jesus’ crucifixion
And the Urantia book says it need not have happened that way
Humanity could have written a different story
One in which they had accepted Jesus
And truly the Earth would have become Heaven on Earth
But that did not happen for the snakes of the time had their way

Oh dear God, tell me, is there a minus one to be among the Way-
Showers.  Please tell me the truth
And can you handle the truth
I want to know the truth
And I want all given to me to handle the truth
There is to be a minus one among each group of Way-Showers
Just as there was a minus one among Jesus’ 12 disciples
So will there be a minus one
Among each group of 12 Way-Showers in training
That’s a lot of minus one Way-Showers in training
Will these minus one Way-Showers in training graduate
And become Way-Showers
What happened in Jesus' time
Yes, Judas completed the training and became an official disciple
And therein lies your answer
That’s a whole lot of minus one Way-Showers
For I am expecting to be quite a few groups of Way-Showers
If each group has a minus one
Then that adds up to quite a few minus one Way-Showers

I am trying to absorb this piece of information
Take your time.  It is not an easy piece of information to digest
No, it is not.  Please, and exactly whose idea is this
Does it matter
I am seeking understanding
Whose idea do you think it is
God the Father’s
You are correct
And his thinking is that …
Tell me dear.  Tell me.  What is his thinking?
That we are to learn ourselves how to deal with the problem of evil

That we are to prove ourselves – do we choose for evil or do we not
That we are to prove ourselves – do we recognize evil or do we not
That we are to prove ourselves – do we conquer evil or do we not

I am grasping at straws here

God the Father has himself told me that there is no dealing with evil
That there is only the Gift of Right Location

But apparently he has chosen to withhold this wondrous gift
Until after the Coming Times

And the reason being…
To help discern who is to go where
For the minus one will help the Father decide who really belongs
For the one who chooses for the minus one
Will go to a different place than the one who chooses for good

And yet, it would seem like a dirty trick
Placing a minus one in pure white robes
And announcing him to be a Way-Shower
Sent by the Lord to lead the people home

And now the thought is coming to me
That the minus one did not deceive the people
So much as test the other disciples

Oh dear I am completely at a loss here
I am grasping at straws here
I am rambling here

Please help me
Help me to focus
Guide me here
You are actually doing quite well
Review your notes one more time and revise and add as necessary
The minus one did not deceive the people
He facilitated the crucifixion
He helped those who hated Jesus to have their way
And those who hated Jesus had their way
And the people, like sheep, chose to follow those who hated Jesus

And yet in Adam’s time, the minus one deceived Eve.  He confused
and ensnared her using her own innocence and lack of guile
against her.  Playing upon her sympathies and her emotions
Playing her like a violin

And yet she could have turned to her husband
She could have certainly turned to the Divine Brotherhood
Or was she so overcome by her emotions that she could not see
clear to do so

Eve did not hate God, not at all
And yet she was deceived by the snake

So that’s two different scenarios

In the first scenario
The snake deceived one who was pure and good
And who loved her husband and her God
But became confused and fearful and entrapped by the snake
And could no longer see clear

It was almost as though she was not of her own mind
No longer in control of herself nor of her mind nor of her choices
She was under his spell; under his power; under his influence
Not because she had malice within her, not at all
But because she was weak

And yes because of her first initial sin
Of agreeing to not tell her husband of her conversations with the
It was at that moment that she gave up her power
The rest was an inevitability
It followed in logical and natural sequence
Her sin was in agreeing to not tell her husband of the snake
For she had pity on the snake
And chose her pity of the snake over her trust in her husband

Oh gosh.  This is not easy is it
You know what this tells me
What darling
That the 3rd scenario will also play out completely differently

It will not be the 1st scenario with Eve re-enacted
It will not be the 2nd scenario with the Jewish leaders re-enacted
It will be a different scenario

Fighting the last battle won’t work
It will be a new battle.  It will take a different form
While the essence may be the same
The form will be completely different
We won’t be able to refer back to the previous scenarios
And say oh this is what happened then
We will recognize it now and will know what to do
For it will happen differently
It will happen completely differently
It will be an entirely new scenario
And what scenario will it be dear
Close your eyes and be silent.  Just close your eyes and be silent
What scenario will it be
Well, if I were a minus one
My first strategy would be
To wait until after Jesus had completed the training
For I would know better than to oppose Jesus
On the contrary, I would be the one with the most open face
The clearest and most trusting eyes
I would be the one hanging on to Jesus words
Committing each one to memory
So that I could use them later
I would be his star pupil

And after the training is over
Then my strategy would be to work on the remaining Way-Showers
And to confuse them with Jesus’ own words
To take Jesus’ words and twist them ever so slightly
Just one degree off here
And when that has been accepted
Wait a while
And then another degree off there

And my excellent memory of what Jesus had said
Why I can recite his every word verbatim
Would impress the others
And they would defer to my skill and my superiority
And though they would be confused
They would know something was off
There would be a vague sense of discomfort, of disquiet

Yet they would not be able to put their finger on it
There would be nothing tangible for them to hold onto
There would be no word they could rebut me with
For I have all the words
I have each one memorized
And I have an answer, in Jesus’ own words
To each and every one of their feeble objections
And they would be confused
And they would be forced to accede to me that I have the correct
That I have the correct logical answer
While yet they are uncomfortable
Something is wrong
But they know not where
Perhaps it is within them
Perhaps they don’t remember quite right
Perhaps it has been so long since they’ve seen the Lord
That they don’t remember exactly right
And I obviously do
I was the star pupil then
And I am the star pupil now
And they repress that niggling doubt
YES!  They listen to me
And basically the war is already won

Once they listen to me
The rest naturally and logically follows
The sheep have no chance
For the shepherds themselves are leading them straight to the
jaws of hell

Hah!  Hah!  Hah!

And that is what I would do if I were the minus one in this scenario
What would you do
And what does this tell you
Other than to throw my hands up in despair
And go back to bed and lie under the covers and go to sleep
Until God has it all sorted out
And wake me up then and not a moment before
Yes dear one, other than that.  What does this tell you
The need for me to be a star pupil while in training
Committing each and every word to memory
Also committing each and every nuance into every cell of my being
Also committing each and every INTENT into my consciousness

So that I know and remember the Essential TRUTH beneath the
For this is essential.  This is all important
It is not an exercise in logic

One must understand; one must grasp
One must completely and totally and fully understand the Lord’s

And one must do the exact same
Regarding the ESSENTIAL TRUTH underneath the Lord’s Words

Yes one must memorize the words
But one must also commit to the very core of one’s being
The Essential Truths and the Intent and Purpose of the words

One must completely and totally understand the Lord’s message
With one’s entire soul and with one’s entire mind
And with one’s entire heart and with one’s entire strength

One must completely and totally and with one’s whole being
Understand the Essence and the Truth of the Lord’s teachings

In addition to committing each and every word to memory

'So be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves’

And the shrewd as serpents part
Is where we commit all the Lord’s WORDS to memory
Each and every single one
That way we can be shrewd too

Oh dear God
Oh dear God
Oh dear God

It’s something new every day isn’t it.  You guys just keep throwing
some new curve ball at me each new day
We never said it would be easy
And were you ever telling the truth!
What else does having a negative one in our midst tell me
What else should I know
To be wary – of even my comrades
To KNOW, to REMEMBER that one of the 12 is a Judas, a snake
To remember this during the training and afterward
Forewarned is forearmed
And to remember that
And I think this might be the most important
For you have told me you will ALWAYS be with me
To remember that at the first sign of doubt, disturbance, or
I IMMEDIATELY turn to you
For clarification; for wisdom; for insight
For help, for getting me back on my path
And how do you feel about the above
I feel great about the -
immediately turning to you at the first sign of disturbance part
Hopefully all the immediately turning to you that I’m doing now
Will have made it so that it is an automatic reflex
And I no longer even think about it
Just autopilot, there is the slightest hint that something is off
Automatically and immediately turn to the Divine Brotherhood
And stay with the Divine Brotherhood until I am comforted
And they bid me leave

The part about being wary of my comrades
That I do not like, not one little bit.  No, not at all
I’m not even certain it is a good idea
Except that I need to be sure to keep my eyes and my ears on the
Lord, and not on my fellows
And likewise, after the training is complete
I need to keep to my inner knowing; to the still, small voice within
And not to the voices around me
Not even to the voices of my fellow Way-Showers!

I do think I need to remember; to know; to EXPECT the minus one
To KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt
That there is a Judas among us
I don’t know what my stance toward this should be
I’m not sure I like the idea of being wary of my fellows
What do you think
What do you think
I think I should go with my feelings

Who makes me feel most comfortable
Who makes me feel ever more sure of myself and of my mission

And learn to recognize who it is that causes me to feel confusion
and doubt
Who it is that leaves me not trusting myself
Who it is that undermines my self-confidence
When I recognize this one person, I will have identified the Judas
And then dear what will you do
Avoid him at all costs
Listen not to what he says
Engage him not in dialogue
Look not at what he shows me
Interact with him not at all

I keep my feet on my path per the Lord’s instructions
And I silently remind myself of all that I have been taught
And I turn to you for counsel
And your fellows
I lead by example
The only words I will tell them will be
        To remember the essence and the truth of Jesus’ message
        To trust their instinct and feelings
        To listen to the still, small voice within
    and not to the voices without
Will you identify the Judas to your fellows
My thinking is that would be unwise.  What is yours
We wholeheartedly agree with you

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