Messages to Humanity
A Tribe Ascends
Good let us begin
Close your eyes
And open your Spiritual Eye

What is coming to mind
The white horse
Good, what is he doing
He is chewing the grass
His head is lowered to the ground
And he is chewing, eating
Good, continue

An Original American has come up to him
He has his arrows in a bag over his shoulder
He pets the horse
What happens next
Don’t anticipate honey
And don’t force
You already know this
Just allow it to percolate up to your consciousness
Just allow and observe
The horse turns his head to look at the Original American
And licks his face
On both sides
And then the Original American climbs up onto the horse’s
And where do they go
The Original American squeezes his thighs
And the horse canters off
Where do they go
They go to that campsite where the Virgin is
With the two angels
That campsite that welcomed her
What happens next
They arrive at the campsite
And the Original American dismounts
And he is greeted by two Original American men

And he has news to tell them
And he tells them
And what does he tell them
What does he tell them
They walk him to a spot where all three can sit
So they can more properly listen to what he has to say
And he speaks in earnestness

His story is true to him
I am not sure if it is a story he has witnessed or simply a
story he has heard
But he believes it
What does he tell them
I don’t know
That’s all right dear
What are you seeing
The three of them talking
The two others considering what he is saying
Considering the implications of it
Considering what to make of it
And now what happens
The storyteller has finished telling his tale
He gets up to leave and he must leave
For he needs to communicate his message
To the next group of Original Americans
He needs to leave and go to the next campsite and the next
Telling them each his story
And he bids fare thee well to the two who listened to him
And he gets up on the horse
And canters away
And the two Original Americans left behind
What do they do
They sit down and talk between the two of them
What are they saying
Do they believe his message
They know that he believes his message
They know that he told his truth
But they are not quite sure what to make of it
What does it mean
How can it be
And what is it
There was a sign in the sky
Excellent, continue
All who were there saw it
There was a large visible sign in the sky
All could see it
It was physically manifested
And what does the sign look like
I am thinking that I am seeing the face of our Heavenly
Now darling, the Original Americans, some of them
Have seen the face of the Heavenly Father
The face of Father Sky

And what did those who saw the face of Father Sky do
When they saw his face
They were in awe
They had never been deigned to see his face before
Were they frightened
No they were not
They responded in love
For they loved their Father
They could not believe their good fortune

    Father Sky was revealing his face to them!
    How blessed they were

All stood still
I am seeing them all there
Where they were when the apparition first appeared
No one has moved from their spot
They are all still; they are all standing in the same spot
Upon which they were standing when they first saw his face
They are all looking at him
They are looking up at him
He is not straight up above
They need not stretch their necks back all the way

They simply look up to the northwest
It’s about 30 degrees northwest of where they are standing
That they are looking
And they are each and every one of them
Standing still
Entranced and in awe of the image
The face of their beloved Father Sky!

And they stand thus so for a long moment
And then darling what happens
There is thought transference
No words are spoken
But all those who are standing still, and that is everyone
Is receiving thoughts; is receiving instructions from the
They nod their heads; they understand
They will do as he has said

    Yes they understand
    And yes they will do as their Father has told them to do
    For they see well the wisdom of his words

    They had not themselves thought of this
    But Father Sky is wise indeed
    And yes, what he has told them is so very obviously
    and clearly
    The right thing to do; the way to approach this

    How had they not thought of this themselves!

    But Father Sky has graciously and generously given
    them this necessary counsel
    And yes they will heed it
    It is in their best interest to do so
    It is obviously the correct way to go
    Yes they will follow

And now they are no longer still
And now they go about preparing to do as the Father has
told them
And yes, they send messengers out to their fellow
neighboring tribes
For such a message of import

A message so important that Father Sky revealed his face
To communicate the message to them!

Why, he could have revealed it in the form of dreams
To the Wise Men and Wise Women of the tribe

They would have heard
They would have communicated the message to the
remainder of the tribe
And the tribe would have of course believed them
Especially if several had awaken with the same dream

For that is usually how Father Sky communicates with them

This message is obviously of tremendous significance
And they must go about and immediately follow its counsel
And yes, they must share this message with their brethren

And so they send out several
Of their youngest and most fit and most articulate men
To go out to the neighboring tribes
And they send one to go north
And another to go to all the tribes east of them
And another to go to all the tribes west of them
And finally another to go to all the tribes south of them

And they are instructed to tell the message exactly as they
heard it
To not add one word
To not change one word
To not remove one word

But to allow their brethren to hear the message
Exactly as they have heard it
For one does not alter a message from Father Sky
One does not

And so the messengers have been sent out

And the people of this tribe set about their necessary
They are not wasting a moment
They proceed to pack up camp

Their camp has been all packed up now
Everything has been packed
And everyone gathers together
And they gather in formation
The youngest children along with their mothers in the center

They gather in formation per their usual pattern
Everyone is assembled
Everything and everyone is in place

I see the ones up front
They are on horseback
The one at the front-most left and the one at the front-most
Each carrying a flag
And the flag displays proudly the insignia of the tribe

And the whole tribe proceeds
They are not in a panic
They do not gallop off

But steadily, with purposefulness, with calm assuredness
For they are following the instructions of Father Sky
They proceed forward as one toward the Northwest

And the tribe continues forward
And as they continue they get smaller and smaller to my eye
The further they are from my vantage point

It is as though the right line and the left line
Both straight lines, slowly but surely grow closer together
And as the tribe moves further along
The lines are ever closer to each other

And as the lines are ever closer to each other
The tribe is that much smaller to my eye
And finally, finally the two lines meet
They meet at a point
And at this point
When the tribe walks through and past this point
They disappear and I see them no more

They have walked off the face of the earth, this tribe
They have followed the instructions of their Father Sky
And have walked off the face of the Earth

And I see them no longer

I see them not
For they are no longer on my plane of reality

On their plane, they are continuing the journey
As I stand in my spot looking at the spot where they
disappeared from view
They are still proceeding Northwest
They did not even notice the moment
When they left my plane and entered theirs
It was transparent to all but the most sensitive

The Wise Men and Wise Woman who hear and interpret
They noticed the moment of passing
They felt it
And they allowed for the meaning of it, for the significance
of it
They knew not, at that point, what it signified
But they troubled themselves not
For they knew the understanding would come in time

They had felt a MOMENT
They had felt something of import
And they were each one of them confident
That its significance and the understanding thereof
Would be revealed to them in good time
All in good time
Of this they were assured
For this was always the way such understandings revealed

They were older and experienced, these Wise Men and Wise
And they knew from experience
How revelations and understandings revealed themselves
And they knew from experience that one does not rush it
One does not force it
But one is receptive and open to it
One prays each night for further clarification and
One awakens each morning and contemplates the dream of
the night before
And slowly, gradually, surely the understanding comes

And when it is shown to them
When it is communicated to them
That it is now time to communicate this new understanding
To the rest of the tribe
They then do so

And the rest of the tribe listens to them
And contemplates their words
And believes these Wise Men and Wise Women
For they have learned to do so

For their revelations had proved themselves correct
Over and over and over again

And so now the tribe does not hesitate to believe the counsel
Of their Wise
But listens to them and discusses with them
And together the Leaders and the Wise
Together arrive at the best approach, the best response
To the message

And so the tribe proceeds; I cannot see them
But I know that they are continuing their majestic procession
On a different plane of reality than mine
But continuing it nonetheless

And I bid them a silent goodbye
A silent fare thee well
To this noble people
Who unhesitatingly and immediately and fully
Listen to and follow the instructions of Father Sky

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved