Messages to Humanity
A Group Ascends
Yes what is coming to mind
Michael in the form of a winged white horse
Flying across the sky
Look at Michael.  What is he doing
He is flying
Where is he flying to
Up into the sun
Are you sure
He is flying over the earth
Traversing it; circling it
And when he notices a certain group of people
He touches downs
Stays with them
And then flies off again
In search of another group of people
Does he leave them alone
This group of people
No – a part of him – a whole of him
Stays with them

Another whole of him
Flies off

And the cycle repeats until each group has its own Michael
Very good dear one

Now tune into one group
Pick a group, any group
And tune into them
They are sitting in a circle around a campfire
Similar to my campsite at Loon Lake

I see a young-to-middle age male
Who seems to be the focus of my attention

He is talking to the group
They are listening to him
He lifts them up in song and prayer
Don’t project; just observe
Take your time dear

Keep looking at this male
Tune into him
He is praying
He is their leader
But he feels in over his head
He feels the need for assistance from the heavens
And he is praying for it

I feel his despair
He prays but it is with a feeling of isolation and not much hope
For he has been alone so long
Without help for so long
And his people look to him but he is but a mere mortal

And he doesn’t want to disappoint them
He is doing the best he can
But he is but a mere mortal

Dear God, help him!
Help him already!

And the Spirit of Peace descends upon him
And he is calm and at Peace
And he sits in silence; his eyes closed; cherishing the moment
Cherishing the Peace
He recognizes the Peace to be in response to his prayer
And he holds onto it for dear life

He does not want to open his eyes and face the physical reality
before him
He does not want to open his eyes and see the eyes of the people
around him
Their eyes upon him, searching him, looking to him for everything
Him a mere mortal

And so he keeps his eyes closed cherishing the Peace
And dreading the moment when he finally has to open his eyes
And face his physical reality once more
Very good
You are doing well

Stay with this man; stay with the group
Is there anyone else in the group that you notice
There is a young woman in the group
She is beautiful
She sits in the circle not quite opposite the man
But nearly so

And her beauty shines; she is radiant
She has more confidence than the man has

She is more certain
She has more hope
She too is praying

She is directly connected to her Higher Self while at the same
Keeping her eyes upon the man

And she is praying for him
For she senses his discouragement, how long he has been waiting

And she is praying for him
She is confident; she is certain; she is joyful
His weakness does not faze her

But she prays for him
She knows her prayer will be answered
And she waits in joyful expectancy
And then what happens
And then Michael alights
And walks toward them
And he is now in the form of a tall white-robed being radiating

And he walks toward them
And he is nearly upon them before any one notices him

He stands directly behind the young woman
But no one sees him
For they are all looking at the man
And he has his eyes closed
And the young woman
She has her eyes closed
She feels the response to her prayer

She is connected to her Higher Self
And feels the divine presence behind her
But does not think that it has physically manifested

She is tuning into it
She is tuning into the finer vibration of her circle
Now that Michael is with them

And Michael places his hands upon her shoulders
And the woman gasps aloud in joy
She knows an angel has touched her
She knows!

And now the man opens his eyes at her gasp
He does so involuntarily
He would not have chosen to open his eyes

And he looks at the young woman
And notices her beauty and joy and radiance
He notices the glow of excitement

And he knows it comes not from him
And he feels a huge sense of relief
A burden lifted off his shoulders
He does not need to be their source of all

Thank God!
They are learning to pray for themselves

And Michael continues to stand behind the woman
With his hands upon her shoulders
And he is infusing the woman with the Grace and the Strength she
will need
For the journey ahead

And now the woman is silent and has her eyes closed
And feels the spiritual blessings pour into her

And is still so as to allow them to
She is silent; she is still; her eyes are closed
And the man
Does he see Michael
His eyes are open
And he is facing the woman
He had looked at her
Does he see Michael
Dimly it is at first he is seeing a white cloud almost
And it becomes a white transparent presence, a being
And then slowly surely the appearance solidifies
And finally he sees Michael as the tall white-robed figure
Solid, in the flesh

And Michael laughs
At the man finally seeing him

Michael laughs aloud with joy, with delight
Finally! Oh ye of little faith

And now everyone turns to the woman
For they see that the man is looking at her
And is seeing something

And at first some see Michael and some don’t
And then finally all see Michael

And he leaves his spot behind the woman
And goes to the center of the group, of the circle
He is standing oh so tall in the center of the circle

And he slowly turns around in place to give each person
A chance to see his face
And while he does that what does he do
He looks at each one intently

He looks into their eyes and knows who they are
He looks into their eyes and loves them

He looks into their eyes and gives them hope
He looks into their eyes and sends them all that they need

And he does this to each individual in turn
And are the individuals receiving his look
They have no choice!

For he is brilliant our Michael
He is as gold as the sun
The eyes a piercing blue
The whiteness of his robe shines and sends forth light

Oh yes, they are entranced
They are not even thinking
The words in their minds have stopped

They are purely receiving and they are in ecstasy
They FEEL what Michael is sending them
It is a MOMENT

There is a great silence
There is a great peace
There is a great joy

They eat and they are filled
And the man
He has tears in his eyes
Finally, finally the help he has been praying for has come
Thank God!  Thank God!  Thank God!

The tears flow
For truly he had been weary
The tears flow

And then Michael walks over to the man and looks at him
There is that eye-to-eye contact in which everything is known
And everything is given

And Michael stands the man up and brings him to the center of
the circle
And Michael stands the woman up and brings her to the center of
the circle
And Michael joins their hands together

The man is to no longer lead alone
The two are joined; they will lead together

And Michael communicates to the group his blessing of these two
His blessing of these two as their leader
His approbation of them

All this is done in silence
And the man, how does he feel
At peace, he is no longer alone
For the moment he has both Michael and the woman
And he is greatly relieved; greatly so, for the burden had been
heavy on him
Yes, he greatly appreciates the help
Very much so
And how does he feel toward the woman
He looks at her now and is shocked

She had been in his circle for some time now
And he had never recognized her as special in any way

He had not seen her light

Here she had been amongst them all this time
Her help had been available to him all this time

And he had not seen
How could he have not seen

And now he sees and he is amazed

For she is so beautiful, so radiant, so serene
So certain, so full of Faith
So certain of her Faith; it is rock solid; she shines

Had she been so all along
How could he not have noticed her

He had been so focused on himself and on his burden
He had not realized that help had been right in front of him all

For if she is not an angel; she certainly is close to being one!

And he is astonished; his mouth is left gaping open

He looks to Michael in helpless astonishment
And Michael laughs

Michael laughs

And Michael’s work is done

For together the two are unstoppable

The man will renew his courage and his initial Faith
He will renew the courage of his convictions
His face is clear now
Troubled no longer

Michael’s appearance to him
Michael’s look into his eyes
The renewed faith and strength that he sees in his people’s eyes
Their increased maturity
Thanks to the gifts Michael has bestowed upon them
Brings him to gratitude
And lends him confidence

And when he looks at the woman
All thoughts and all words flee
For she is radiant
She is absolutely radiant

He has an angel by his side
What need he fear
Of what need he be discouraged

He has an angel by his side
And his heart expands in courage, in joy
His heart expands
He can do this

With this angel by his side, he can do this
With his people strengthened and graced by Michael’s presence
So they are dependant children no longer
He can do this

    Thank you God
    Thank you God
    Thank you God

He holds on to the woman’s hand
He looks at her with reverence

Are you an angel? He asks her
She laughs musically in delight
Her voice itself gives her away
The musicality of her soft laughter says all that needs to be said

The man kneels before her
And kisses her feet
His tears wash her feet
And he kisses them away

    Thank you God
    Thank you God
    Thank you God

The woman accepts his kisses
And then the woman starts ascending

No! The man cries out in agony
And she smiles at him
And says to him
Take my hand
And he stands up and does so

And then she beckons the group
To stand up and hold each other’s hands
And they do so

And the woman’s light radiates outward from her
And increases and increases until it encompasses the whole circle

And the whole group with the couple at its center
Starts levitating
And the higher they go, the more transparent they become
Until they can be seen no more

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved