Messages to Humanity
The Way-Showers
Queen of
Now darling what do you see
A Colonial woman
She seems happy

Her sleeves are rolled up
She is carrying a large black kettle
Queen of
And what does the kettle contain
Queen of
Good continue
She is happy
She has the kettle held by one arm and resting upon her hips
She waves her other arm in greeting; it is a tall, high wave
Welcoming, greeting in friendliness
Queen of
Who is she greeting
Two Original Americans
They are on horseback
They have their bow and arrows
They are dressed up a little it would seem
Queen of
How so
It is as though they are wearing their Sunday best
It is not the rainbow colors that are shown in the
contemporary pictures
Rather it is more white; the cloth of their clothes are of finer
The color is white
They have some feathers; all white
Queen of
And what do your words remind you of
Queen of
Yes darling for angels incarnated among the Original
Americans as well

And the woman is happy to greet them
Tune in to them
Does the woman know they are angels
Do not presume
Tune into her
Her heart is full to bursting with love for these two
She greets them with joy; in joy she greets them
She recognizes their goodness and their purity

She recognizes the holiness of them
She recognizes that these two are special
Yes, people of God

Yes, she recognizes that the two Original Americans are
people of God
And are special and are pure and are holy

And she is grateful for their presence in her life
She feels herself blessed by their presence
Queen of
Why is that
For they recognize her
They provide her with much needed companionship
They are her peers

And she greets them ever so lovingly and joyfully
Her heart sings with joy at their presence

Yes Mother, she sees that they are angels

She sees with her spiritual eye
And sees them as they really ARE
And recognize them for the angels they are

Yes Mother, the woman knows that they are angels
Queen of
Thank you for not presuming
Thank you for tuning in

Now close your eyes dear
And who is this woman

Again presume nothing
Simply tune into this woman
She is younger, vibrant, in excellent health
Full of enthusiasm and vigor

Her eyes find rest upon looking at the angels
For her eyes see dear and long-familiar companions in

She puts the kettle down and wipes her hands dry
And steps forward
And one of the Original American reaches down from his
And picks her up
And seats her in front of him
And they ride away
Queen of
And where do they go
Why to an Original American campsite
Where all gather around to greet her
They greet her and welcome her with joy

There is much love in this campsite
Much joy

For the angels’ presence has greatly affected this group of
And they are a good people
And there is no malice among them
Queen of
And why are they happy to see this woman
This Colonial woman
For they recognize her
They recognize her for who she IS
And are overjoyed to have her among them
Queen of
Do they need her
Do they need her to heal their ailing children
Do they need her to comfort them
No Mother
I am not sensing the presence of illness, discomfort or
unhappiness of any kind
They are simply happy to see HER
They are happy for the joy of her companionship

They do not need her in the sense that you described
They do though enjoy and value and look forward to her
Queen of
Why is that
For she is young and beautiful and radiant
God’s Light shines from her
To look at her is to smile

Look at her and your whole being smiles in response

Your whole being lights up in joy and in recognition of this
special person
This holy person

And the people of this campsite do so
And they recognize that they do so

They are aware enough, self-aware enough
To connect the dots

To recognize how special this woman is
And her affect on them
And hence their joy on seeing her

She has deigned them with her presence!
She is to be among them a while!
How fortunate they are!

And they prepare to celebrate
They prepare a feast to celebrate her visit
Her stay among them

For they are joyful
And her visit is well cause for celebration
Yes indeed
And joyfully and freely and with lightness of heart
They celebrate!
They celebrate her presence among them!
Queen of
And darling who is this woman
Well my Mother from everything said above
I would have to infer that this woman is you
Queen of
Are you certain
Oh Mother it is so good to see you so young and happy
To see you included and welcomed and a member of
Yes Mother I am certain

But this is such a wonderful scenario
So much better than previous scenarios that we had
Any wonder I wasn’t sure it was you

Oh my dear Mother, this is so much, so very much better
Yes I like this
I like this very much

Oh Mother, that it would always be so
Queen of
It can be, you know
What do you think it would take
For there to be more scenarios such as these among
The presence of angels
Queen of

And in the Coming Times dear one
Who will serve the function of angels
Can not the angels themselves do this
Queen of
Answer my question
You know the answer
Supply it
The Way-Showers
Queen of
Precisely so
For the angels will have their hands full
With all that is going on in the universe, the Earth included

The angels will have their hands full
And will need all the help they can get

Yes my darling, the more Way-Showers there are
The more such groups of people there will be

People who are good and healthy in mind, emotions, and
For they have learned HOW to be so

People who recognize and welcome the Divine among them

People who greet and receive the Divine
And joyfully celebrate their arrival in their midst

Welcome them and invite them to stay among them
So that their hearts and the very cells of their being can

For they are lightened and rendered joyful
By the presence of the Divine

For yes they recognize, in some sense, they recognize the

And they certainly know enough to welcome it
To greet it
To invite it to stay among them

To appreciate it
To enjoy it
To savor every moment in its presence

And darling what does this tell you of the Coming Times
The more Way-Showers there are
The more such groups of people there will be
Queen of
Precisely so
And who my sweet one will train the Way-Showers

Speak your truth
Speak it as you NOW recognize it
Mother the Way-Showers who were originally trained by the
Will in turn, train more Way-Showers
Queen of
Thank you for being responsive to the moment
And not simply answering what you already knew
Thank you darling
Your responsiveness pleases me greatly

So you see darling
That the scenario we had originally presented to you
Does not change

The Lord will train a cadre of Way-Showers
Who will in turn incarnate on Earth
And each train a cadre of Way-Showers

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Copyright  2005 Theresa Law
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