Messages to Humanity
The Mother Is Rejected
I am seeing a woman dressed in colonial clothes
Queen of
Tune into that woman
Tune in
She is sweet, gracious, kind
She is patient
She is maternal and loving

Mother is this you?
Queen of
Yes my dear
Thank you for recognizing me
Mother, why are you taking on the appearance of a mere
Queen of
Because I am
Remain dear
And now there are plenty of other people around
They are happy; they are bustling about
And your heart overflows with love for them

They are your children and you love them and are proud of
And you are so happy for them in their happiness

You are walking among them Mother
They see you
You are walking among them as a mortal so that they can see
And they nod pleasantly to you
They like you; you are a good woman
And they think of you as such
Yes they recognize your goodness and your sweetness
And are pleased to have you among them
Though they don’t know who you are

But they do turn to you for comfort, for healing
For you are a great source of both for them
And they recognize this
And appreciate you
Queen of
Do they appreciate me
They appreciate what you do for them
Queen of
But do they appreciate me
You are not married
You are slightly older
You are outside the mainstream

You are not quite one of them
There is perhaps a bit of dismissive attitude toward you
For while they are happy to turn to you for comfort and

They quickly forget
And in their moments of health and happiness
They forget their moments of sorrow and who was there for
them then

You are not part of their official hierarchy
You have no official role
You have no established place in the social order

The ‘place’, the position they hold for you
Is that of old maid - not married, no children
Therefore less than
Queen of
I see a colonial man loading up his musket
And now I see you tending to the Original American that he
And this hardens their hearts against you

You are a ‘traitor’
For aiding the ‘enemy’
And are ostracized

The woman come to you in secret
When they need your comfort

In secret they bring to you their ailing children

The men have dismissed you completely
You are a silly old woman
Useless with no sense

For you aided the enemy

They recognize your kindness

But you don’t have the sense to distinguish
Upon whom to dispense your kindness and from whom to
withhold it

Foolish old thing

It is up to the men to lead
It is up to the men to take charge
The men know better than silly ineffectual women such as

And so the men lead
They take matters in their own hands
And load up their muskets some more

And in the stillness of the night Mother
They come and they kill you
Queen of
Thank you. You did well
Very well indeed

Now darling what does that tell you about the Coming Times
The same no doubt

They would have you distinguish between the Christians and
the Moslem
Reserve your beneficence for the Christians and the Jews
And withhold it from the Moslem
Queen of
Yes dear, you have it exactly right

Close your eyes
Close your eyes

After they kill me
Where do I go
Why you incarnate among the Original Americans
And minister unto them
In a similar fashion as you did to the Colonials
Queen of
And how am I treated there
Do not anticipate; do not expect; simply observe
The sexes are more segregated
And you are among the women
And the women openly turn to you for comfort
And for the healing of the children

And the men indulge them and you
Yes you have a role
You are among the women there
And the men allow you that role
They see that you comfort their women
They see that you heal their children
And they allow for you

You do not disturb them for you live among the women
You live in the women’s world
You do not live in their world
And so do not disturb them at all

They are merely pleased that you are a source of comfort for
their women
Queen of
And the women
How do they feel toward me
They feel sorry for you because you have no husband and no
And because you are older

They see how kind you are and how guileless
And some of them feel slightly contemptuous of you
For you protect yourself not

But the younger women, the young mothers are grateful to
you Mother
They know you heal their children
And this they do not forget

No this they do not forget
And so they give you presents
They make sure you have enough food and whatever else
you may need

They ignore the older women who are jealous of you
The ones who show you contempt

The younger women ignore them
They are not afraid of the older women
Or at least not enough to prevent them from providing for you
And from showing you respect and kindness

You are still however on the outskirts of their society

Even though you are in the woman’s world
Due to the jealousy, displayed as contempt, by the older
You are pushed away to the fringes

But not as far as you were in the Colonial’s world
Queen of
And then what happens
Then what happens
There is an outbreak of illness among the children
Most of the children get ill
Some of them die

You are not able to keep up with the illness
You are not able to save all the children

And the young women feel betrayed
They had counted on you!

And the older women have a gleam in their eye
Finally they have a chance!

And they chase you outside the camp Mother
And they stone you to death
Queen of
And now
What does the story among the Original Americans
Tell you regarding the Coming Times
Well I would surmise Mother
That it tells me that you will be rejected by all
Christians, Jews, and Moslem alike!

Is this correct Mother

Oh Mother I am so sorry

Mother are you there
Queen of
I am here
What am I doing
You are weeping Mother
You are weeping

Oh Mother I know not what to say
Queen of
Tell me what you are thinking
That while both GROUPS of people rejected you
There were many individuals who liked, respected and
appreciated you

The Colonial women who risked their reputation and good
standing in society
To come to you in secret
For they knew you spoke the truth
They knew the healing you provided was from God

The young Original American mothers whose children you
Whose children you saved
Even the Original American men who allowed for you
Who recognized your goodness and the good affect you had
on their women

These individuals Mother respected you
They might not have understood you
But they did respect you and they did appreciate your
presence among them

While the groups rejected you
And while the individuals who rejected you had their way

There were many, in secret, who were on your side
Who hoped that you would protect yourself and survive
Queen of
But they did not protect me did they
No Mother, they did not
Queen of
And why not
Among the Colonial Americans, it was to protect themselves
From those who were against you
For they were the ones in power, in authority

Among the Original Americans
The young women did not protect you
Because of the anguish they felt over their ill and dying

They were so overcome by grief; they transferred it into
anger against you
You had betrayed them; you had let them down; they had
believed in you

And while they did not participate in the stoning
And no, they did not want you stoned
Neither did they protect you

The Original American men did not protect you
For it was the women’s world
And none of their business

Besides you had failed
You had failed in your role

You had not saved all their children; you had not comforted
their women

And it was up to the women to dispense justice as they would
They saw no reason to interfere
Queen of
And what does this tell you about the Coming Times
Oh dear
The same, no doubt
I’m not sure how the ‘same’ would play out

That while the groups reject you

Why Mother I see it happening right now!

The group culture as a whole
Society, mass media mocks you and rejects you
And treats you with dismissive contempt
You are too ridiculous for words

But yet there are many individuals who believe in you
And who pray to you and who turn to you for comfort

Some do so openly; in groups; such as the Catholics
And the ones who make the pilgrimage to Medjugorje

Others do so in the privacy of their own homes
For you are too precious to them
To leave you vulnerable to the mocking of the ignorant

Forgive me Mother, I strayed
I talked about the present
And not the Coming Times
Queen of
That is all right
Extrapolate what is occurring now and how it will continue
And play out in the Coming Times
That somehow the groups, society, mass media
Will blame you during the Coming Times

The West will blame you for comforting the Moslems
The Moslems will blame you for not saving them

And the societies will somehow try to ‘kill’ you
Perhaps by silencing you
Silencing all references to you

And the individuals
Some will turn to you in secret
Pray to you in secret
Cry to you for comfort in secret

And others will feel betrayed
You did not protect them!
You did not save their children!

And will allow for the silencing of you
For that is how they will ‘kill’ you in the Coming Times
You will cease to exist
For no reference will be made nor allowed of you
Your words will have disappeared from the face of the earth

Those books that contain your words will be hidden and kept
By those who cherish them
Burned by those who hate you

And those who love you will do so in secret
For fear of reprisal and contempt from those who don’t

For you will be blamed
They will say that you caused the destruction of the Earth
That you brought it about somehow
With all your prophecies

It was your will all along for the destruction of the planet
And here you have finally done it

And their grief and fear will be transformed into anger at the

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