Messages to Humanity
The More Information The People Have
Lord Jesus Christ
What are you seeing
That image I’d seen before
Of you walking out of the forest
With people perched on your arms as though your
arms were tree branches
You walking forward with them on your arms
Lord Jesus Christ
And now dear one what do you see
You gently lowering your arms to the ground
So the people can step off
Lord Jesus Christ
Keep looking
Above all, do not think
Just look and observe the image
Look and report
The group that has gotten off of your arms has
formed a circle
They are in the field; they have formed a circle
You are standing apart
You are not part of the circle
Lord Jesus Christ
Why not
My Lord, they do not see you
Lord Jesus Christ
What do they see
Each other, their circle
They seem to know where they are
But show not much interest in their surroundings
They are still; still within the circle
I see a young woman and she is standing still
Patiently standing
Patiently holding her place in the circle
That is all I see my Lord
Lord Jesus Christ
Look at the woman more closely
What does she look like
She is in her late 20’s to early 30’s
She has long blond hair pulled back into a ponytail
She is of medium height, perhaps on the tall side
And slender
She is conventionally pretty
She is standard WASP-looking college educated
young woman
Lord Jesus Christ
And what is she thinking this woman
I must wait here
I must wait here
For herein lies my salvation
I must trust in my Lord
He has told me to wait here
And here I wait and here I trust
And I will wait and I will trust in patience
For I know my Lord
And I know that my salvation draws nigh
For all the signs have pointed to such
The signs have been consistent
They have been so my whole life
My whole life there have been signs preparing me for
this moment
And so I am prepared
And I wait
As I’ve been told to do I wait
Lord Jesus Christ
Does this woman fear
There is slight anxiety as she does not know for sure
what will come next
In exactly what form
But no, there is no fear
Lord Jesus Christ
Either there is trust or there is fear
Is she anxious and fearful
Or is she calm and trusting
Take your time dear
And sense her out
There is no fear
She is joyful
All the signs have pointed to this moment
And she trusts what is to come

For all the signs that have led her to this moment
Have also told her what will follow
And so she is joyful with anticipation

There is a growing sense of excitement and
As the group senses that the moment draws near
They hold each other's hands now
There is more movement now
It will be any moment now!
Lord Jesus Christ
Darling what am I telling you
That the more information the people have
The less frightened they will be
Lord Jesus Christ

And that is all for now

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
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