Messages to Humanity
Go Forth and Create!

    Darling there is much chaos in the universe now
    My children have learned to make their peace with the chaos

    They have learned to co-exist with it
    They have learned to ‘settle’ for life with it

    But my darling, my child
    You who have always hated it so
    And have always known that you have hated it so

    You as much as anyone
    Should appreciate my efforts
    At restoring order to the universe

    And forgive me if that cannot be done without change
    And without the pain associated with change

    But the chaos as you can so clearly see
    Is increasing
    The bad guys are winning

    And it is time for me to intervene
    Now before it is too late

    And intervene I will
    For you would not want me to let evil have its final way
    No you would not

    And yes
    Many of my children have learnt to cohabit the universe
    With those of the dark forces

    But how much happier they will be when freed of them!

    And how much happier will the dark forces be
    When freed from the presence of the beings of light

    And that is enough for now dear one
    Contemplate my words
    You know the truth of them

    Think how much happier you will be darling
    When you can live in a planet
    Where one need not constantly create constructs
    To ‘deal’ with the problem of evil
    Constructs that create problems of their own

    For there is no dealing with evil
    There is only, and I have finally realized this
    There is only the gift of Right Location

    And let each type of creature
    Construct what he or she wants

    And no need for constructs for others and against others
    For again, these lead to their own problems

    You understand this my child
    I know you do

    I have heard your thoughts
    I have heard you think
    ‘Well we’ll do this’
    And then realize that ‘this’ could easily be subverted
    Into something oppressive and against its original intent

    No, there is no dealing with evil, child
    There is no co-existing with it
    There is no settling

    There will be a great parting of the ways

    And each will build his own reality
    Free of being required to accommodate an opposite reality
    A reality that subverts and opposes their own

    This conflict will end
    And hence the Great Peace that will follow

    It will follow naturally

    It will be a natural outcome of the Gift of Right Location

    It will not be a Peace that is superimposed from above

    It will be a Peace that naturally results from the conditions
    I’ll have created

    You are correct
    The Gift of Right Location will solve
    Many, many, many problems

    Almost all in fact

    It will allow for the Blessed Mother’s dream
    For each to do as he pleases when he pleases

    It will allow for each to express himself
    Freely express himself
    Without another telling him ‘no, that is not the way’
    ‘You must do it my way’

    For all those who insist on a certain way
    Will be together
    And together they will delight on creating that way
    And together they will learn from their construct
    From the results of their construct they will learn
    And together they will evolve, refining their construct
    To better suit their desires
    Learning from the results of their refined constructs
    Refining their constructs further
    Learning further
    And thus their evolution will proceed

    Unhindered by their blaming of those who oppose them
    By those who insist on creating different constructs

    With no ‘other’ to blame
    Their only choice will be to accept responsibility
    And to revise their view of reality
    Until finally they get the results they want

    Thus their evolution proceeds at a much faster pace
    Than when they are mixed in with others

    Even others more evolved than they
    Who insist on different constructs
    Who build different constructs

    And there is a constant tug of war

    And with each consequence
    There is a swinging back from one extreme to the other

    A blaming of the other

    And each side takes turn leading
    And as negative results appear

    The other side takes charge
    And as negative results appear

    The previous side takes charge
    And so they swing back and forth
    From one extreme to the other
    Learning absolutely nothing in the process

    Believing only that if they could run the show
    And run it always
    Then everything would be all right

    Well now
    I am giving everyone, and that is everyone
    The right to run the show

    Each will be with his own
    And together they will create their reality
    In agreement, in complete and wholehearted agreement
    They will create their reality

    And as the consequences of their reality manifest
    There will be no ‘other’ to blame

    They will understand the consequences to be just that
    Natural consequences of the choices they have made

    And then it will be up to them to rethink their choices
    Or to dig their heels further in

    But with no one present to say
    ‘I told you so’
    They will be much more free
    There will be no loss of pride
    No loss of face
    To say and to think and to reach the conclusion
    That refinement of their original thought is necessary

    And so they refine
    And the consequences refine
    And they refine some more
    And so do the consequences
    And thus darling they evolve

    Each at his own pace and in his own way

    Free from those who tell him
    That he is wrong, wrong, wrong

    And this will be true for all my children

    You will all be free to create the reality you want
    You will all be free to create it without opposition
    You will all be free to experience what you have created

    You will all be free to learn from your experiences
    And you will all be free to adjust what you create
    Based on what you have learnt

    There will be no opposition
    Not from those more evolved than you
    Nor from those less evolved than you

    You are being given the gift of Right Location
    And this will bring a great freedom and a great relief for all

    You will create as you want
    You will learn from your creation
    And you will evolve

    There will no longer be this constant tug of war
    This movement from left to right and back again
    Ad infinitum

    This constant swing of the pendulum
    With no forward motion
    Will cease

    And if you doubt that there has been no forward motion
    Simply look at the wars of the 20th century
    And tell me that there has been progress

    No my child there has not been

    Your present technological achievements
    Have been achieved before

    And lost before

    And more than once

    More than once, all has been lost

    More than once, humanity had to start over again
    Because it had self-destructed
    And in so doing lost all
    Even knowledge itself

    No dear one
    There has been little to no forward progress

    Just a continual re-enactment
    Of the swinging of the pendulum

    And I am bored with this game
    And you dear ones are tired of this game

    Each one of you wants to run the show already
    Each one of you wants to get it right!
    As only you know how

    Unimpeded by your misguided fellows
    Who clearly and obviously have no clue

    Well now you will be free of your misguided fellows
    Now you will get to run the show free of them

    All of you will now have this freedom

    Those on the right
    Those on the left
    Those in between

    Those who want war
    Those who want peace
    Those who sit on the fence

    Each and every one of you will get your chance to create
    To create and to learn

    What will you create?
    What will be the natural outcome of your creation?

    You may surprise yourselves
    You may truly be surprised at what works for you
    And what doesn’t

    But you will not be able to blame the ‘other’
    For there will be no ‘other’

    There will be only like-minded souls
    In agreement as to the creation

    And you will all together face the natural results
    The consequences of your creation

    And they may surprise you

    But you will be forced to acknowledge
    That the consequences are yours and yours alone

    You will not be able to blame the previous administration
    For you will have been the previous administration

    And therefore you will be forced to accept responsibility
    For the consequences of your choices

    For there will be no one else present
    To lay that responsibility on

    And it is only, dear children
    When you accept responsibility for your choices
    Will you evolve

    Only when you stop blaming the ‘other’
    And accept your responsibility
    Will there be the possibility of evolution
    Of moral and personal and social evolution

    And when there is no ‘other’
    Then you will have no choice but to recognize
    Your own responsibility

    You will have no choice but to own your choices

    No more blaming the other

    No more swinging of the pendulum

    No more wildly going from this theory to that theory
    To yet another theory

    No more shifting of power from one political party
    To the other and back again

    Each one blaming the other
    No one learning anything

    No more

    You will like this I think

    You will like being in control without any opposing force
    To constrain you and prevent you from ruling the world
    The way you think it should be run

    And you will even like going back to the drawing boards
    To see what needs to be done differently
    To get the results that you want

    You will like my gift to you of Right Location
    You will like it very much
    And you will grow

    You will grow into adults

    No longer children bickering and fighting and squabbling
    Each one blaming the other for their problems

    You will grow into responsible adults
    Owning your actions
    Owning your outcomes

    Learning from them
    And freely and without loss of face

    Revising your choices until you achieve exactly the reality
    That you want for yourselves and for your children

    I wish you all the best of luck my children
    As we all step forward into this new adventure

    All the best of luck to you
    Go forth and create!

    That is my mandate to you

    Go forth and create!

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved