Messages to Humanity
The Gift of Right Location
Lord Jesus Christ
And what do my eyes express
Joy, laughter, acceptance
Lord Jesus Christ
Keep looking
Now what do you see
Your face, specifically your mouth
And you are grinning broadly
Smiling, your teeth are showing
Your mouth is open
I see that breath is flowing out of your mouth
That breath is words – I somehow know that
Your breath is your word
Words are coming out of your mouth
But I don’t know what they are
And they are coming out silently
Coming out in the form of your breath
Lord Jesus Christ
Look again
Look more closely at my breath

What are you seeing
Beings – souls – entities
Coming out of your mouth
You are speaking souls into being
Beings tumble out of your mouth
You are birthing them by speaking them
I don’t understand this
Lord Jesus Christ
Do not try to understand anything
To see is to understand
The conscious understanding will come later
It will come
But first must come the seeing
For without seeing there is nothing to understand
For now let us focus on the seeing
Look now
Tell me about what is coming out of my mouth
There is your breath
And suspended in your breath
Are beings – little miniature people
Tiny but perfectly formed
They are nude
They are beautiful
They are tiny
And they tumble out
Every which way
They are male and female
They are mostly young adults
But I see an old person here and there
Not many
And now I see a baby and another
And now I see the entire spectrum of humanity
Humanity in all its colors
In all its nationalities
All of humanity Lord
Have you my Lord, given birth, spoken birth to all
Lord Jesus Christ
You’ve said it
Not I
Forgive me Lord but I’m confused
Lord Jesus Christ
I suggest you stop speculating and stop thinking
And simply observe

Do you wish to remain observing
Do you wish to see
Lord Jesus Christ
Allow the understanding to seep in as it will
Do not force it

Now close your eyes and look
I see you wrapping your arms around your humanity
That has birthed from your mouth
Your arms are wrapped around Earth
Where your humanity has spread to
It has dispersed throughout the planet
And your arms cover all of them and the entire planet
You arms encompass us all

And I see little humanity scurrying about this way and
Doing their little human activities
There is much scurrying around
And your arms encompass Earth
And your face looks down upon Earth
And observes humanity

And every now and then
I see a human look up at the sky
And actually see you
And they wave!  
Thank you Lord they wave
And some drop to their knees and pray to you
Here and there – all over the world
There is an individual here and there – on their knees –
praying to you
Lord Jesus Christ
And what are they saying
Listen for you can hear as well as see
Listen to their prayers
Lord, their prayers are many and varied

Some are simply and purely thanking you for you and for
your Creation

While others have requests to make of you
    A child is ill, please heal it
    I’m faced with dire poverty, Lord, please provide
    My father is dying, Lord please help me

And others Lord, give you thanks
They praise you for your glory
They thank you for having answered their prayers
These people are in tears
The ones whose prayers you answered
They are thanking you, their tears are flowing
They are thanking you for having answered their prayers
Their weeping is great
They sob from the core of their being
As they thank you for answering their prayer
There is remorse for not having prayed sooner
They had not realized you would actually answer their
They are praying the rosary
The rosary beads are clutched in their hands

And Peace has come over their faces
Their face is now relaxed – they have gotten past
They have in some sense, have even gotten past
And are now in calm Peace
Pure, silent, calm Peace
And they are still
And they are strong
And they are certain
And they are resolute
And they stand up now
Determined to face their lives again
They are a little older now
For having gone through this experience
They move about more slowly now
There is not so much scurrying about this way and that
By these who have prayed
They move more slowly and with purpose
And they rest and pray in between
And their prayer in between is calmer and also has
It is above all, calm
For they know that their prayers are heard
And so they pray, in certainty and in confidence
And arise and move about their lives in calmness, in
certainty, and in confidence
And they radiate Peace

And every now and then
One of the others who are scurrying about stops and
looks at the one
Who moves slowly
And wonders how he can do so
And the one who scurries shrugs his shoulders and goes
back to scurrying around

And the ones who have prayed
Who have reached peace
Are dressed in white robes
The whiteness of the robes
The whiteness gleams; it shines; it has its own light it
would seem
It is pure white and it radiates light
And the space around the white robed beings increase
Their light expands and takes up more room
So they take up more room
They have more presence because of their light
And people make way for them
Without even realizing that they are doing so
They make way for them
They do not step into their light
They do not step into their space
Their expanded space

And there are increasingly more of these white-robed
With their light and larger expanse of space
Upon the Earth

And the white-robed figures now seem taller to me
Than the others who seem as little ants scurrying about
this way and that

And now I see the white-robed figures scooping up the
And handing them up to you
And angels appear and take responsibility for the ants
They take charge of them
They take care of them
Many angels appear in the sky
For there are many ants to take care of

And the white-robed figures scoop up the ants
And the angels take them
And you Lord keep your protective arms around the Earth
And your arms are getting tired
You don’t know how much longer you can hold your arms

There is beginning to be a sense of urgency
As to the scooping up of the ants
And the angels are becoming concerned
There are too many ants still left
And your arms simply will not hold up long enough
For all the ants to be collected

What will we do?
The angels are in a panic
They swoop down to Earth like big huge birds
And scoop up large amounts of ants at one time
They do this repeatedly
And this frightens the ants
And they scurry about faster and at a furious pace
To escape the scooping for it frightens them
They only see the scooping
They do not see the angels who are doing the scooping

The angels look grim now
The time is short
There is no more time to be delicate about this
No more time to consider the ants’ sensibilities
And the scooping continues
And it takes the form of earthquakes
And hurricanes and tornadoes and floods
And so much scooping is done
Very much
And the remaining ants are left terrified
And they try to hide
They do not want to be scooped
Some of them even go underground
In their attempts to hide
And the angels grimly shake their heads
And now there are earthquakes
And more scooping is accomplished

And now there is only a remnant of humanity left on the
And they wander about in bewilderment
Where did everyone go?
And they are dazed and confused
And they are easily led
And follow whomever appears to lead them
And they huddle in groups
And they shiver in fear and confusion
And they try to survive
They hold on for their lives
They cling desperately
But they know not what to cling desperately to
They weep the loss of their fellows
They weep over the seeming destruction of the planet
They weep in their confusion
But it does not occur to them to turn to you

You who is now becoming ever more visible in the sky
They can now see you if they but look up
For you are manifesting your self to them
They need only look up
But I am not seeing any look up!

They are too busy looking at each other
Too busy looking at each other to look up
And they talk to each other
And they tell each other fantastic stories to explain what
has happened
And each group that huddles has its own fantastic story
Each group has its own ‘explanation’ of what has
And they each convince themselves that this is the truth
And now it is over
Now they can go back to their lives
Now they can go back to rebuilding
Now they can go back to scurrying about

And now you have had enough
Enough is enough
And you call the angels to sound the trumpet
And sound the trumpet they do
And the sound is heard by all
And the sound is recognized by all
And the knowledge of its meaning fills them with dread

It is the end then
They think
It is really the end
And they are sober

And some try to run away
And they are allowed to

And some lay down to die
And they are allowed to

And some wait for the carriage they are expecting to
To take them home
And they also are allowed to

And the trumpets sound again
And now it is the end
And all who allow are led away from the planet
And all who don’t, remain

And the planet shakes them all off
And they are thrown about into space
And the angels catch a few of them
And the angels miss a few of them
And now the earth is free of all the ants
And now you O Lord are free to rest your arms
Your weary arms
And you let your arms down

And the earth abandons herself to her freedom and to
her joy
And she dances about in laughter and in exultation

    She is free!  She is free!
    Thank God almighty
    She is free at last!

And the waters sweep over the planet
And calmness sweeps over the planet
And a period of rest and healing sweeps over the planet
And there is no more animal nor human life on the planet
Just water and earth and vegetation
And the planet heals
And the planet heals
Lord Jesus Christ
And the people
What happens to my people
Where oh Lord should I look
Lord Jesus Christ
Start with the ones in space
The ones whom my angels did not catch
I see them screaming in terror
And the angels locate them by their screams
And some allow themselves to be rescued
And some are frightened by the angels and flee further
Further into the darkness of the abyss
Where they are welcomed by open jaws who devour them
Lord Jesus Christ
And the ones my angels did catch
My Lord, the angels carry them
Carry them and take them each one individually to the
And the Father looks kindly at each one
And the Father adjudicates their lives
And determines the best location for each individual
The Gift of Right Location is dispensed at this time
And each being is grateful and happy to be going home
For home it will be to him
It will be home to him
For it will be the Right Location for him

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved