Messages to Humanity
The Word of God Keeps His Word
Lord Jesus Christ
Close your eyes

Look and follow my lead
Yes my Lord
Thank you
Lord Jesus Christ
What do you see
Your eyes
Lord Jesus Christ

What do you see
Calm acceptance
Lord Jesus Christ

What do you see
You stepping backward
The scope of what I see expanding
Your arms outstretched to encompass the expansion
Lord Jesus Christ
Good.  Remain

And what are you seeing
A sunlit field of green grass
And you standing with your arms outstretched
Almost as if on the cross – but not
Telling me to look, to look
But all I see is an empty field of green grass – sunlit
There is the dense forest behind you
It is dark there
You are stepping backward ever closer toward the dense
There are trees

Oh dear Lord
You are stepping into the forest
Walking backward still
Still your arms outstretched
Still looking at me
Still smiling – almost grinning

I don’t want you to go into the forest
Lord Jesus Christ
Don’t want nor don’t don’t want
Just look and see
Keep looking anticipate nothing
For nothing more may happen
Just look
You are stepping forward out of the forest
With a young person on each arm
You are stepping forward – almost as if your arms are
And they are sitting on them
And you are bringing them out into the light
Into the green field

And now you do this
Many times, repeatedly, blindingly fast
And now the field is full of children, young people, young
adults, old people
Each blade of grass replaced by a person – almost
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes – almost
For there are still many empty patches are there not

Holes between people
Holes where you can see grass
Grass upon which a human should be standing but is not
He or she is not there
They are still in the forest

There are many, many such holes
There are many, many such souls

Now, look some more
Look and see
You are stepping backward into the forest again
The people on the field are looking at you
But they are as in a daze
And you are tired

And there are many souls left to bring out of the forest
And you are tired

And there are so many places they could be in
It is hard to find them all
It is hard to even know where to look

For they are hiding
For they are afraid

Why they are afraid of you!
Lord Jesus Christ
Why, tell me, why are they afraid of me
Because they had not acknowledged you before
Because they have been taught that they are sinful
They are ashamed

Or they feel that you would not approve of them
Lord Jesus Christ
And then dear one what is your conclusion
That others must lead them out of the forest
Others who do not frighten them
Lord Jesus Christ
Exactly so!
Others who do not frighten them

And a little child shall lead them

For who is less threatening than a little child
What could possibly be less threatening to anyone than a
little girl

And so it is
And so it shall be

A little child shall lead them
For they will not be afraid of this little child
It will not occur to them to be afraid of her
For this child will look at them with the same look of calm
That you earlier saw in me

She will have learned that look from me
And she will look so at those remaining
She will look at them with calm acceptance

And they will see a little girl
And will feel confident to follow that little girl out of the

There will be no shame in them
They will follow her easily

For if she a mere little girl can do it
Certainly they can!

And so they do!
And so they do

And now dear one
If you have the strength
May we continue?
Please Lord give me the strength
Yes Lord please, please continue
Lord Jesus Christ
Look at the little girl
What is she doing?
She is skipping about
She is jumping rope
She is playing in the forest
She is seeing the butterflies and the fairies
The forest is an enchanting wonderful place for her
She sees the gnomes and the elves
She sees all
Lord Jesus Christ
Yes she even sees the humans doesn’t she
Yes she does
Lord Jesus Christ
And what does she do when she sees the humans?
She takes them by the hand and coos over them
It is almost like a little girl playing with her dolls
She gently leads them forward
Out of their hiding place
And she holds their hand
And they are bewildered
But they see that this little girl is healthy and well dressed
And obviously well cared for
So they will follow her to her home
For perhaps they will find refuge there
And so they allow the little girl to take them by the hand
And lead them
Lead them

She skips about the forest this little girl
She does not come straight out to the meadow
But skips about the forest
Finding one person here
Another person there
Until finally she has a whole dazed, bewildered group
following her
And they follow her for truly they know not what else to do

And finally the girl brings the group to the edge of the
The edge where the forest meets the field
And the people in the group clutch at the trees and gaze
out at the field
And the people in the field gaze blankly back at the people
in the forest

Truly it seems that most of the people in the field are in
Completely out of it as it were
One or two stirs but most remain standing still
Still as statues

And the people leave the trees they are clutching
And huddle together as a group
And discuss among themselves

    What do we do?
    We don’t want to go out there and be zombies like
    the people in the field
    But the forest is not safe either
    And where did the little girl go off to

For the little girl has gone off in search of more people to
And bring back to the edge of the forest
For she knows that no one will leave the edge
No one will leave the edge once they arrive at it

And the cycle repeats itself

The little girl bringing people to the edge of the forest
The people clutching the trees
Then huddling in groups

And more people arriving
Clutching at the trees
And then huddling in groups conferring but getting
nowhere with their thoughts
Reaching no conclusion, no course of action to follow
They know not the next step
Lord Jesus Christ
Don’t they
Yes they do
The little girl firmly tells them

    Wait right here
    And my father will come and get you and take you to
    his house
    And you will be safe I promise you
    Just wait right here

And the girl looks so well cared for
Obviously prosperous
Obviously the daughter of a very wealthy man indeed
Someone who maybe could guide them
And so they wait
Lord Jesus Christ
And then what happens
And then the spaceships arrive
And the people in the field immediately levitate upward
Straight up into the ships

And then the little girl goes running out into the field
And waves at them ‘bye-bye’
‘Bye-bye’ she continues waving and looking up
Until the ships can no longer be seen

And then she very firmly and authoritatively
Takes each person at the edge of the forest by the hand
And leads them to their spot

And they are dazed and they allow her to do so
It is almost as if they have been hypnotized by the sight of
the ships
They are not as they were before

Now they are as the people in the fields were
And they are easily led

And the girl puts each one in his or her proper spot
So that they will ascend to the proper porthole in the next
That will come for them

And now the little girl is alone in the field
And she is sitting down and she is tired

And the Christ comes walking toward her
And she jumps up and runs toward him
All tiredness forgotten
And leaps up into his arms
And he carries her home
And the little girl falls asleep in her Rabboni’s arms
Happily tired
For she knows that she has helped
She has helped
She has helped her Lord
She has helped her Rabboni

And now he is holding her
And now he is carrying her
And now she can rest
And the little girl is happy
So, so happy

She snuggles up to her Lord’s neck
And scolds him

    You took your time coming to get me!
    I was waiting and waiting and waiting
    What took you so long
    I was all by myself!

And the Lord coos at her and strokes her hair
And whispers to her

    Hush Caritas, I had much work to do
    And I knew you’d be safe in the field
    I knew you would be safe and that you would wait for
    And my child, I came back for you at the first
    possible moment
    The very first possible moment that I had
    I came for you
    For I would not leave my darling daughter behind all
    by herself
    No I would not

    I knew you trusted me
    And I knew you would wait for me
    And I knew you would not wander off
    But would wait for me to come get you just as I told
    you I would
    And now I am here dear one
    Now I am here
    And it wasn’t too long a wait was it caritas?

I shouldn’t have had to wait at all
The child replied petulantly

But she is glad to be going home in the Lord’s arms
And not on one of those ships

No, the wait was worth it
And she snuggles up closer to her Rabboni

I’m glad you came back, she whispers to him

    I’m glad you came back
    I knew you would
    I all along knew you would
    For you told me you would
    And I knew you would keep your word

    For you are the Lord Jesus Christ
    You are the Creator Son of God
    You are the Word of God
    And the Word of God keeps his Word

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