Messages to Humanity
You Have A Choice
And we are at the familiar campsite
My Spirit is dressed as a colonial woman!
How very strange

Do you want to know why?


Because we are going back in time
Hence my need to prepare
Hence the Lord telling you to call me
We are going back in time dear
And my clothes are for you
So you know what time period we are in

American colonial time

Yes dear. What century

The 1600’s

Yes dear, the latter half of the 17th century

I am a bit bewildered
I am holding my Spirit's hand like I am her child and she is my mother
We are walking to the campsite

We are at the campsite
There is a pot of water hung over the campfire

What else do you see?
Do not look for anyone or anything
Simply observe and state what you see

There are other pilgrims around
Other women dressed as my Spirit is
Children running around playing
Men also walking about – all in colonial clothes

And they all join hands in a circle and pray
They give thanks to God
For all he has blessed them
They pray with words
They pray with reverential silence – heads bowed
They are truly grateful
I sense the sincerity and depth of their gratitude to God
For all his blessings
For truly he has been generous with them
Generous beyond measure

There is land here!
There is open sky here!
They can breathe here!
Thanks be to God
They can breathe here!

And their prayer ends
And they unlink hands
And go about their respective tasks
Yes, they are preparing a meal
They are preparing to sit at table

Two Original Americans appear and join them
They are most welcome
There is friendliness and camaraderie
Between the Colonials and the Original Americans
And the Original Americans and the Colonials sup together
And share stories
And laugh

Then there is a shot heard in the distance

Everyone looks up startled

The Original Americans quickly get up and put on their bow and arrows
And mount their horses and gallop off to see what the trouble is

And the Colonials immediately load up their musket and strategize
As how to best protect themselves

And more shots are heard

And the colonial women weep

And the colonial men look grim and say goodbye to the women
And warn the children to be wary
And the colonial men also go off to see what the trouble is about

And thus the Colonials and the Original Americans meet in war

They went searching for it
And it found them
And slaughtered many
Many, many people died that day
And most of them did not know why
Except that a battle was being fought
And therefore they needed to fight in it

And so it was
And so it is

Nothing has changed
Only the names and faces of the players have changed
The scenario remains the same

Humanity has learnt nothing it would seem
From the late 1600’s till now the early 2000’s
Insofar as remaining out of battle is concerned

It is so easy
Simply don’t fight!

That is all it takes

Don’t fight!
No matter what they tell you
Don’t fight!

Keep your eyes on your neighbor’s eye
Sup with him
Converse with him
Laugh together

And when you hear the shot in the distance
Let it be

Let those who would choose to fight
Do so
It is their choice and to be respected

But you also have a choice
It is your choice to remain at table with your neighbor
Or to get up, each of you from the table, and meet instead on the

You have a choice
You are free
You are free to choose

You do not have to meet on the battlefield just because some do
Allow them to
If they so want

You have a choice
If you go looking for the battle
The battle will find you

Choose instead to look into your neighbor’s eye
And see his humanity
Sup together; converse together; yes, laugh together
Be your neighbor’s neighbor

And allow those who would fight their choice
And allow yourself your choice

You can kill each other
Or you can feed each other

The choice is yours
It has always been yours
It will always be yours

Understand that it is your choice
Understand that you are free to fight and that you are also free to not fight

There is much that goes on in the world
You hear of it
And you let it slide

You hear of people who seem to swallow swords
And you allow them to
But feel no impulsion to do the same

You hear of contortionists who can bend their bodies into various and
sundry shapes
And you allow them to
But feel no impulsion to do the same

So when you hear of people fighting
Allow them to
And realize the truth that their fighting is not a mandate for you to join in

You may simply allow them their fight
That is what they want to do
Let them

You do what you want to do
And if supping with your neighbor is what you want to do
Rest assured that you are free to do so
Rest assured that you are correct to do so

Do not let any other violate your free will
Do not let any other violate your sovereignty
Do not let any other ‘should’ on you
And tell you that you must do what you do not want to do

You alone know what is correct for you to do
Your feelings will correctly guide you and steer you toward your life
Your feelings will differ from another’s
Your life will also differ from another’s
And that is as it should be

For we are not all created alike

Some of us are created warriors
And some of us are created peacemakers
And some of us are created to calmly and gratefully
Enjoy the bounty of God’s wonderful Earth

Decide for yourself who you are
Choose for yourself what you do
It is your life
And yours alone

Do not let anyone else push you around
Do not let anyone else ‘guilt’ you into doing what you sense is not right
for you
Follow your feelings
Follow your instinct
And yes, if you have learned how
Follow the still small voice within
For it will lead you to life
It will lead you to Eternal Life
It and it alone will lead you to Eternal Life
Learn to listen to it
Learn to hear it
Learn to follow it
And live!

Amen.  Amen.  So Be It.

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved