Messages to Humanity
God will personally lead Ruth and Sage's people home
Archangel Michael
Dear Father of mine
Our children are gathered here together before you
They have each one of them humbled themselves before
They have each one of them surrendered to you
They have each one of them declared their Faith in you
and their allegiance to you

My dear Father
Their request is simple and one
They want to see their children home
They want to see their children home NOW
NOW Father, not in an age yet to come
Not after further degradation and malformation have
Dear Father, again, their request is simple
They want to see their children home NOW
And Father they have placed their trust in you
And so dear Father, after all their failed attempts
They know not what to do
And they turn to you Father
They turn to you to show them HOW
HOW do they lead their children home NOW
Or perhaps they need not lead their children home
Whoever leads them is fine
Their only question to you Father
Is HOW to get their children home NOW
HOW Father HOW
What do they need to do
What needs to be done
Please Father, answer their request
They have surrendered themselves to you my Father
They are no longer relying on themselves
They now look to you for counsel
They look to you for direction
They look to you to show them HOW
This migration, this ascension of their children will occur
What does it matter how it occurs
So long as it does
Archangel Michael
Father, do you have any specific instructions for Sage
and for Ruth
Yes I do
Tell them to go home
Tell them to place their Faith in me
Tell them that they have done enough
They have done their part
They have done all they could
Tell them to go home – not in defeat
But in delightful expectation
Tell them to go home and to prepare for their children’s
For their children will be home soon
I will see to it
I will raise them up
I will lead their children home
I the one God of the Universe
I the God of their gods
Will show myself to their children so that they see me
And I will personally lead them to their home
And yes, these children of Ruth and Sage
Will recognize me
Will feel relief and comfort so great
As to bring them to tears
And yes – simply seeing me will be as a coming home to
And yes – they will follow me wherever I will lead them
And yes – I will lead them to their parent’s home

Tell Sage and Ruth to go home in peace and in Faith
Their work is done
They have done their part
Others will pick up where they have left off
And after all the others have done their preparatory work
I will myself personally step in
And lead these first born of my human children
To their rightful place in my universe

I the God of gods have said it
I the Creator of this Universe have said it
I the Father of all humanity have said it

As I have said it
So shall it be
Amen.  Amen.  Amen.
And Sage and Ruth look at each other in stunned silence
And Sage and Ruth look at each other in wonderment
Go home now and now prepare for their children’s

Their people will think they have returned in defeat
When they see them without the children

They will have to explain to them
That they have met and have spoken with
The God of gods
The Creator of this Universe
The Father of all humanity

And that this God of gods
Has graciously deigned to himself bring their children

And that they are to immediately begin the preparatory
To properly receive their children
To properly welcome them
To properly re-introduce them to their family
And to gently re-introduce them to who they are

Sage and Ruth are stunned
Can it possibly be?

Ruth states
Either we believe in this God or we don’t
Either we do as he has told us to do
Or we continue age after age
Failure after failure
Continue watching as our children descend into monsters
We have thrown our lot in with this God
Let us prove our selves
Let us prove our Faith
Let us go home and joyfully and in full expectancy
prepare for our children’s arrival
Let us go and fully obey this God
For if we do as he has told us to do
Then he surely will do what he has told us he will do
He will keep his word this God
I like his voice
I recognize his voice
From long ago I recognize this voice
It is the voice of a great god
Of this I am sure
Of this I am certain
Of this I somehow know

That is my position
Sage my dear husband, what is yours?
We can always come back
I can always come back
Let us do as this God has said
Let us try
And let us look for the arrival of our children
Sage is trying to maintain
Can it possibly be that this long, long exile is over
Can it possibly be that his children will be rescued
From this planet which deteriorates by the hour
Can the miracle which he has spent so long working for
That it felt he would simply spend an eternity or two or
Waiting for
Where it felt that he almost had lost hope of actually
seeing successful result
He was merely focused on the effort
And felt that the effort would last forever
And that there would be only the effort

Can it possibly be true that the effort is over
Can it possibly be true that success is at hand
Can it possibly be true
That the remainder of his people will be brought home to
their own

Sage continues to sit in silence
The effort to not completely break down in convulsions
and sobbing is great
He holds himself ever more sternly and stiffly

He looks at his wife
Caritas, you who love our children with your whole being
You who would not abandon them even if it meant your
I defer to your judgment
Are you sure of this?
Please consider this carefully
For truly I do not think that once I have left
That I will have the stomach to return
Think carefully upon this
And whatever you decide, I will abide by
My dear husband
I tell you that I recognize this God’s voice
I remember it
When I was formed in my mother’s womb
I heard his voice
He is the God of our gods
He is our Father
I know because I recognize his voice
My body recognizes him
The cells of my being recognize him
They recognize him and they sing his praise
They sing his praise my dear husband
They sing his praise!

Surely that should tell us something

My dear husband
We must now prove ourselves
This is the hour of our testing
Do we believe in the God of our gods
Or do we not

We must prove ourselves to this God
We must prove our Faith in this God
We must abandon our children, not in despair and in
But in the knowledge, in the certainty
That this God will do as he has promised
And he will by the hand
Bring our children home to us
He will deliver them into our hands
He will accompany them from this place
He will personally accompany them
And he will personally lead them
Until he delivers them unto our hands, unto our care

My dear husband
Let us not in our pride, fail our children
This is their chance, I can feel it in my bones
Let us abandon them and ironically by doing so let us
save them
Let us not think ourselves greater than this God
Let us not think that our children can see or hear us or
follow us
More easily
Than they can see, hear, and follow this God
For dear husband, it is not about us
It is about our children
And if this God can rescue them
And he says he can
And he is a true God – I know this – and therefore cannot
Then let us place our children into his care
Let us place our Faith in this God of gods
And let us do as he has told us
Let us prove ourselves
Let us pass this test
For I recognize it to be a test
Let us successfully pass this test for our children
And go home and prepare
Let us go home now my dear husband
Let us say goodbye to Michael
And yes let us say goodbye to this girl
And let us go home as the God has told us
Go home and prepare for our children’s homecoming
I sit in silence and lock my eyes onto Michael’s
He raises his forefinger to his lips – hush

A long moment passes

Then Sage stands up a little dazed
And then Ruth stands up with quiet assurance

And they make move to walk off
But Ruth stops Sage and reminds him that they need to
say good bye

And they turn to me

And Sage takes my face in his large hand and caresses it
And says
Thank you little one
I truly do not know what your role was in this
But you participated and I thank you
And he places a hand on each side of my face
And kisses me on the forehead
He straightens up

And Ruth steps forward
And she takes my hands and she kisses them
It was your hands wasn’t it
Somehow it was your hands that have helped us
And I bless your hands
I bless them forever
May they always be of use
May your hands always be of service
Thank you for your hands

Forgive our roughness with you
Please forgive us
And know that we both thank you from the bottom of our
And then she reaches over and kisses me on both sides
of my face

And they turn in place to face Michael
And they communicate silently to him

They are communicating their deep love and their deep
gratitude to him
They thank him forever
They tell him that he is always welcome in their home
And will be treated with the great honor that is befitting a
being such as himself
A being who deigned to help him and their people
A being who succeeded!
Yes, they will speak of him to their children and to their
children’s children
And he will always have a warm and joyful reception on
their planet
And he is welcome to visit at any time
And he is also welcome to walk among them for as long
as he should desire to do so
It would be their great honor to have him in their midst
For they recognize him to be a man of God
And their thanks to him will last throughout the
His name will be known to their people until the end of

And then they bow down from the waist before him
And they remain so for a long, very long moment

And Michael steps forward and straightens Sage up and
embraces him
And they stand there together in an embrace for a long
The love and the gratitude is so great I can feel it from
where I am sitting
The depth of it inspires awe

And then Michael steps over to Ruth and embraces her
And he gently murmurs to her words of affection and
He congratulates her on her success
For truly she has succeeded
She, the matriarch, has saved her children
Congratulations Ruth
Ruth is radiant
She is standing straight, in perfect health
She now appears to be about 30 and she is beautiful
Their embrace continues and continues
Ruth does not want to let go of Michael
And it would seem that Michael does not want to let go of
For the Faith that Ruth has just demonstrated is rare
And finally Michael steps back
And silently communicates to them that he will visit with
Once their children have had a chance to adjust to their
new home
He will visit with them then, for then they will be more
free to receive him
And he is looking forward to this visit
He is looking forward to spending time with these
beautiful, noble, faithful people

And then Sage and Ruth walk off up and right
Off the scene

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