Messages to Humanity
Sage Allows God's Song to be Played
And Michael takes a deep breath of courage
He breathes in and breathes in again
And then again lifts the pipe up to the sky

    Dear Father, you who know so well
    The forbearance and patience required of a father
    Please Father, fill the pipe with these your qualities
    For Sage is in great need of them
    He needs to feel these qualities so that they are an integral part of
    And not something he is forcing on himself

    I ask you this Father in the name of Jesus the Christ
    Your Creator Son
    Humanity’s Savior

And Michael gives the pipe to Sage
Who accepts it with a deep reverential bow
And lifts his eyes up to Heaven with an added prayer of his own

    Please Father, bring our children home
    Please Oh great and merciful Father
    You who created our children
    You know them
    You know their minds, their hearts, and their will
    You know what will move them
    And you know what will leave them indifferent

    Please Father do all necessary
    Please Father guide us to do all necessary
    All in abundance
    All effective
    To reach our children
    To speak to them so that they hear us with their minds and hearts
    So that they see us with their Spiritual Eye
    So that they will choose to follow us home

    I ask you this Father
    In the name of Jesus the Christ
    Your Creator Son
    My children’s Savior

And Sage with a deep breath of determination and resignation
Somehow the two do not contradict
For the resignation is one of surrender to God
Takes up the pipe to his lips
And immediately starts playing it like a flute or recorder

He is singing his Father’s song
It is not Sage’s song he is playing
But God the Father’s
Sage is allowing God’s song to be played through his lips

And the song speaks of the Creation of the Universe
And then it focuses on the creation of the land for the Red People
And how beautiful and bountiful this land was
And ideally suited for the Red Man, Woman, and Child
And how fulfilled and himself he was on this land

And how this land was on a planet populated with humans of different colors
And how over the course of time
It came to pass that the white people needed more land
For their land had become overpopulated and oppressive
And many on this land cried out to God for their freedom

And God heard their cry
And God pondered the situation

The white man was not yet ready for ascension
For truly he had many lessons yet to learn on the plane where he was in
The oppressive and horrible state he had created for himself
Were a testament to that
And yet those white men and women
Who saw the error of their countrymen’s ways
Who sought relief and freedom needed a place to go
Where they could try to create
The freedom they so longed for

And God pondered the situation some more
And God looked tenderly at his Red Race
The first of humanity’s children
They who had not so corrupted themselves
That they could no longer fix themselves in place

No, the Red Race had maintained its innocence
Through the ages the Red Race had kept its innocence
It lived in freedom
And in harmony with Nature
It loved its Mother the Earth
And it sang praises to its Father the Sky
The Red people pleased the Father greatly
He was pleased with their beauty, nobility, and strength
But what pleased the Father the most
Was that the Red People had held on to their freedom!

And the Truth shall set you free
And the Red Race had kept its Truth
And it had therefore kept its Freedom

And the Father’s heart sang with joy in his children
The first-born of humanity
Yes, they were ready to graduate
They had well proved themselves
And could now ascend to the next higher plane
That he had prepared for them
An Earth and a Land even more beautiful, more abundant
And most importantly more harmonious
Than the Earth the Red Race currently lived on

Yes the Red Race had learned all it could and would on this Earth
It was time for the Red Race to graduate
To ascend to the next higher level of Earth
For on this Risen Earth
Which was more peaceful, more bountiful, and more expansive
On this Risen Earth, the Red Man would more easily learn the lesson
Of living in Peace with his brethren

And God thought more of this Plan
And was pleased
Yes – this would work
The Red Race would ascend
Leaving room, leaving land
For the White Race to continue with their forward progress
For the White Race had lost the Truth
The White Race had lost its Freedom
The White Race did not qualify for ascension
And yet there were individuals praying to God
For a chance to learn these lessons
And these prayers, once heard, were to be answered

And so God the Father pondered the situation further
And sent some of his wisest and greatest children
To incarnate on Earth to lead this great change

Some of them incarnated as members of the White Race
To help create the country that would try to establish
The rights and freedom of the individual
As the Law of the Land

And the White Race, to this day, on this Earth
Remembers the names of some of these great souls

And some of God’s wisest and greatest children
Incarnated as members of the Red Race
To lead the Race upward to its new and higher home

And the Red Race, to this day, on their Risen Earth
Remembers the names of some of these great souls

But on the physical plane, all does not happen perfectly
The theory and ideals on the spiritual plane
Step down into the physical
And manifest there
They manifest, but they manifest imperfectly

Yes, the White Race at first enjoyed their gift of freedom
But it was not long before errors such as the Salem witch trials
And so many others
For the White Race truly had a lot to learn
To adhere to their God-given birthright of Freedom

And the Red Race
Though led by great men toward their new home
Were a proud race

And not all understood that they were being led
To a higher and better place created for them

Some, many, chose to take their eyes off of their leaders
And chose to focus on the white man
Whom they interpreted as enemy
As a race who would steal from them
What was rightfully theirs

And their pride did them in
Instead of following their leaders
To their new, higher, more expansive home

They ironically became trapped on this level
And their pride stomped on to the point of humiliation

And so manifestation of the Father’s Vision occurred
However imperfectly on the physical plane
For the White Race

The White Race created a nation that was more free
Than the nations on the European continent it had left
And, in time, the European continent itself followed its child’s example
And adopted greater rights and freedom for the individual

And so manifestation of the Father’s Vision occurred
However imperfectly on the physical plane
For the Red Race

For many, though not all, kept their eyes on their leaders and on their gods
And followed them upward
And ascended
To the higher, more expansive, more peaceful planet
That the Father had created for them

And on this planet
The Red Race retained their individual freedom
For What’s Won is Won

And also
As the Red Race tuned into their new home’s vibration
They gradually, over time, became an ever increasingly peaceful people

And this Red Race on the Risen Earth
The first human children of God
Are now Beings of Freedom and Beings of Peace

Truly they have won a marvelous victory!
And the Lord God is mightily pleased with them

But the Risen Red Race
Is not only free and peaceful
It is also loyal
The Red Race has always been loyal to its own
Even on this Earth, it had always been loyal to its own

And when the people saw that many
So many
Of their own were missing
They immediately assembled and gathered together
And made plans and set out search parties
To find their missing companions

They first traversed the planet they were on
And then they took their courage in their hands
For their loyalty was great
And traversed the universe they were in
But their brethren were nowhere to be found
Where could they be?

And then finally an old wise woman stepped forward
And said
perhaps they’d never left
Perhaps it was not that they made the journey as we did
But got lost somewhere along the way
Perhaps they never made the journey at all

And some, many scoffed at the old woman
Surely their brethren would not have simply stayed
As their old land was given to another
And then the old woman’s words percolated into their being and into their
And the Red Race reassembled and reconvened

We must go back
We must go back from whence we came
And see if our brethren are still there
It is highly unlikely
But we have searched the entire universe itself
What else can we do

We must go back
And search for them in our past
In our previous home

And so they did
And so they found their brethren
And some of the most courageous ones
The most loving and generous ones
Have incarnated on this planet from time to time
To lead their people home
But all have failed

And others, hovered close to this planet
As close as they dared to
And called and called and as the centuries passed
And their voices remained unheard
They left discouraged and returned to their home in abject defeat
To the utter dismay and horror of their comrades

Two have stayed on
Two are still here
Two are still trying

One of them is determined
Has the strength
To stay till the bitter end
To stay till he sees all of his children home

He is their Father

Their Mother is also here
And had also promised, perhaps unwisely
To stay as long as it takes to see her children home

But the Mother lacks the Strength of Will and Determination the Father has
The Mother has been emotional
Her hopes rising to fever pitch
And then descending to utter despair
The Mother is exhausted and is near death
And the angels are watching over her, hovering over her
Healing her as best they can
Mostly they are poised; they are ready
For no one is to be sacrificed for another
And the moment that the angels perceive Ruth to be near death
They will snatch her and take her to where she can be restored to her health
And then they will take her home

At that point, these meditations and these messages will cease
For the child cannot hear them without Ruth present
Ruth is an essential part of the 3 Spirit Guides
Without Ruth, there is no 3 Spirit Guides
And there will be no more 3 Spirit Guides messages

Sage will stay on
He has met with only failure to date
But he has now surrendered to Michael
He has now turned his people over to God the Father
And so there is still hope
There is always hope

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