Messages to Humanity
Sage and Ruth Learn to Accept Their Children
Michael looks around and says
My children what have we learned

Ruth responds
That I must stop my emotionalism and my tears
That I must let go of my maternal grief
And see my children as they see themselves
And not as I see them
For truly the two are completely different
And if I am to reach them
I must speak to the people who they think they are
And wait until they have heard my call and acknowledged it
And until they have given me permission
To speak to them as I envision and hope for them
As I know them to BE
But that I cannot force this upon them
I can only, when they have given me permission
Present my vision of who they ARE to them

Patience and forbearance indeed
Oh dear Lord, forgive me, but can I endure this
Forgive me O Lord, how I wish you would just command them home
For truly they would be so happy to be home
They would not regret your forcefulness
Forgive me my Lord these words and ignore them
As I know you will

I will do as the child has said
And learn to see my children as they see themselves
And speak to them; speak to who they have become
Speak to them in love and acceptance
Not urging them to return to who they were
Not urging them to evolve to who they ARE
But simply accepting them as they think themselves to be
Accepting such and speaking their language accordingly
Speaking in a way that who they think they are may hear me

And Michael asks,
And you Sage what have you learned?

Sage is quiet for a long moment
He seems sad and resigned
To accept, accept! the sad state his children are in
To act as though this state is acceptable
The bile again rises in his throat
His beautiful, strong, and noble children
Now reduced to a caricature
He is to accept?
Dear God have pity on him
How much can a father endure?
And yet he will accept
Yes he will accept
He will see the children as they see themselves
However much it pains his eyes to do so
He will force himself to see them as they currently see themselves
As they have been taught to see themselves
His beautiful, strong, and noble children
He will see as they see themselves
They who have no clue as to how beautiful, strong, and noble they are
He will see through their eyes
He will speak to them initially through their language
Which is not theirs
But which is the only language they know
Yes, for his children he will do this
And then step by step
One gentle step at a time, so they are not frightened
Gentle step by gentle step
He will lead them ever closer toward their true and rightful home
Until they see for themselves and leap away
Running, no flying to their birthright
With no need for further guidance nor hand-holding from him

Yes he will do this
God, dear Heavenly Father
Grant me the Forbearance and the Patience
Grant me the gentleness and yes the slowness needed
To accomplish this task in a way his children can comprehend
In the manner required for its successful fruition

God have mercy on him
God have mercy on him
God have mercy on him

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