I’m at Loon Lake
It is evening not dawn
And the Lord is sitting alone
I sit by his side
And he bids me look at what he is stirring up with his stick

I look
And yes it is a small teepee on fire
And people file out of it
Not just original Americans, contemporary Americans too
Blond-haired Americans
They file out of the burning teepee

The Lord leans over and blows on the teepee
And it stops burning
And the filing out of the people slows down to a trickle

My children need the fire to convince them to come home
They are ‘comfortable’ where they are
In the sorry state they’re in and would stay there even as things worsen
It takes the flames for them to consider coming home

You my dear one
Did not need flames
You only needed my voice of longing
You only needed my call for help
And for that caritas, I will always and forever remember you
You will always dear one, hold a special place in my heart
You who has now twice given up her life for me
For your Rabboni
Not out of despair
But out of love
Out of longing to comfort

I watch the teepee now
And the Lord stirs up the teepee with his stick
So that it is in complete disarray
As the earth would look after major movement of its plates, major earthquakes

And now the children come running out in terror
Screaming they come running out

Why must it take fire and earthquake for my children to come home

I do not know, my Lord
Perhaps you could show your power in constructive ways

Dear one, when I created this beautiful and bountiful planet
Was I not showing my power in a constructive way
Is the Earth itself not proof of my constructive power
Is the vegetation and animal life not proof of my constructive power
Is humanity itself not proof of my constructive power
How much more constructive power does man want

He is continually discovering new universes and new aspects of the
The scientists are not able to keep up with my new constructs
Every day they discover something new that baffles them
And takes them back to their drawing boards and their equations in

How much more constructive power do they need

No my dear one
My universe abounds and is proof of my constructive power
And man has chosen to ignore me, its creator
Man has chosen
Despite all evidence to the enormity of the intelligence
That went into the design of my universes
Man has chosen, get this, man has chosen to believe
He has somehow managed to convince himself
That this splendid, magnificent, awe-inspiring universe
Is an accident
It “just happened”
No intelligent force lay behind its creation
It simply happened

My dear one, my constructive Powers are all about humanity
And the more learned humanity is of Creation
The more he should humble himself before me
In acknowledgement that he truly would not have in a million years
Been capable of creating such

And yet he chooses, somehow, I know not how
I truly don’t
He chooses to convince himself
That I do not exist

No my dear
Constructive power is in abundance all around man
And man chooses to deliberately snub its nose at me
Man chooses to deny my existence to the point of death

And frankly I am tired of it
Frankly I have had enough

If constructive power does not work
Which clearly it does not

Let us see how humanity responds to my destructive powers
For what I create, I can also destroy
My creation is mine
Mine to care for and to nourish and to watch bloom
Mine to despair as I watch man rape it mercilessly
And so I would remove my Creation right out from under man’s feet
And then let us see how he reacts then

I do not know how he will react
And a part of me is completely indifferent
Let man react as he will
There is a place in my Father’s universe for all reactions
Every reaction will find its home

Let man choose what he will
What he chooses is what he will endure for an entire age to come
Heaven or hell or any variation thereof
It makes no difference to me

But my creation will be raped no longer
She is freeing herself
And up until now, my Mother and I have been holding her back

With the death of Sister Lucia of Fatima, there is no longer any earthly force
To keep Earth from freeing herself of humanity

And we, your Mother and I
Understand that the time for completion is at hand
We accept it
It has not been easy for us to accept

My Mother has been crying tears of blood
And humanity has mocked her for it
Let them mock now!

Yes, let the children come screaming to us in terror
If that is the only way they will come
Then so be it

And those who have hardened their hearts
Will find a place especially created for them
Where there will be no evidence of my existence
Where they will be free of my insistence of their recognition of the Truth
Where they will be free to exist as they choose
For as long as their life force allows them to

Then they too, some of them, will come screaming in terror to me
And others, in defiant obstinacy, will choose to die
And it is their choice
And either way I will honor it

But truly I am tired
I am tired
I am tired

And I need you dear one
And I thank you for answering my call
For you will be like a drop of water to a thirsty man
A drop of grace to a weary soldier

You will remind me of why I love humanity
You will remind me of whom I am working for
The beautiful, innocent, sweet souls I am still trying to save
To rescue from the snake and his minions and the resultant death

You and others like you
In front of my eyes
Will give me the courage and the perseverance to go on
God help me
I am tired
And a part of me is longing for this to be over with already

Let’s get this show played out already
And let the chips fall where they may

And where they fall is where they’ll stay

Amen.  Amen.  Amen.
Messages to Humanity

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Copyright  2005 Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved
Where they fall is where they'll stay