Messages to Humanity
And Adam Wept
And I see the Earth in her natural beauty
The vegetation is green and lush and abundant
The planet is densely populated with the vegetation
The animals are there in abundance too
They are spread throughout the vegetation
They are spread throughout the planet
And I see man in the garden of Eden
And I see how happy he is, how content
How purposeful
He is cultivating a garden in the midst of this jungle
The garden is not as dense as the surrounding jungle
It is more beautiful in a civilized way
There are grassy areas and fountains
There is space
There is beauty
There is harmony and simple elegance

The garden is a work of art
And the man is justifiably proud of it
And is deeply satisfied

There are animals in the garden
They too are content
Life is calmer in the garden than it is in the jungle
They like it here, the fortunate few that are privileged to live in the garden

And I see the man’s children walking about in a purposeful manner
They are beautiful – his children
They are glorious young adults in their early twenties
They are magnificent and they are innocent and they know what they are
And they go about their work in calmness and confidence and surety
They have a great work to do
Cultivating this garden
Creating this beautiful oasis
Where peace and harmony reign
And they are content and deeply satisfied
Satisfied to the very core of their being
With their life

And their beauty takes my breath away
Their youth and their beauty
They are as gods and goddesses

And they stop and look up
Up at the sky to the left
They are all stopped
They are all looking
And they see the asuras
These beings whom God has rejected
These beings who have rejected God
These poor pitiable beings
And the children shrug their shoulders
Oh well
It is what they have chosen, these asuras
And the children shrug off the vision of the asuras
For they know that the asuras have been cast off by God
They cannot hurt them
They cannot enter into their planet
And they certainly cannot enter into their garden!

And so the children of Adam disregard the asuras
And continue their lives

But the children are mistaken
For the asuras have found a way into the planet
They enter into the snake
And lend the snake knowledge beyond his species

And the children recognize the growth of the snake
His development
And they do not see the cause of this growth
But because of this growth
They now allow the snake the great privilege of entering the garden

And now the asuras have entered the garden
And they go about continuing to execute the plan they have formed ages ago
The plan continues
The execution of the plan continues

And the snake starts with the woman
For he sees that she is innocent and guileless
The most tender-hearted and generous of the humans in the garden

And he speaks to her
He takes his time
A word here
A word there

And the woman has sympathy for the snake
She responds to him with her emotions

And the snake eventually convinces the woman
To hide their conversations from the man
To not speak of them
For the man would not understand
He is not as tender-hearted as the woman is
And he would not be as sympathetic
Why, he might so misunderstand the snake that he would banish him from
the garden!
And surely the woman would not want the snake forced to share his
With the animals of the jungle
Animals clearly less intelligent than he

And the woman doubts this at first
For she had never hidden anything from her husband before
But she sees that the snake is right
Her husband would surely banish the snake from the garden
For he speaks too much
He speaks a lot this snake
More and more so every day

And the more the snake speaks
The more the woman is confused
Until she no longer is sure of herself
Until doubt and uncertainty creep into her being
And this doubt and uncertainty – having never before existed in the garden
Fill her with fear

And she speaks to the snake about all her feelings
And the snake listens to her sympathetically
And calmly reassures the woman
And uses his wisdom to point out all the relevant factors
To explain away her doubts and uncertainties
The snake calms her fears – at least while he speaks to her

And now the woman has grown afraid of her husband
For he would not understand her
She longs to speak to him of her doubts and uncertainties and her fears
But suspects he would not understand her
For she is the only one who feels these things
And the woman speaks less and less to her husband
For she fears that he would neither listen to her nor hear her nor
understand her
Thank God for the snake
At least he is able to understand her and calm her fears
Why without him, she would be all alone!
And the woman is despondent; she is desolate
How did it come to this?
And the snake answers her
He tells her it is because she lacks wisdom
She lacks the wisdom that he has
The very wisdom that gained his entry into the garden
If she but had his wisdom, she would no longer feel fear nor isolation
She would understand all
And would no longer even need to consult the snake to calm herself down!
She would understand all
And therefore would not feel these doubts and uncertainties and fears to
begin with
Why if she understood all
She would then know how to speak to her husband again
She would have the vocabulary to do so
The vocabulary she currently lacks

And ages pass by
And the woman grows increasingly isolated
Her children are busy, too busy to talk to her
Her husband is busy, too busy to talk to her
She is lonely and frightened and has no one to turn to but the snake
But she is growing ever so weary of the snake
Why she thinks she might even hate him!

And she is ashamed of herself for this hatred
No one else in the garden hates the snake
They have allowed him in
They seem perfectly pleased with his presence
And find no offence in him
But the woman finds herself increasing repulsed by the snake
Why she grows to loathe him
And yet, and yet, she is so alone without him

She tries to stay away from him
And for a while she does
But the restlessness and the fear and the isolation grow until they become
And she finds herself forced to turn to the snake
Who smoothly, unctuously calms her fears
The snake is clever
He does not force himself on the woman
On the contrary, he sometimes hides himself
When she needs him most
And she grows frantic
For he has become like a drug; she needs his words of comfort
To restore herself to herself

And then one day, when the snake is nowhere to be found
And the woman’s isolation and loneliness and fear have grown beyond
And yet the woman loathes the snake and does not really want to find him
For he repulses her so
And what is wrong with her that she finds him repulsive
What is wrong with her that she is so fearful
What is wrong with her that she is so lonely
Why is it that she cries all the time
Oh God, grant her mercy
Grant her relief
But all the agitation within the woman keep her from hearing God’s answer
She does not even notice that he answers her
And her misery grows until she is at the point of wishing for her own death

And then the woman remembers the snake’s words
If she had wisdom, she wouldn’t need the snake
If she understood, she could calm herself down
Why if she understood, she would be more like the man and their children
And would never fear nor doubt nor feel this anguish of aloneness
Why she would be able to rejoin her family
She would be one with them again
She would become like them again
And the woman weeps in relief and in confusion and in isolation
She is so ashamed of herself
Anything to relieve these feelings
Anything at all

And that is when the snake appears to her

You don’t need me at all you know
All the wisdom I have is yours for the taking
And you know it

You know what you must do
I have told you this ages ago
And you have suffered so, increasingly suffered for no reason at all
Needlessly have you suffered
And your suffering will never end
It will only increase
It will become more and more intolerable
Until truly you will be forced to take your life
And what will your husband and your children think of you then

The answer is simple you know
You know what you must do
It is all so simple
It is all so clear
Do what needs to be done and you will find relief
Do what needs to be done and you will never need me again
You will never even have to see me ever again
Do what needs to be done and you will be able to rejoin your family
See how they are; so sure of themselves
So will you be, if you gain wisdom
So will you be, if you gain understanding
And then you will no longer need fear hiding your thoughts from your
For your thoughts will make sense to him
And he will then listen to you
And you will be able to freely speak your mind to him
And he will hear you
And you will no longer fear him
You will no longer feel this isolation from your own children
From your own children you are isolated!
They go about their lives with purpose
You are frightened and know not where you stand
Learn wisdom and you too will go about your life with purpose
Learn wisdom and your children will respect you once again
Learn wisdom and return to your family

And the woman in defeat and in despair and in confusion
Did what she thought she must
But it was not wisdom that she gained
But the knowledge of evil
And she understood
She then understood everything
She understood the perfidy of the snake
She understood how through the ages he had worked on her and worked on
And how she had become ensnared and entrapped
How he had isolated her from her family

And most of all she understood the evil of the snake
And the woman grew greatly afraid
Her fear now of an order of magnitude greater
Than all the sum of her previous fears put together
For she saw the evil and the hatred and the venom in the snake’s eyes

And the woman ran in desperation to her husband
And wept before him and told him all
In shame and in despair, she told him all

And her husband was astounded
She had been in pain all these ages
He had not known!
How could he not have known?
The woman had been entrusted into his care
How could he have left her isolated and at the mercy of the evil one
How could he not have noticed her misery and her fear
Where had he been?

And the man’s guilt grew great
For he loved his wife
He loved her as his own
And he felt tenderness towards her
He always had
Tenderness towards this gentle creature
The mother of his strong and beautiful children
He had always been proud of her tender heart
Her generous and giving heart
She who would give all she had to the tiniest and least of the creatures in
the garden
She who never hesitated to help when needed
She who loved so freely and with such abundance
Yes towards her his heart leant
Her tenderness and her goodness softened his heart
But he had been busy
There had been much to attend to
But why had she not spoken to him of this before?
But the woman could only weep in reply

And the man pondered the situation
He could not leave his wife alone
He could not leave her to her fate
For truly he was responsible
She was his wife
The fruit of his loins
She was and always had been under his care and protection and guidance
Or at least he had so thought
Oh dear God, what do I do now?

But Adam was so overwhelmed at the problem presented before him
That he did not hear God’s answer

And so he came up with an answer of his own
Why he would do what he must
So that he too would learn this wisdom
So that he too would see what his wife saw
And so that he too could share her experience
And guide and comfort her and deal with her fears

And so Adam did what he thought he must

And then Adam understood
And Adam understood all
From the beginning of the creation of the Earth
All the way to its demise as planned by the asuras

And Adam wept
And Adam wept
And Adam wept

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