Messages to Humanity
You Will See Your Children Home
Archangel Michael
Dear Heavenly Father
We gather once again
To meet in the hope of doing what we can
To reach Sage and Ruth’s children
And call them home

Bless our efforts dear Father
Bless our children
Lend force to our voices
Lend force to our efforts

Dear Heavenly Father
You who are so great
Can touch the hearts and minds of your children
So that those who would may be made more receptive
to our message

Please do this for us Father
Touch our children
So that our efforts are not in vain
I ask you this in the name of Jesus the Christ
Humanity’s Savior
Amen.  Amen.  Amen.
I am pleased with your request
I am pleased with your efforts

I hereby bless you, your group, and your efforts
And I touch Our Children

I touch all those of my children
Who long to hear these messages

I touch them that they may allow for the possibility of
the Truth
I touch them with the gift of Faith
Archangel Michael
Thank you Father
Thank you ever so much dear Father

We greatly thank you for touching our children
Especially for touching them with the gift of Faith

Thank you Father
For you have given us Hope with this gift
You have lightened our hearts
And have given us the courage to believe, to hope
To dare to hope that our efforts will meet with success
And that our dear beloved children
Will come home

Thank you Father
Your efforts are blessed
Your work is not in vain
Carry on in Faith and in Hope
And know that you will see your children home
I have said it.  So shall it be.

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