Messages to Humanity
There Is Always Hope
And now Michael starts humming
A slow, low, deep hum
The humming grows lower and deeper and stronger
It seeps into the earth
The earth resonates to his humming
The earth starts to vibrate
The earth starts to rock and roll

Michael then lays his hands palms facing downward and
calms the earth
Archangel Michael
My children, what did you see?
My Lord, I saw you calming the tremors of the Earth
I saw my Lord, that the Earth itself responds to your
I saw my Lord, that the Earth itself responds to your
This my Lord is what I saw
Archangel Michael
And you child, what did you see
The same my Lord
Archangel Michael
Tell me!  In your own words tell me!
My Lord
I saw you cause the Earth to quake
And I saw you stop the Earth’s quaking
That my Lord is what I saw
Archangel Michael
Very good

And you Ruth; you my dear, lovely Ruth
Tell me what you saw me do
My Lord, my dear generous and powerful Lord
I saw you demonstrate your power
You have already shown us your power over fire
You now have shown us your power over the Earth itself
I have seen you command the elements
They rise and they descend at your will
They move and they stop moving at your will

My Lord, may you have such power that you may also
influence our children
So that they obey you just as the elemental forces do
Do you have that much power my Lord?

Can you sway my children
The way you sway the fire and the earth

Can you my Lord
Bring my children home
Archangel Michael
My dear, dear Ruth, you who sees so clearly
You who are not impressed by magic tricks
But look for the miracles of Faith
My dear Ruth, I love you so
For you are pure and have a true Mother’s heart

My dear Ruth
Each one of your children who is dissatisfied with his lot
Who senses that there may be more, that there may be
Who has not completely forgotten who he is
Will have the opportunity to come home in this age
In this Great Ascension
For these of your children will hear my voice
They will hear their father’s voice
They will hear your voice, the voice of their mother
They will all hear
And some of them Ruth, will listen and respond
And some of them Ruth, will not
It will be their choice Ruth
The choice belongs to your children Ruth
It is not yours and it is not Sage’s
The choice is theirs

We will do all we can to reach them
We will do all we can to teach them
We will do all we can to show them the way home

And then my dear little mama
We must wait and watch
Patiently wait
And patiently watch
As child by child
Soul by soul
Makes his or her own decision
As to whether they will listen
Whether they will hear
Whether they will follow us home

It is their choice

I do NOT command them
The way I do the forces of Nature

I am not allowed to
And I will not do so
Not even for you Ruth
For I sense that you would have me command your
children home

No dear one
That is not my Father’s way
His way may appear harsh to you
But he knows best
And he knows that only what is done voluntarily has any
reality to it
Any permanency to it

What is done by force is a violation
An abomination to God
Who respects each and every one’s free will

We will call them dear Ruth
We will reach out to them dear Ruth
We will show them the way home dear Ruth

And then, dear Ruth, it is for them to decide
What they want for themselves

It is for them to decide to follow you and Sage home
Or not

It is their decision Ruth

It is not yours
It is not Sage’s
It is not mine

The Father allows and makes provisions for each
individual’s will
There is room in God’s Creation for all decisions
There is room in God’s Creation for each soul to freely
make his own choice

And thus it has always been
And thus it will always be
Forgive me my Lord
But this answer does not satisfy my heart
Archangel Michael
Then pray for your children Ruth
Pray for them night and day
And tell all your loved ones
All who hear you
To do the same

For my Mother is powerful
And her every wish is our command
And if any power can bring your children home
It is hers!
And my Lord, if I pray for each and every one of my
Night and day
Will each and every one of my children
Return home to me
Archangel Michael
What Ruth do you think is the answer to that question!
I dare not answer that
For fear of deceiving myself
Forgive me Lord
But the answer must come from your lips
Archangel Michael
My dearly beloved and persistent and faithful Ruth!
The answer to your question is simple
If a child has any inkling, any desire, any notion left in
him at all
Even if it be but one gram
Then your prayer will bring him home

But if your child has hardened his heart beyond repair
If he has already passed the point of no return
If he has already made up his mind and has chosen his
path in full knowledge
Then, my dear Ruth, even your mother’s prayers may
not reach him
And you my dear Ruth, may have to accept the fact
That your child has chosen to leave home
That he may have chosen another path
And if that path leads to death
Archangel Michael
He will at some point, recognize this fact
At that point, he may choose to call out for help
Should he do so
Your prayers will at that point
Come into effect, be activated as it were
And will show him the way home
So there is always hope
Archangel Michael
Yes dear wise and observant Ruth
There is always hope

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Copyright  2005 Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved