Messages to Humanity
Dear Children, Can You Forgive Us?
Sage’s force is the strongest so I tune in to him first
But now I hear Ruth crying out to me
And I understand that their prayers are joined, their prayers are one
There is a heart-to-heart connection between the two of them
And in the center I will find their combined prayer, their joined prayer

And I tune into it

And it is a song of love for their people
A song of gratitude that their people had the strength and the endurance to
And it is a song of hope
A song of hope that their people will now wake up
Will now hear their call
And will now come home
Come home to their own
It is above all, a song of hope, of tender longing, of daring to hope
That their children will choose to hear their song
A song that dares to dream that perhaps their children will allow themselves
To recognize their parent’s voices
A song that dares to hope that their children will forgive them
For having abandoned them to their fate
For ascending without them
And this is now their first request of their children

They have waited for their children to hear them
They have waited for their children to recognize who it is who is calling them
And now they are making their first request; their first statement to their
And it is an apology
It is a formal apology for leaving them behind
For ascending without them
For not remaining behind with them and leading them and helping them to
With the age that they have had to endure

Can you forgive us?
Can you find it in your heart to forgive us?

Please do forgive us
For in all honesty, we had not realized your absence until we had ascended

It was only then that we noted your absence from us
It was only when we were in our risen home
That we realized that you were not with us
And at first we did not know where you were
For truly at first, we did not even know exactly what had happened to us

Knowledge came gradually
Knowledge of the ascension of our home
Knowledge of the ascension of our people
Knowledge that our former home had been turned over to another race
All this understanding came about gently and gradually
As we opened our eyes and our awareness to our new state

It took a while for us to realize that we were not complete
It took a while for all to come together and realize that so many, so very
Were missing; were not with us

And it took a while longer for us to locate you
For we did not know if you had gone someplace else
And we searched for you

And it took a while before it occurred to us to look back
To look at our past
And that is where we found you
To be honest, we were shocked to find you there
It was the last place we looked
For you see, we were looking at all the locations in our present
We did not think to look to the same location in our past
We finally did
And we saw you
And the sight of you broke our hearts
It almost broke our spirits
To see you as you were
So distorted from your original state
So misformed by their clumsy attempts to reshape you into their own

But not all is lost our dear children
For God is truly great
And out of the darkest night he can produce the most glorious dawn
Out of what may seem to have been the longest detour
He can produce an accelerated course to an even higher plane

Do not think that your years on this plane were lost years
For God is great and he will transform
The distortions, the subjugation, and the oppression that you have
He will transform these so that they result for you, in your true home
Into great Beauty, Strength, and Endurance
You, once home, will find yourself to be a great and beautiful people
With strength and endurance almost beyond belief
Your nobility and beauty will be seen and marveled at by all
Truly our children, God is great
He will wipe the tears away from your eyes
He will remove the memory of this age from your being
And will leave you with only the gold
The gold that you have gained as a result of enduring and surviving this

You will have forgotten that you had ever been left behind
You will start anew

You will be home
And you will have forgotten
It will have been erased from your cellular memory
The time that you had not been home

You will be with your people
And you will have forgotten
It will have been erased from your cellular memory
The time that you had been subjected to hostile and uncomprehending

You will be yourselves, your true selves as God had created you to BE
And you will have forgotten
It will have been erased from your cellular memory
The time that you were forced to act what you were NOT

Please dear children
We did the best that we knew
Please forgive us
The whole experience was quite a shock to us too
Please, please, find it in your hearts to forgive us

Please understand that once we realized you were not among us
We immediately set out in search of you

Please understand that once we located you
We immediately came as close to you as it was possible for us to do so
and live

Please understand that once we moved to your planet
We have been calling you and calling you and calling you
But we have not been heard

It is our understanding
That these times are such
That communication between our two planes are possible
And growing easier by the day

We are in fact, doing so through this white child
She, who is not even ours, is able to hear us!

How much more you, our dearly beloved children
Should you, in these times of grace, be able to hear us!

And darlings, you need not limit your hearing of us
Through what this child types

Turn within
Listen to the silence
Listen to the silence
Listen to the silence

And then slowly, gradually become aware of a quiet tender voice that calls
Focus on that voice
Follow it
Follow its note
Follow its song
You will in time grow to understand its meaning
The song will become ever easier to follow
Its notes stronger
Its message easier to hear

You will then hear and understand the story the song tells you
You will then hear and feel our great and enduring love for you
You will then see and be able to follow, if you so wish, the path to your
true home

Your true home
Where your loved ones have been longing and calling for you
For a long time now
Where your loved ones are even now
Preparing celebratory feasts for you who come home

Come home our dear children
Forgive us; listen to our call; and come home

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved