Messages to Humanity
We Must Change This Story
Michael stares into the campsite
What does he see?
It is a small tepee of twigs and they catch on fire
Michael leans over and blows it out
It is now burnt black at the top
But the bottom half is still good wood
We all continue staring at the tepee
And now we see an Original American doing a dance in front of the teepee
I hear the drums
I see people come gather
They have heard the call of the drum and they have heard the song of the
They all come and gather
I see women with baskets under their arms

They are all waiting to hear what the story is
Why is the man dancing and calling to them
Why is the drum calling to them
What will they be told?

And they settle down
They seat themselves and wait for their fellows to also arrive and seat
So that the story telling may begin

And finally the dancer stops
He is standing behind a tall drum
The drumming continues in the distance but dims
The people are all assembled seated on the ground looking up at the man
He has called them
They know he has something to tell them
They do not know what it is but they are certain
That the story will have been worth their stopping what they were doing
And coming over
For he would not have called them otherwise

The crowd waits patiently
Their patience is great
And then Michael leans over and blows gently upon the man
The air ruffles his hair
A hush of expectancy settles on the crowd
They felt that something happened
They saw that the man had been blessed – before their eyes!
Yes – what he is to say is Truth and must be listened to
For the gods have blessed him

The man starts pounding rhythmically and slowly and steadily on his drum
Not too loud
And he continues
And then he lifts up his voice to the heavens in song
And he sings
And he begins by singing of the Creation of the World
How the gods assembled and created their beautiful home
And how then the gods populated their home with the topography
The mountains, the rivers, the plains
And then the gods waited for a long time
And then the gods populated their home with vegetation
Trees and plants and flowers and fruit of all kind
And how the gods placed fish into the sea
Fish that would be good to eat
And yes, then the gods, after a period of rest, reassembled
And created the mighty animals and placed them on their home
The majestic animals that were companions to man
And then the gods returned home and rested some more
And then the gods returned to earth for their final crowning touch
The gods created and placed man, woman, and child upon the Earth
And yes the gods were pleased
They looked at the sum totality of all that the planet Earth was
And were very pleased indeed
For the Earth was abundant, abundant with Life
Joyfully, generously abundant
Providing for all that was on it
Everything and everyone would be sustained by the planet
It was whole and it was complete

And the gods returned home
Satisfied and proud of themselves
They had created something beautiful, something good
And the gods remained home and did what gods do
Created more planets – who knows
We do not know what gods do when they are not here

And life on this planet flourished
And the abundance continued for the gods had created well
And all were provided for

And now dark storm clouds come across the sky
The drumming gets louder and louder
The clouds darken and lightning bolts strike out from the clouds

What does this mean?
Are the gods angry

No, these are not the gods
These are others
They have powers but they do not have the creative powers of the gods
These beings are jealous of the beautiful Earth the gods have created
These beings wish to destroy this planet
And they set forth a plan to do just that

Their plan will take a long time
A very long time
For what has been created by the gods
Cannot be undone overnight

But these beings are determined
They form their plan; they finalize it; they organize it
And they organize themselves

And some of these beings remain in their realm to destroy the planet from
And many of these beings incarnate on the planet to destroy it from within

And these beings will come to our shore soon
Says the drum
Ages have passed; they are now ready
They are ready to begin
And they will begin on our home; on our continent
They will begin on the continent that was given to us
And they will launch and continue the work from this continent

For this continent is the greatest of all the continents of the planet
Which is why it was given to us the Root Race, the Red Race
The first race to emerge

And it is from the greatest of all continents
That these foreign beings will begin their destruction of the planet
And it is from this the greatest of all continents
That these foreign beings will carry forward their work
Of the complete and utter destruction of the planet

The planet will still exist
For the beings cannot completely annihilate
What the gods have created

But they can change things considerably
And they will start in reverse order
First they will corrupt and destroy the humans
Then the animals
Then the vegetation
They will then destroy all the fishes in the sea
Until finally there is nothing left to this planet but its topography
The planet would be barren; it would be bare

And the beings laughed

Yes!  They will win over the gods
They will take what the gods have so joyfully created
And they will ruin it for them
And no one would realize what was going on
Until it was too late
Until the course was irreversibly set into motion
Until the course of destruction had a momentum of its own
And no one, no one, not even the gods, could stop it

And the beings laughed

And the drumming slowed down, slower and slower until it finally came to a
And the people sat stunned
There was a great silence
The storyteller was spent; he lay over his drum
The people began looking at each other
Could such a story be true
It had started innocently enough
It had started as the story they all knew and loved so well
But what was this wrong turn of events
Who were these beings?
What were these beings?
And surely the gods would not allow their work to be destroyed
A murmur rose up from the crowd

You must change this story
You must
But the drummer was spent, exhausted
And lay collapsed upon his drum

The crowd grew anxious, fearful, and even angry in its helplessness
We must change this story
But how?

We shall call upon the gods, an old wise woman stepped forward
We shall call upon the gods and tell them of these beings
Tell them what these beings have in mind and what they plan to do
And the gods will surely stop them

And the people looked at each other and nodded in agreement
Yes, that is what they would do
They would call upon the gods

But what they did not realize was that the beings had started the work
Ages and ages ago
And they were only now beginning to call upon the gods
And yes the gods would respond to their calls
The gods would hear their calls and return from wherever it is that they live
And return to this beautiful and bountiful planet that they had created

And so the gods returned ready to ask
Why do you call?  What can we help you with?
But before the words were out of their mouths
They gasped in horror
For they could see what the humans could not
They could see already the amount of devastation and destruction and
That had occurred on the planet
And they were horrified
What had happened?!
And then the gods realized with great sadness exactly what had happened
And the gods wept
And the gods wept
And the gods wept

And the gods dried their tears and consulted among each other
We need to properly assess the situation
See how much damage has been irreversibly done
See what we can salvage
And the gods organized themselves
And some of them stayed in their realm to help from without
And some of them incarnated on the planet to help from within

And the gods set forth a plan of action
They set forth a plan of action to save the Earth and her inhabitants
And they set forth a plan of action to save their crowning glory, the human

And the gods began their work
But the beings had a great head start
They had begun their work ages and ages ago
Almost immediately after the gods had left the planet
The gods were rather late on the scene it would seem

And the beings laughed

And the gods realized it
And they called upon their God to help them
They called upon the Creator of creators
The Master of masters
The Teacher of teachers
They called upon the God of gods

And they presented the situation to him
And they asked him for his help
For without his help they would surely lose
They would lose this lovely planet and all her inhabitants
Please God of gods, can you help us?

And God pondered the situation
What was done was done
What was lost was lost

And God pondered the situation some more
And then God came up with a plan
And God consulted with his Mother
And God consulted with his Son
And they agreed that it was a good plan
And the Mother and the Son agreed to incarnate on Earth
To help to carry out the plan
And they did so
And they, the Mother and the Son, of the God of gods
Have remained near the Earth plane ever since
Hovering over it; caring for it; guiding it
Gently nudging humanity towards Life
And away from the beings that would kill it

But the beings had a great head start
And had many presences upon the planet
And every effort that the Mother and the Son began
The beings would scorn in superiority and mock
And the people did not know whose voice to listen to
For these beings were obviously very intelligent and very capable
Why they ruled the world!

And the Mother and the Son were pushed aside and ignored
And each time either one appeared to humanity
The beings would convince humanity that it was not an actual appearance
Just the product of overworked imaginations

And humanity allowed itself to be so swayed
And humanity allowed the beings to rule them
And humanity allowed the beings to slowly, steadily, surely
Carry out their original plan of destroying all life on the planet
Until it was nothing left but bare rock

And the beings laughed

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved