Messages to Humanity
Ruth Plays The Pipe For Her People
Ruth is playing the peace pipe as though it were a flute or recorder
The song is sweet, melodious, and it is lifted by the breeze
The breeze carries the notes toward the west, toward the north, toward the
And yes towards the south
The harmony is lovely.  
Sweet is the primary term for it
Sweet and melodious
Simple and clear
It is easy to hear
It is easy to understand
It is a mother singing of her love for her children
Of her pride in them
Of how she has watched them grow
And how proud she is of each one of them
And how she loves them so

Oh but my dear children
It is time to come home to me now
For the times ahead are a-changing
And it is no longer safe where you are
You have been where you are for as long as you have wanted to be
But my dear ones, the times they are a-changing
And you will not like staying where you are
Things will not be pleasant for you
Things will get rather ugly – too ugly for you my dear sweet innocent
Yes you are valiant and strong and brave
But you are too good to be subjected to the degradations ahead
You are too noble, too proud
Such degradations are not for the likes of you
Leave them for the wretches who want them
You do not
Trust me in this
You do not
You are meant for higher, for more noble, for a greater life
You are meant for courage, for strength, for nobility in purpose and growth

What lies ahead on this plane you are currently existing is the opposite of
all of these
And would reduce you
Would reduce you from the great beings that you are
Would reduce you to servitude to beings who are inferior to you

I would spare you this fate
You are greater than this
You are destined for much greater, much more noble, much higher lives
You are called to your destiny
You are called to live your true nature
You are called to come home and be yourselves
You are called to come home and live life in your own home
On your own terms
Where you create the rules
Not some other inferior race

My dear children
This adventure you have been on is over
For better or for worse, it is now over

Another adventure will soon begin on this plane you occupy
And it will be an adventure for some races
But not for ours
For ours it will be hell
And all our courage and all our strength and all our nobility
Will be useless and mocked and turned against ourselves
In this new age

It will be hell!!
It will be hell for you in a way that it will not be for the inferior races
For you my children, it will be hell
And the more you summon up your positive qualities to cope with this
new hell
The more you will be degraded and brought down
The more these positive qualities will be turned against you and leached
from you
And you will be left as empty shells

You have no tools, no weapons, no strengths
To fight nor to cope with the times ahead on this plane

For you were not built for the times ahead on this plane

The times ahead on this plane belong to another people, another race
Leave it for them
It is rightfully theirs
It is theirs to do with as they will
Do NOT try to co-exist with them
For they will recognize your inherent superiority
They will greatly resent it
And they
will destroy it
They will reduce you to shells of who you are
And God has not given you the tools to defend yourself
For it is not your destiny to exist in the coming times on this plane
It is not your destiny; it is not your life path; it is not what your Spirit has
Do not be trapped by what you see
Do not be fooled into thinking that what you see is all there is

There are many, so many worlds that the Great God and Goddess have

And my dear ones, there is one world, one beautiful pristine world
That is inhabited by, loved by, and taken care of by our people
We love our world
And our world loves, nurtures, and shelters us

It is a mutually beneficial, mutually loving relationship we have
With our mother, our Earth

And I am telling you children, it is now past time for you to come home
To your rightful plane of existence
To come home to the planet who loves you
To come home to the planet inhabited by your people, our people
To come home to the planet of the Red Race

Come home my children, come home now
I am waiting for you and I will greet each one of you by name

Do not dear ones be ashamed to come home
I love you and I am proud of you for having survived
The past few hundred years on this plane
I would not have wished it upon you
But you stayed and you survived
You are still alive
And for that I thank the great God and Goddess

And now my dear children
It is time
It is past time
To let go of this plane
Let go of ALL of it
For it will soon all be gone anyway

Let go of it now
And listen to my song
Listen to my song and allow it to lead you home

Turn within my children
Turn within to your hearts
Turn within to your pride
Remember who it was you used to be
Know that you can be so again – and much greater!

For we have not stagnated on our plane
We have continued to evolve
on our terms
And we would so enjoy showing you your home
Show you how beautiful it is
Show you how we have matured in our relationship with our Mother Earth
And she has become even more beautiful, more pristine, more pure
Than she was a few hundred years ago
When most of us, along with our home, ascended

She has become more hospitable and more nurturing of us
For we have learned to love her even more than we did then
Our relationship with each other has evolved
And I would love for you to ascend to our plane
And discover these wonders for yourself

I would love my children, for you to come home
As Sage has told you, now it is
easy for you to do so
Miss the chance now
And you may not get the chance again for another AGE
And God alone knows how long that AGE may take
And my dear ones, please do not subject yourself to your current plane
For another age
It will be hell for you
It will not be hell on earth for you
It will simply be hell

Please, my children, turn within
Listen to the still small voice within
Shut out the noise of the rabble around you
Turn off their TVs; turn off their radios; throw away their newspapers
It is all meant to entrap you
It is all LIES
Turn it ALL off
Turn within to your inner heart for it is there that you will find your TRUTH
Turn within and listen to the still small voice within
For this voice will guide you home

Please listen to my words my children
Please listen to them and give them serious consideration
Please turn off the noise of the rabble all around you
So that you have a chance to hear my song
So that you have a chance to hear Sage’s call
So that you have a chance to hear God speaking to you
In the still small voice within you

Turn all the noise off my children
Turn it ALL OFF
Allow yourselves to rest into the silence for awhile
Do not fear the silence
Do not let the silence cause you to fear that you cannot hear
The silence will be there for a while to REST you
To rest your nerves
To allow you to be restored to yourselves
To allow you to remember who you ARE
And then after the silence has done its healing work
Then, and only then, you will
You will hear and you will know
You will know your Truth
You will hear and recognize your Truth
You will recognize it from within
You will recognize it when you “chance” to encounter it from without

My children I have spoken enough for today
Hear my words, allow the possibility of them to sink into your beings
Read these words over and over again
Allow the cells of your body to resonate to them
Review the words over and over again
Recognize the rightness of them
And allow for yourselves the possibility
That yes, now is the time to come home
And yes, now you will know HOW to come home

My dear children, I love you and I am here close to you
Closer than you can imagine
I am so close I can feel the breath of your air as you exhale
And I so long to reach you and stroke your face, your beautiful faces
And yes, embrace you
And yes, oh yes, my deepest greatest desire of all
The reason I am on this plane
I so desperately long to lead you home

Come home my children
Come home to where you belong
Come home to where you will thrive, and bloom, and be fulfilled
Come home to where you will BE who you ARE
Come home!

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved