Messages to Humanity
Sage Goes Up To The Great Library
And we find ourselves at the foot of the Great Library
And there in front of us are the majestic and imposing steps up to the
Great Library
And all three of us look up at these formidable steps
Michael looks to us
Which one of us would like to join him in climbing up the steps?

Ruth nods her head no, she is too weak
Michael looks at us and we reply that while we are not weak
We are not at our finest and fittest, and would pass the honor to Sage
And Michael looks at Sage
And Sage immediately steps forward toward Michael

    Thank you my Lord for this honor and this opportunity
    Thank you my Lord
    May I, as you have said, use it well
    Please my Lord, please guide me to use it well
    Please my Lord I beg of you
    Guide me and keep me on the straight and narrow path
    So that I may make the most use of this rare opportunity

And Michael responds, Come Sage, follow me

And the two of them float up the steps together hand in hand
They float up and up and up
There is a crowd at the top watching them ascend
And as Michael and Sage near the top
The crowd splits in two to make room for them
And then Michael reaches the platform and an instant later so does Sage
And the crowd breaks out into tremendous applause
They crowd around but do not overwhelm Michael and Sage
As they congratulate them on their success

Sage bows deeply and thanks them for their reception of him
For their welcome
Michael stands back as Sage speaks to the people
And then Sage turns back to Michael and sends the thoughts

    Where is my work
    What is the fruit of my labor
    Have my people been saved?

Michael holds his finger to his lips as if saying hush
And beckons Sage to follow him
And the two of them enter the Great Library
The massive doors close behind them
And what transpires within is known only to Sage and Michael

The crowd remains outside
Looking at each other
There are sympathetic exchange of glances

They await
They hold hands together and they pray
They pray for the success of Sage’s work
They pray for Sage
They pray that he will be comforted and be at peace

After what seems like a long while
The doors open and Michael and Sage come out
The crowd is respectfully silent even as they clear a path
For Michael and Sage to walk through

At the end of the platform
Both Michael and Sage turn back toward the Great Library
And give it a deep bow
They then turn again and float downwards, down the steps
Until they are back with us

Sage’s face is closed

I look questioningly at Michael
He nods at me reassuringly

Sage looks over at Ruth and beckons her to him
She rushes into his arms and he holds her
And he whispers to her

    It is done dear one; it is done
    Our work is done
    It is complete
    It is done
    We can go home now dear one
    You can go home now dear one
    Our work is done
    Our children are home

Ruth convulses with great heaving sobs
Her whole body is crying
Silently she cries
But every part of who she is is crying
The tears of a mother who has hoped and feared and waited desperately
for so long
And never shed a tear while her children are lost
And who now finds that her children are home safe and sound
And who now allows herself to break down
And she falls apart
Sage picks her up in his arms and carries her
He hushes her; he comforts her

    Your children are home
    Our children are home
    Hush now – why do you cry

Understanding full well why she cries
He cradles her ever closer to him
She clings to him for dear life

Sage bows to Michael; every cell of his being expressing gratitude
He then turns to the Spirit of the scribe and thanks her as well
Thanks her deeply; thanks her thoroughly – in complete silence

And then Sage, carrying Ruth in his arms
Walks off stage
Walks toward his home
The home of his people
The plane of their existence

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
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