Messages to Humanity
Sage Turns His People Over To The Lord
We all then bow down from the hips
Bow to Our Lord Jesus who is standing oh so tall in the
roaring flames
We remain prostrate for a moment or two
And then the Lord says
Lord Jesus Christ
Look up my children
Look up and look at me
And tell me – what do you see
I see the Lord who has conquered the Fire
I see he who stands in the fire and lives
My dear Lord, I see you standing tall in the fire
Standing tall and victorious
Having conquered fire; having conquered death
Having conquered all that could cause us to fear
I see you my Lord the conqueror of all, ALL
I see the Lord of all peoples
The Lord of all tribes
The one who came for all humanity
To save us all from imprisonment
To raise us all to life
I see this Lord demonstrate the proof of his power
I see this Lord doing so, in order that we may believe
in him
And turn to him and follow him from this vale of tears
This ever more oppressing prison
To the life that awaits us
The life that God himself has created for us
The life eternal
That is whom and what I see
Archangel Michael
I see the Creator Son of God
Descended down to Earth
To save the children of Earth
To restore them to their rightful heritage
As children of God

That is who I see
Lord Jesus Christ
Good.  I thank you all for recognizing me
I thank you for looking at me and for seeing me
And now that you have seen me
And now that you have understood who I AM

What will you now do
My Lord, I will stop being so grim
I will stop trying to win my people through the sheer
force of my will
I will stop trying to almost
force my people to give up
their hell
And return to their rightful place in the universe

I will my Lord, have Faith in you and in your one God
I will my Lord request that you help me to accomplish
my broken heart’s desire
Which is one
To see my people home
That is what I will do differently Lord
I will stop trying to achieve this through the force of
my will
And I will lay my heart’s one desire at the flames
beneath your feet
And request that you answer my prayer
That you O Lord help me to lead my people home
That you O Lord lead my people home
That somehow or other Lord, I care not how
But I trust in your POWER for I see that you have
conquered all
And yes I do bow down before God’s ‘gift’ to humanity
of free will
But please my Lord
Do not let this excuse or reason – whichever – of free
Be one that leaves even one of my children behind

Show them your self
Show them what IS
Show them the way home
For surely they will follow you Lord
They have long since stopped hearing me

Lord I give my people unto you
And I request with all my heart
That you take them under your wing
And restore them to their proper place in your universe

My Lord, my Lord
I prostrate myself before you
I let go of my people
I let go of my people
But only to you Lord
Only to you
Please O Lord, my God
Please O Lord save my people
Please O Lord, bring each and every one of them home
Home where he or she
Home where we all still long for them
Home where we who love them still cry for them
We do not mourn no
For we have not given them up for dead
No we have not
The centuries have come and the centuries have gone
And we yet await their return home
We yet look for them
We yet call unto them
But to no avail Lord

Lord I turn these my people on this earth
Over to you
I have not been able to reach them
Perhaps you my Lord
The Son of God
Perhaps you can reach them
Perhaps you can give them my message
Perhaps dear God you can realize my dream, my one
To see each one of my children home

That my dear Lord is what I am NOW doing differently
Having seen you stand in the roaring campfire and not
even be singed
Having seen you control the fire
Raising it and descending it at your will
You who control the fire
Control all of matter
You control the forces of Creation
Please you with your Power, please aid your humble
and useless servant
Please realize his dream of seeing all of his children

That my Lord is my prayer request to you
I lay each one of my children
My Lord, I can name each one of them
Each man, woman, and child I can name for you
I lay them at your feet
And I beg of you to take them up
And restore them to their rightful place in your

This my Lord is my prayer request of you
My Lord, my Lord, my Lord
Please Lord hear my prayer
Please Lord hear my request
Please Lord do not speak to me of free will
For if my children know ALL
For if my children could remember ALL
Then it would be no contest
They would, of their own free will, choose to return
Lord Jesus Christ
You would have me show them all
You would have me restore their memory of who they
You would have me show them their home

Is that Sage what you are asking of me?
My Lord, yes, that is exactly what I am asking of you

For then, they would gladly choose to return home
For then, they would know the way home
And if they don’t, they would know to
follow me home
Lord Jesus Christ
Do you understand Sage what you are asking of me?
My Lord is there a consideration I am overlooking?
If so, please point it out to me
I am willing to see and I am willing to hear
Lord Jesus Christ
The considerations that you may have overlooked are
If I do as you have requested of me
And show your people ALL
There are many possible reactions that they may
In addition to and instead of the one that you are
hoping for
What reactions are these, My Lord
Lord Jesus Christ
They may choose to be overcome by grief at the
wasted centuries

They may choose to be overcome by guilt at their
apparent failure to ascend with the rest of their people

They may be so overcome with all that they see
All of which they have been taught does not exist
That they may consider themselves insane
They may
convince themselves that they are insane
And this conviction may actually
render them insane
And ever further away from your reach
My Lord, you who have conquered all, I bow to your
superior wisdom
What is it that you suggest
How may we save my people
Lord Jesus Christ
We do so gently Sage
We do so as gently as possible within the time frame
that we have
We reach out to them
And first we simply tell them
We do not at first
show them for that would be too
great a shock
We simply tell them, and keep telling them, and allow
the words to sink in
And allow their minds to consider the
possibility of the
truth of these words

That Sage would be our first step
And Sage we will communicate to them in various ways
The Holy Spirit will lend force and wind to your song
So that your call reaches your people’s hearts

They may then be more receptive to the words that we
Via the child
And via others as well
Many others

And then, Sage, and only then

•        When your call has reached their ears
    and touched their hearts

•        When your words have been read
    And the possibility that they may actually be
    true has occurred to them

Then Sage we can gauge your people again at that time
And see if they are ready for visions
And determine just how much they can SEE
Without being overcome by what they see

That Sage is my recommended plan of action
It may be SLOWER than yours
But it would lead to a lesser loss of life
A lesser loss of souls

We must tread carefully and gently when dealing with
souls, Sage
For they are tender and vulnerable and have been
heavily abused on this plane
And thus they are also sore and wounded and as
frightened as rabbits

So my dear, strong, impatient Sage
Your strength & your impatience have not been
successful these past centuries have they?
No my Lord; my broken heart attests to that
Lord Jesus Christ
Sage, are you willing to try it my way
My Lord; I am desperate and I am grieving
You are the only one whom I trust
In you O Lord, Lord of Light, do I place my trust, all my
I place my trust in you, Lord of the Sun
O Creator Son of God
I place all of my trust, all of my hope, and my most
precious treasure of all
All of my people in your hands

Advise me O Lord
And I will do as you say

Advise me O Lord
I am ready to hear

Advise me O Lord
And show me how to save my people
All of my people

Yes my Lord
I am willing to try it your way
Yes my Lord

Yes, yes, yes
Yes my Lord

My most generous and merciful Lord
Who has looked upon my people, his people
With love and tenderness and mercy

Our most generous and merciful Lord
Who is extending his hand out to my people, his people
With patience and with kindness

Our most generous and merciful Lord
May my people/your people respond to your plan

-        May their ears and hearts hear
    The sound of my call
    Given force by your Holy Spirit

-        May my words somehow reach them
    May they read them
    May they consider the possibility that I am
    speaking the TRUTH
    Despite their having been brainwashed by the
    lies of the snake

-        And then O Lord
    And then O Lord, miracle of miracles
    May they each and every single one of them
    arrive safely HOME

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
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