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The Journey Is Not The Destiny
We expected greater light and order and security and beauty and harmony
The higher we went
But that has not been the case
It has gotten darker, more chaotic, and more frightening
And the only comfort we are given
Is to put blinders on and yes, to keep our eyes on you

Here, it seems light and orderly
Why is it that we are rising to a place that appears if anything more fearful

Is that your question?

Yes it is

The journey is not the destination
When one travels from one city to another
One may need to traverse wild country with unpaved roads
One may even need to traverse areas where civilization has not taken
Where the laws and order of civilization are not in place
The journey is not the destiny

You have not yet arrived at your destiny
And the more you stall
The more you dawdle
The more you fear
The longer it will take you to reach home

The Jews had to cross the desert to reach the Promised Land
The desert was not the Promised Land
The desert was in fact worse than the Egypt they had left behind
But they kept plodding on
And what they could have traversed in 3 years
Due to their doubts took them 40

So it is with you
You have left Egypt
And you are now crossing your desert
And no, you are not yet near your Promised Land
Your Promised Land awaits
And when you reach her, you will be more than delighted
You will fall to your knees in tears at her beauty

But for now you traverse the desert – the spiritual desert
A place of darkness and of chaos
A place where anything goes
A place where you’ll never know who or what you may find
Scorpion or desert flower

Your path however is clear and it IS simple
You keep your eyes on your goal – which is me
You keep your feet on your path of strict observance of all you have
been told to do
And yes, you look neither to the right nor to the left
For what interest does the spiritual desert hold for you
Absolutely none I assure you
There is a reason it is called the desert

Simply cross it my children
Do not be overly concerned with the makeup of the space that you are
Your concern is that your eyes are on your goal; that your feet are on
your path
That you are in strict adherence to my commands
That you are insofar as possible, in perfect obedience
And step by step, the way to freedom will be trodden
Until finally you too shall abide in a place of light and harmony and
A place of safety
A place where you may let go of your guard
And relax and be free to be yourself
A place where you may relax and bloom

You are not traversing the space alone
You have each other
You have the Divine Brotherhood
You have me, your Lord to guide you in all details, large and small
Of what do you fear?

And do not feel betrayed nor shocked
That the space you cross is not the space you would be at
For there is a great distance between Earth and Terra
There is a distance between one level and the next
And that is so by design

We do not want the superior level corrupted by those from the inferior
So yes, it is a treacherous road from one level to another
A treacherous road for those who would take their eyes off me
For those who would go about their own way
For those who would choose to ‘forget’ the little commands I have
given them
For those who would choose to disobey them

For you who remain united in purpose and in mutual support
For you who keep your eyes on your goal
For you who perfectly obey the Directives of the Divine Brotherhood
And adhere to the precepts of your Mission Statement
It can be a delightful journey indeed

Do not concern yourselves with what is not your concern
I am much larger than you are
And so is my creation

Are you so surprised that my creation overwhelms you

Would you not be disappointed if it didn’t

Concern yourselves with what is given to you
A strict adherence to the simple rules I have given to you
And success – home will be yours

And rest assured that home will truly be home
It will be a place you will not want to leave
It will be a place where you will come into your own
It will be a place where you will, for the first time, truly know yourself

Home is a pearl of great price
And the journey home need not be treacherous nor fearful

Trust me
And trust that your home will have been worth every step of the
And redirect your focus to me, to your divine helpers, and to each other
And even the journey itself can be one of light and delight

And that is all for now my children
Go now in peace and in self-assurance
Go in trust and in hope
And look only at the REAL

I love you my children

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved