Messages to Humanity
Sage Calls His People Home
Sage lifts up his head and sings with all the force in his body

It is a haunting melodious sound
I listen to it tell of the death of this world
And how the prophecies will get fulfilled
And he recognizes the truth and correctness of this

But he has a prayer request to make
Can we here - united together
Can we pray for his people
For they are lonely, lost, and without purpose

We of course agree to do so
And join with him in his song as he calls out to his people to turn to the
To recognize that their beloved home has arisen and is to be found higher
On a higher plane of reality and that they must move to come home

Yes where they are now, used to be home
But home has moved and they failed to move along with it
We now have a window of opportunity to arise to the risen Earth
To now move home

And he prays to his people, he begs of them; to please hear his words
Please heed his pleas; understand that he is them
He had been their leader during their proper time on Earth
And he is trying to now lead them to their place on their own proper Earth

No, he is NOT trying to exterminate the Red Man from the Earth

On the contrary, he is trying to populate the Risen Earth with the Red Man

He would lead his people HOME

Home to where they had been
Home to where they would be
Home to where they can be who they ARE

Sage continues singing and we somehow lend our voices to his
And he sends his song throughout North America – all the way up to
He sings his song to the now United States and Canada
He sings his song to his people – for they had been his people
And so many of them ascended
But each one who has been left behind, he weeps for and he angers for
And he will not rest until each one, each single one of his people
Ascends to his rightful place onto the beautiful Risen Earth
That is their rightful home

And Sage sends his song out

And I see people stop as if to listen to a voice they can’t quite hear

I see a red woman carrying a load of laundry; she is at her front doorstep
And she suddenly stops and listens
Listens to the sky for her heart is resonating to it

I see a young red man walking who slows down; slower and slower he
He is disturbed; what is this vague notion; this stirring in his heart?
He shrugs it off and continues walking

And Sage weeps

And Ruth and I lift our voices higher
And our voices sweep across the continent
And scents the air
It is as a breeze that touches people
Lightly touches them and they recognize that they are being called
They recognize the spirit in the breeze
They recognize the holiness of the moment
And some, and many, stop and listen
But it is elusive
They are not able to grab a hold of it
It dissolves and disappears from them
They shake their heads as if to shake themselves off
And resume what they had been doing

And Sage weeps

I seek out Michael’s eyes
More is needed
What more can be done?

We resume our silence
And resume our silent meditation
We call upon the Holy Spirit to give force to our song
And we sit and we meditate
And we wait

    "For how much more shall your Father in Heaven
    Give the Holy Spirit to those who ask of him"

And we sense the Force and the Power of the Holy Spirit fill our beings
And again we raise our voices in song
But the song is much stronger this time

It calls and keeps on calling
It is persistent and will not be denied!

Those who first hear it and stop to listen
Now continue hearing it even after they have stopped
It is not elusive; it does not escape them
They stand there transfixed
They are immobile for they are entranced by the song

Their song!

Yes!  It is their song and they recognize it well
They may not have heard it for hundreds of years
But their song it is and the very cells of their body recognize it
The very cells of their body respond in joy
Their body and their being resonate to their song
They recognize the song and respond to the song
For the song is calling to them

Come home!  Come home!  Come home!
We are waiting for you, our loved ones
We, your brethren and sisters, our waiting for you our loved ones
To come home and make our family complete

For we are incomplete without you
We are desolate for you
Our hearts weep in rage for what you have been subjected to

Our dear ones, leave this wretch of a planet behind
And return home

For home, our beloved Earth ascended when the white man arrived
And most of us remained with our beloved Earth and ascended with it

But some of you dear ones
Saw the white man’s earth and got detoured and herded and trapped
Into his earth and into the hell he created for you

And now the white man’s earth is also moving

And I your leader and your lover
Would have you now leave the white man’s earth

There is a wonderful window of opportunity NOW

NOW is the time for you to return to Our Risen Earth
The Earth that had never abandoned us
The Earth that loves us and cares for us
The Earth we love and rejoice in
Our Earth
The Red Man and the Red Woman and the Red Child’s Earth

Our beloved Earth
I am calling you home to
I am calling you home now
For now it is easy to return home
Now it is easy to ascend

There will be a mass movement
There will be a movement of planets and of peoples

I tell you my people to hear my voice
Let my song lead you home
Let my chant show you the way


Listen to me
Listen to the wind
Listen to your heart

And most of all dear ones

Hear my voice calling you home
Hear my chant, hear my song

For it will lead you to your rightful place
Your home

You will meet your loved ones here

We have been waiting for you
We will rejoice upon your arrival
What partying and feasting there will be upon your arrival

What tears of joy at our reunion
What tears of sorrow over the lost years and the pain that you endured

What stories you will tell us
What stories we will tell you

It will be a great reunion of the ages
All the tribes will meet
All the tribes will together feast
Feast and rejoice for you who were lost are now found
You who were missing are now home
You who were missed are now reunited with us

With us, your fellow Red man
With us, with whom you belong
On the Red Man’s Risen Earth, where you are home

Come home my dear ones
Come home into your own
Come home to your people and to your beloved planet

See your Earth in its pristine state of purity and glory
See your Earth where she is loved by her people
And in turn nourishes, cares for, and protects her people

See your Earth as you used to see her
See your Earth as she now IS
See and come home

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved