Messages to Humanity
And Life Continues
We are at the Indian Ocean where the tsunami hit
We see the people running for their lives

We then traverse near Chechnya
And the scene at the school house
The scene of women and children being terrorized
Has man been reduced to this
That they fight the women and the children?

We traverse to Moscow
And feel the hardness of heart there

We then traverse to Washington D.C.
And feel the greed and the insatiable lust for power there

We then traverse back to our campsite
And descend back to the ground
And are seated around the campsite once more

Jesus has sorrow in his eyes
What did you see my children?

I look to Ruth
She again holds her index fingers to her lips

I look at Sage
His face is stern; he is looking at the East
I await for him to speak
For Ruth is not; and she has told me not to
Surely someone must answer Our Lord

I decide to look upon the Lord
While waiting Sage’s response

Sage bursts out crying
He is weeping copious tears
He sobs almost uncontrollably
He is holding his head in his hands

I look at Michael and he too holds his index finger to his lips
And so I sit and breathe and look at the campfire

And I see the globe of Earth in the campfire
I see the Earth itself bursting into flame
The whole globe is on fire!
Not one inch of the Earth is spared
The whole Earth is burning

I keep breathing and I keep looking
Jesus slowly bends towards the flames and softly blows them out
The globe is as a hot coal – but no longer actively burning

The people on it are hopping on one foot, then the other
For the surface of the Earth is too hot
They are frightened and some run this way and that
While others sit about and wail inconsolably

They are waiting for help
They are waiting for rain
They look up at the burning sun – for it is exceedingly bright and hot
And plead God’s mercy for rain

But the Earth remains dry

I look at Sage
But he has dried his tears
His face is impassive

I again look at the campsite
At the globe
People are dying
They are dying of thirst
They are dying of sunstroke
They are dying of the heat
Mostly they are dying of thirst

They shake their fists up to the Heavens
“Where are you O God; where are you?!”

I again feel the hardness of heart in Moscow
I again feel the greed and the lust for power in Washington D.C.

They have not abated
The desertification of the Earth
The suffering of the people
Have not abated their feelings
On the contrary, it seems to have hardened their positions
They will not budge from the course of action they are set upon
They will not budge from their mindset

They are in agreement on this
They do not agree with each other
But they are in agreement about not budging

I now see Europe
Wringing its hands and ineffectual
Running around and accomplishing nothing
Turning first to the US for help and not finding it
Then turning to Russia for help and again not finding it
And Europe continues to wring its hands in despair

I now see China stand up
It stands up TALL; it stands up straight; it stands up STRONG
Europe looks to China in disbelief
Can salvation possibly come from China?

The Third World desperately looks to China
It will accept help in any form from anyone

I see China in the form of a tall upright soldier
As he traverses the globe

He walks over to the Mid-east
And aids them
He gives them to drink
They drink

China walks over to South America
And he helps them to build
He helps them to build a viable economy and an effective political system

China continues walking over to the Indian Ocean
And helps the people there
Helps them to rebuild their homes
Helps them to rid themselves of the illnesses that have plagued them
Helps them restore themselves to themselves

And then China stands tall and proud and upright
And looks around the world
What is there to do next?

China sees how afraid Europe is
China sees the disaffected Moslem population there
Ah yes, Europe is ripe for the picking
And China strides over to Europe
And Europe almost gratefully crumbles under China’s authority
The European white man is in despair
Have we been reduced to this?

Europe again looks to Washington D.C.
And again receives no response
Europe again looks to Moscow
And again receives no response
The European white man succumbs to despondency and sleep
The Muslim in Europe is grateful to China
And happily receives its rule
Welcomes its rule
Rejoices in the defeat of the white man
And welcomes the yellow
For yellow is closer to brown than white is
And now China is satisfied
It has the whole globe excepting North America; Russia; and Australia
The remainder of the globe
The entire remainder of the globe
Belongs to China
And happily so

North America, Russia, Australia are all that is left outside of China’s

North America and Russia are nervous but mostly they are in denial
They tell themselves that this will be good for the economy
China is good for the economy

Australia is worried – it is nervous – it fears for its autonomy
It is more concerned about its autonomy than is concerned about its
China reassures Australia that it has nothing to fear
And Australia hopes that that is so; it buries its head in the sand
For what else can it do?

And China now has control of the oil in the mid-east
In fact, China now has control of most of the oil on the planet

And North America and Russia tell themselves that China is reasonable
China is a good partner; rational; just like them
This will work out just fine
They much prefer to work with calm, orderly, disciplined China
Than with the emotional, disorderly, chaotic rabble they previously had to
deal with

And life continues

And Russia and North America finds its economic power slowly, gradually
Not so drastically for anyone to awaken
Just significantly enough for things to worsen
And gradually enough for people to sleep and forget that it didn’t use to
be this way
That we had not always been so poor

And Russia and North America finds its political power slowly, gradually
Not so drastically for anyone to awaken
Just significantly enough for things to worsen
And gradually enough for people to sleep and forget that it didn’t use to
be this way
That we had not always been so insignificant

And life continues

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved