Messages to Humanity
Rewrite Your Script
HOW, dear Mother, do I engage my emotional body in this work
Without allowing fear to raise its ugly head?

You do well to ask this question
It is a valid question and I am pleased with it

You do so by trusting in us
By trusting that after the whole thing is played out
After all is said and done
Then there will be a great PEACE
And then everyone will be at the level they have reached
Each will be at his Right Location

Our request to you
Is that you aid us in improving the scenario of HOW the whole thing is
played out

It need not be a story of natural calamity
Followed by yet another natural calamity
Followed by yet still another natural calamity
And when humanity finally restores itself
The cycle repeats again
It need not be this way

It need not be a story of war
Of man fighting man
Of nation fighting nation
Of groups fighting their governments
Of governments slaughtering their own citizens
It need not be this way

It need not be a story of global domination by a few
And the repression and suppression and exploitation and abuse and
mockery of the many
The many rendered as frightened and as easily exploited and as easily
manipulated as sheep
It need not be this way

It may be a completely different story
Humanity may choose to write a different script for itself and its children
It is humanity’s choice

They may write a story
Where Peace reigns and brother helps brother
And people recognize their sovereignty
They recognize and live the truth of the First Commandment
"I AM the Lord thy God; thou shall have no other god before me"

And nature responds to humanity’s PEACE and humanity’s
And calms down and slows down
Slows down enough so that humanity has time to move
To the safer places on earth
To move away from the coastlines
To move off the islands
To move away from where the earth plates meet
To move away from those points where natural calamity occurs over &
over again
For where they keep occurring IS where they will keep occurring
And with increasing frequency and intensity

And humanity may choose to recognize Nature’s message
And listen to and heed her advice
And move off the places she is telling humanity to move off of

    Do NOT rebuild in the same place
    If she has struck a certain place, then MOVE
    That place is hers and she is reclaiming it
    Respect her claim; respect her body; respect Earth’s sovereignty
    And she will be more gentle with you
    Or at least she will allow you more time
    To move yourself to higher ground
    More time to listen within and go where you are told to go

And thus humanity can write a completely different script
Thus humanity can play out a completely different movie
Do not fear; there will still be plenty of ‘excitement’ for humanity
For the adrenalin does rush when you see and hear these stories, do
they not
When you hear the excitement in the news broadcaster’s voice
‘He has a story to tell!’
And your adrenalin courses through your body
It is not your pain; it is not real; it is only an exciting movie
Of suffering happening to brown people on the other side of the globe

Well you will, regardless of how much peace you gain within
And of how much sovereignty you reclaim for yourselves
And of how much you listen to the Earth and respond to her messages
You will still get plenty of such stories
But I tell you, they will get less ‘fun’ and less ‘exciting’ as they progress
And as they move closer to home
As they move to the First World and occur with greater frequency and
In the First World as well as the Third

So do not worry about being bored
Be more concerned about the safety of yourself and of your children
Be more concerned about both Peace and Freedom on Earth
Those who tell you that you must trade one in for the other
Are lying to you
They are preying on your fears
To gain control over you
And they will NOT protect you
On the contrary, they will choose war
And war will come back to you
For you have chosen them

Neither will they protect you from Nature’s ever increasing fury
As she frees herself from all of humanity’s negativity
The more humanity chooses fear and its resultant consequence
The more quickly and intensely Nature will attempt to rid herself
Of humanity and its negative influence on her
For she is trying to free herself you see

She has been patient
She has been very patient
You know the story of "The Giving Tree"
Do you find it moving
Or do you find it revolting
The sacrificing of a tree
For a human who knows not the value of what he is destroying

Well the Earth has been that giving tree
And you have been that ignorant and short-sighted man
But the Earth will not sacrifice her very life for you
And it is her right and it is her duty to protect and save herself

Wake up humanity Wake up!

Choose for Peace
Choose for Freedom and Individual Sovereignty
Choose to listen to your Earth’s messages to you and to act accordingly

Rewrite the script
You need not act out the one that is currently written
The current script, the ones you are as a collective, following
Leads to terrible death and destruction
It leads to much, much suffering
It eventually leads to total devastation
It is in fact, scorched earth policy
And that policy of course, will not be limited to your brethren
But will turn back against you
On you who unleash it

Rewrite your script
Change your minds
Choose for peace
Choose for individual freedom
Choose for Nature

Rewrite your script
And choose Life for yourselves and your children

For I assure you my children
You will find nothing exciting about the future you have set your course
Nothing at all
You will only find pain, death, and unimaginable suffering and
You will no longer be able to find your way out
It will be intolerable and yet you will have to suffer through it
It will be hell

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved