Messages to Humanity
Please Heed My Words
My children
Did you not like the words I gave you last time
Did they not offer you hope
Are you so certain that people will not respond to them
That you are discouraged to even bother sending my words out to the

Forgive me my children
I know not what words to use
The answer has been given and given and given
Throughout the ages it has been given

And there is only one answer my dear children
Peace in the individual’s heart and in his life
That IS the answer
That is the foundation for world peace
Peace in the heart of each individual

Any and all other attempts at world peace
Are built on false and shaky foundations
The structures collapse at the slightest provocation

Spread the message to each individual
And it is a message of hope
For it is the answer

All the individual has to do is completely within his or her own power
You are not dependent on governments nor on kings
You are not even dependent on the people on the other side of the globe

If you want world peace
You know what you must do
You must achieve peace within yourself
That it your first step
It is an essential step and cannot be overlooked
It is the stepping stone that may become the builder’s stumbling block
Should you, in your mad scramble for world peace
In your hurry
Omit this first step

Achieve this peace my children
Learn to reach and feel and maintain peace within yourselves
Then and only then
Do you go to the second step

But you have not yet accomplished the first
And you complain that I repeat myself
I repeat myself and repeat myself and will continue to repeat myself
Until you have heard me and have shown me that you have heard me
By living peace
By being beings of peace
By holding nothing but peace within yourselves and with each other

Only then will you hear new words from me
For then you will be ready to hear what the second step is and then the

But for now dear children
Do not criticize that my counsel is too simplistic
Achieve this simple counsel
And then, turn to me for more

This simple concept
Peace within the heart of each one of you
And yes, you are only responsible for you
Achieve peace within your heart
Peace towards yourself
Peace towards your brethren – all of your brethren
Peace towards Life itself

And then my dear ones
Come to me
And then I will tell you new words

Until then, read and re-read the words that have already been given to
Read and understand the lives that have been lived for your edification
Understand how simple it is

And how Peace and Love operate – one individual at a time
And you are the individual that needs to become Peace
You be the Peace that you wish to see manifested in the world

Do this 1st and simple and profound step
And I will delight in telling you new words that describe the second and
third steps

Do this my children
I promise you that I will deliver further and specific instructions
If you individually become beings of Peace

Again, do not concern yourself
With whether your brethren are or are not also doing the same
You be Peace
You be a model for Peace
You radiate Peace
And Peace will surround you

It must for it will extend outwards from you
And all who come within your vicinity
Will feel this Peace and it will affect them
And then it will be their choice as to how they will respond
But you will have shown them a higher way
And they will have hope
You will have given them that hope
For you will be living that hope
You will be living what they dare not dream for
You will be living beings of Peace

I hear your impatience
I sense your frustration at my simple words
You want complicated solutions
You want organized and mass movements
You want political overhaul

All sound and fury my children
Amounting to nothing
Achieving and accomplishing nothing
But perpetuating and even increasing the flames of war

Peace must start at the individual level
That is the only place it can start
And it must start with you

Drop your resistance, drop your anger, drop your fear
Be still
Breathe some more
Be still yet
Gently, calmly ask
For the gift of the Spirit of Peace to descend upon you
And then sit still
And wait
And be silent
And breathe
And sense the Spirit of Peace as it enters and fills your being
Acknowledge its presence
Give thanks to it for responding to your request
And feel
Feel the peace that has entered your being
For it is a palpable thing
You will feel different
You will think differently
Your emotions and your body will be stilled
Luxuriate in that stillness
Enjoy the peace that you feel

Do this meditation often
Once a day would not be too often

And observe with delight
As you are able to maintain your equanimity
Even as you go out there in the world
Even as you leave the sanctuary of your room
And go out there
Where there is so much loud noise and so much chaos
And everything seems to be happening at an ever accelerating pace

But you dear one
You my special dear one
Who has listened to my simple words and have implemented them
You will maintain your peace
Peace will maintain its envelope around you
You will continue to be suffused and surrounded by Peace
You will continue to radiate Peace
You will continue to touch others with Peace
And Peace will spread outwards from you
From you to your neighbor
From your neighbor to his neighbor
In an ever widening ripple

You speak of the 7th degree of separation
It is more true than you realize
So the Peace that you receive, and are, and live
May and will affect others in an ever widening circle of individuals

Thank you my children for listening to me
I thank you for your patience
And I wish you every success
For you see it is up to you

Do not cry and wring your hands and look up to the Heavens
And cry out “Why God Why?”
Because you know why

The outer reflects the inner

Do not lead mass movements and organizations of protests
Surely your history has taught you that the most innocent of beginnings
Can culminate in disastrous results

The outer can not lead
It can only follow
The outer can only manifest what lies within the heart of man

All the best laid plans and theories fail
Due to the hardness of man’s heart

That is why, dear children, and yes you are my children
Please do not take offense at this word
For to me you are but little ones
Scrambling about this way and that
Uncertain, fearful, and stubborn in your determination to go it alone
To go without God

And you are free to do so
God will not interfere
God can not interfere
Unless you authorize him to

And do remember that God must respect each individual’s free will
God is limited to the level of the individual
Do you understand now dear one
Why it is so important that peace be attained by the individual

For God will not violate any one person’s free will
God will not
And neither should you

Do not force peace or democracy or war or religion or anything
On another
For you are then doing what God himself does not do

Be the peace that you seek
It will accomplish far more than any of your other ideas
None of your complicated stratagems will work
Not over the long-term

Be the peace that you seek
And then turn to me
And then turn within
And then in stillness, listen

In stillness listen
And in stillness hear
And know
And then you can act in supreme confidence
Sure of your step
Certain of your way
Leading your fellows, one at a time, to Peace

And with these words I leave you my children
Please I ask you to give them due consideration
Do not so quickly discard them
Read them and allow them to sink into your being
Consider the possibility that I might be right
Consider the possibility that if you do what I say
Then I will also do what I have promised
And continue to show you the subsequent steps necessary
To achieve world-wide peace on a real
And therefore permanent basis

Consider all these my children

Do not feel that your intelligence is being insulted
I recognize your intelligence
I also recognize the predicament you are in
And I also recognize the direction you are headed in
Even if you do not

Consider my words
Listen to them
Hear them
And BE the PEACE that you would offer the world

I love you my children
I love you with a mother’s love
And my heart cries for you
For what you are currently creating for yourselves and for your children
And I beg of you
Please heed my words
Please heed my words
Please heed my words

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved