Messages to Humanity
Be Peace
    Be the Spirit of Peace
    Be Peace

    There is no need to shout it out from the rooftops
    There is no need for mass demonstrations
    There is no need for political actions

    There is need for peace within each individual
    There is need for peace between individuals
    There is need for peace within the family and between neighbors

    Then global, worldwide peace will naturally follow
    It will have to
    It will have no choice
    For the cry to war will find no echoing response in anyone’s heart
    And its sound will fade away to nothing

    You have heard the saying
    If you want Peace, work for Justice
    So I tell you
    If you want no war, be and live Peace

    Be the manifestation of the Spirit of Peace
    Live the Spirit of Peace in yourself
    And in your conduct with others
    Live it actively
    May Peace be a palpable presence
    On your person
    And in your life
    May others sense the Spirit of Peace that hovers around you
    May they sense it and may they absorb a bit of it from you

    That is the answer
    Agitation does not work
    Agitation feeds the spirit of war
    Anger against those fighting feeds the spirit of war
    Hatred of others, of course, mightily feeds the spirit of war
    Discard all these!
    They do not serve you well
    They do not yield the result you want
    If it be that you truly desire Peace
    And not just victory

    Search your heart
    Is your desire for Peace or is it for victory?
    If it is for victory, remember the Queen of Heaven's saying
    Do not be so assured that victory is on your side
    Death surrounds all sides

    If your desire is for victory, then your desire is also for war
    And you will find and meet war
    And war will find and meet you
    And death surrounds all sides

    Search your heart
    Is your desire for Peace or is your desire to destroy those who
    would wage war
    Be they your countrymen or those on the other side of the globe

    Search your heart
    Discover what it contains
    Discover what truly lies within

    And I would beseech you to purify yourself
    Of all that is not in keeping with the Spirit of Peace

    I beseech you to pray for the Spirit of Peace
    It is a gift that you may ask for
    Ask for it and you will surely receive it
    Pray that it enters you and fills your being
    Pray that it radiates outward from you and touches all you
    You do not have to DO anything
    You need only BE
    Be Peace
    Be Peace
    Be Peace

    If you would have world-wide wars averted
    Then be peace; be peace; be peace

    And in Peace I leave you

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Copyright  2005  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved