Messages to Humanity
Change Your Minds
The Mother is crying.  Tears roll down Her face

    Teach My children Peace
    Teach them how to live together in Peace
    Teach them how to have Peace within each heart
    Teach them how to live Peace in each home
    Teach My children Peace

Sage sighs discouragingly,  And HOW, dear Blessed Mother, do we do that?

The Mother cries harder.  The tears flow in abundance

    I don’t know
    I don’t know
    I’m at My wit’s end
    Other than your living example
    I don’t know how
    You are closer to Earth than I am
    Surely you understand their language better than I do

    They complain that I say the same things over and over again
    And yet they ignore the few things that I do say

    Perhaps you can give them My message in different words
    In a different form
    Via a different medium
    Using different colors

    I honestly do not know HOW

    I have tried
    Through the centuries I have tried
    And they are now ignoring My pleas with a vengeance

    War is on the horizon
    War throughout the planet
    The entire planet will go up in the flames of war
    Unless the current mind-state of humanity is changed

    Change their minds!
    Change their minds!
    Change their minds!

    They are killing each other
    Teach them that they are bringing about their own death and

    For death and destruction
    Once unleashed
    Does not easily return to its container
    Is not easily re-confined

    It will go out of control
    It will gain a momentum of its own
    And even those perpetrating the violence
    Will stare in horror at what they have unleashed

    It will escape from them
    It will gain a life of its own
    And devour those who have set it free

    It will devour and consume them
    And continue to rage on
    Devouring and consuming everything in its path
    And all will be helpless to stop it

    There will be much regret on all sides
    But the violence and the destruction and the resultant death of My
    Will continue unabated
    Unless humanity Changes Its Mind!

    Once begun, My children
    It will not stop

    Stop it now!
    Nip it in the bud!
    Do not be so assured that victory is on your side
    Death surrounds all sides
    And simply waits from the nod from you
    To zoom in and devour you

    You can let the snake in
    It cannot enter without your permission
    But once you let it in
    It has free rein
    And will not leave
    It will not leave until it has devoured all that IS to be devoured

    Remember My children
    The snake, Death, encircles you
    And does not distinguish between you
    You are ALL prey
    White or Black
    Jew or Moslem
    Male or Female
    To the snake, you are simply human prey
    You are one to it

    You have that in common My children
    You are all human
    And the enemy of humanity
    Is the enemy of ALL of humanity
    Set it free
    And you too will be its victim

    Do not give the snake the nod
    Change your minds!

    Rethink your over-confidence
    Rethink your superiority
    You know not the forces you are unleashing!
    They are greater than yours!
    You my dear ones, are mere mortals
    All your technological achievements notwithstanding
    You are mere mortals
    And cannot stand against the unleashed snake
    And be assured, it will turn against you
    Even though you be the one who unleashed it
    It will turn against you all

    And then My dear children
    You will realize your commonality
    And then My dear, dear children
    You will reach out to each other
    Broken in spirit and in body
    Across the ashes you will reach out to each other
    And you will cry into each other’s arms

    The Jew will cry into the Moslem’s shoulder for comfort
    The White Man will turn to the Black Man for aid
    You will then, must you wait till then?
    Recognize your commonality
    Recognize your common humanity
    Recognize that it is yourself that you are waging war against
    There is no ‘other’ My dear ones
    You are all Mine
    You are all the children of the One God
    You are all each other’s brothers and sisters

    And my request of you
    Is to recognize this Truth NOW

    Do not continue with the lie that that your brother is an ‘other’
    Do not persist in the lie that your brother is an enemy
    Your brother is you and you are your brother’s keeper

    Recognize this Truth NOW
    BEFORE it is forced upon you
    Before you have no choice but to reach out across the ashes to each

    My dear children
    You fight over details
    Land, money, oil
    You even use God as an excuse to fight
    One would think from observing you that you enjoy the fight

    But understand that the fight is escalating
    At a pace that is beyond your control
    Stop your fighting NOW!

    Use your fine minds that God has given you
    And work out the solution to your problems with Reason and with Co-
    Use your imagination to see the problem through your brother’s eye
    How does it look to him?
    And then speak his language
    Acknowledge his perspective
    Honor his view point
    Once he knows that you have heard him and have understood him
    Then will he be more willing to listen to your point of view

    My dear children
    God has given all of you fine minds
    These problems have their solutions contained within them
    Use your minds to uncover the solutions
    And then cooperate with your brethren to implement these solutions

    War is not the answer!

    War will kill you
    Do you understand Me?

    War will kill you
    It will kill you and your hated ones
    It will kill you and your loved ones
    War will kill you all

    Turn away from this apparently simple ‘answer’
    For it is most assuredly not an answer at all
    It is a trap
    It is a death trap
    And it will ensnare you all
    No one, not one nation, not one people, no one
    Is immune
    Choose war and you choose your own death
    Choose war and you choose the death of your ‘enemy’
    Choose war and you choose the death of humanity itself

    I leave you for now My children
    Please do think upon My words
    Please give them the serious consideration that they deserve

    Please consider changing your minds

    Change them from thoughts of war
    To thoughts of peace

    Change them from thoughts of the conquest of the ‘other’
    To mutual problem solving

    You have the concept of ‘win-win’
    Use it!
    For truly the solution lies within the problem
    If you would but only look

    Please, My dear ones
    I can see clearly that your minds are set on war

    I ask you yet again

    Change your minds!
    Change your minds!
    Change your minds!

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Copyright  2004  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved