Messages to Humanity
If you would but let me
    Dear ones
    You have nothing to fear
    For I God your Father
    Have shown you who I AM
    I have walked among you
    I have spoken to you
    I have fed and healed you
    And most of all, I have loved you

    As a mother loves her children, I have loved you
    I have lived my life for you
    I have lived my life with you
    And I have enjoyed being with you
    I have enjoyed looking into your eyes and seeing your beautiful
    I have cried for you as I saw the pain that you were in
    The needless pain
    I did all I could as I walked among you
    I did all you allowed me to do
    Forgive me if it was not enough
    My dear ones, I love you
    I love you as a gentle caring loving father loves his children
    I love you for you ARE my children
    You are the children of my loins
    You are mine
    You are mine to care for
    You are mine to protect
    You are mine to love
    And I will do all the above
    If you will but let me
    If you will but let me

    My dear ones
    My precious dear ones
    Turn to me
    Turn off the noise all around you
    Turn within yourself and find me there
    Speak to me
    And hear my answer
    Allow me to comfort you
    Allow me to guide you
    Allow me to bring you home
    Home to me
    You will like living with me
    You will find it safe, restful, and yes, interesting
    You will never be bored with Eternal Life
    Not for a moment
    My dear ones, I have so much to tell you
    Turn off the world and its incessant noise
    And listen to me
    I will reassure you
    And point you to Life Eternal
    You need not die
    You need not be afraid
    You need not feel pain
    None of the above is necessary
    None of the above is part of my plan
    Live with me and you will be spared of such lies
    Live with me and find yourself
    Live with me and awake to yourself
    Live with me and awake to how wonderful life can be!
    It is a gift
    It is a most precious and wonderful gift
    The gift of life is meant as a gift
    It is not and was never meant to be painful
    If it is painful, something is wrong
    Something is not right
    And cries out to be fixed
    If you are in pain of any kind
    Come to me
    Tell me of it
    I will not punish you
    Nor will I scold you
    Your pain is not your punishment
    Your pain is not your karma
    Your pain is my plan gone awry
    And for that, I ask your forgiveness
    Yes, I your God, ask for your forgiveness

    For what father, who sees his young child in pain
    Does not weep for his child
    And does not do everything he can to alleviate the child’s pain
    To rid the earth of its cause

    So am I your loving father
    So am I weeping for you
    I weep for your pain

    And I would dry your tears
    I would heal you of all that is wrong
    I would fix it all
    I would make it all right
    If you would but let me

    Just let me
    Just let me

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Copyright  2004  Theresa Law
All Rights Reserved