Messages to Humanity
    I am Jesus your Lord
    And I am present inside of you
    And I am present enveloping you
    Of what have you to fear?

    I who have conquered Satan and Death
    I am in you, and with you, and surround you
    And yet you persist in fear!
    Do you see how small your Faith is?

    I AM the Risen Christ
    You are permeated and surrounded by the Risen Christ
    If you but allow me, I transform you into the Risen Christ

    Knowing this, can you, in your right mind, persist in fear?

    Either acknowledge the TRUTH of my Presence and my Power in
    your Life
    Acknowledge and Manifest
    Or deny me three times and return to being a craven mortal

    Choose one or the other
    The time for sitting on the fence has past

    Make your choice
    Make your choice NOW
    Make your choice TODAY

    Choose to be the Risen Christ
    Or choose to be a craven mortal

    The choice is yours to make
    And the time for choosing is this moment

    Which shall you choose, little one?
    Which shall you choose?

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Copyright  2004  Theresa Law
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