Messages to Humanity
Names and Terms
3 Spirit Guides
Many of the messages in this website resulted from
meditations with these 3 Spirit Guides:
    Archangel Michael,  Ruth,  Sage
Archangel Michael
  • Who is like God?
  • The title given to one of the chief angels
  • He had special charge of Israel as a nation.
  • The guardian archangel of the Jews in the Hebrew
  • He disputed with Satan about the body of Moses
  • He is also represented as warning against that old
    serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which
    deceives the whole world
An enemy of the gods, especially one of a race of
demons and giants.  Also known as a Fallen Angel
Dear One; Beloved.  (As used in this website)
Directives of the
Divine Brotherhood
  • Remain in constant communication with us

  • Keep your eyes always focused on us
    to the exclusion of the ‘world’ around you

  • And above all immediately and without hesitation,
    Turn to us when the slightest hint of disturbance
    nears you.  And communicate to us honestly all
    that is in your mind and heart. And allow us to
    respond to you. And yes, even allow us to comfort

  • Do exactly as we say
    Be with us
    Yield every moment to us
Divine Brotherhood
  • Advanced spirits who stay nearby in the next
    plane of life to enact the work of the Holy Spirit
  • The Outreach of the Holy Spirit

How much more will your Heavenly Father
Give the Holy Spirit to those who ask of him
      New American Standard Bible; Luke 10:13
Original People
of North America
Sage’s term for his people:

    The Original People of North America

The same people also and formerly known as:
  • American Indians
  • Indigenous Americans
  • Native Americans
  • The Red Race
Pearl of Great Price
The Parable Of The Pearl Of Great Price
                 Matthew 13:45-46

  1. A merchant is seeking beautiful pearls
  2. He finds one pearl of great price
  3. Undeterred by its price, he sells all that he has
    and buys it
The Mother of The Original People of North America

The name
Ruth signifies compassion for another
The Father of the Original People of North America

His actual name was never provided
we would not understand it

However, we were told that the name Sage would suffice
For the purpose of these meditations
For he is
A Great, Powerful, and Wise Leader
Characterized by keen awareness, sharp intelligence
And often a sense of the practical

Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves
So be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves
        New American Standard Bible; Matthew 10:16
Sister Lucia
of Fatima
Lucia de Jesus dos Santos was born on March 22, 1907

At the age of ten, she, along with two of her cousins
Saw the Virgin each month from May 13, 1917
Through October 13, 1917

Sister Lucia died on February 13, 2005

The Lord Jesus Christ:

    Sister Lucia lived and prayed
    To keep the Third Secrets at bay

    With her death, there is no longer any one
    Who is praying fiercely enough
    There is no longer any force
    To keep the facts of the Third Secret from

    No one to hold off the horrors

    Sister Lucia did a magnificent job
    She is a true saint and she held on valiantly
    Even though she received co-operation from NO
    Not even the so-called popes

    She chose to submit herself
    To the ‘authority’ of the church
    And in doing so, erred

    But that was what she knew
    It is what she had been taught

    She longed to share the secrets with the world
    She hoped that people would change their ways
    If they saw the consequences of their choices

    But she chose to defer this decision to the pope
    And the pope
    A member of an organizational hierarchy
    With a force of its own
    With a mind of its own
    Whose will has become purely to survive
    And to perpetuate itself
    Has chosen to not reveal the secrets

    And now, dear sweet one
    It is too late

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