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The Original People of North America
Sage:  Read what the Urantia Book says about my people

From The Urantia Book:

Part II - The Local Universe; Paper 51 - The Planetary Adams

    The race of dominance during the early ages of the inhabited worlds is the
    red man, who ordinarily is the first to attain human levels of
    development.  But while the red man is the senior race of the planets, the
    succeeding colored peoples begin to make their appearances very early in
    the age of mortal emergence.

    The earlier races are somewhat superior to the later.  The Life Carriers
    impart the full bestowal of the living energies to the initial or red race, and
    each succeeding evolutionary manifestation of a distinct group of mortals
    represents variation at the expense of the original endowment.

Part III - The History of Urantia; Paper 64 - The Evolutionary Races of Color

    The Red Man:  These peoples were remarkable specimens of the human
    race.  They were a most intelligent group and were the first to develop a
    tribal civilization and government.  They were always monogamous.

    About 85 thousand years ago, the comparatively pure remnants of the red
    race went en masse across to North America, and shortly thereafter the
    Bering land isthmus sank, thus isolating them.  No red man ever returned
    to Asia.

    When the red man crossed over into America, he brought along much of
    the teachings and traditions of his early origin.  But in a short time after
    reaching the Americas, the red men began to lose sight of these
    teachings, and there occurred a great decline in intellectual and spiritual
    culture.  Very soon these people again fell to fighting so fiercely among
    themselves that it appeared that these tribal wars would result in the
    speedy extinction of this remnant of the comparatively pure red race.

    Because of this retrogression the red men seemed doomed when, about
    65 thousand years ago, Onamonalonton appeared as their leader and
    spiritual deliverer.  He brought temporary Peace among the American red
    men and revived their worship of the Great Spirit.  Onamonalonton lived to
    be 96 years of age and maintained his headquarters among the great
    redwood trees of California.  Many of his later descendants have come
    down to modern times among the Blackfoot Indians.

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